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Nitya nirantar boley antar

Posted on: March 8, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

My attachment to Lord Shiva is from a very young age. We resided in Hyderabad, but my father did his Law graduation from Nagpur. While at Nagpur,h e got introduced to some revolutionaries and he too joined them.

That was a circle of Savarkar.

Immediately after Independence the Government decided to arrest all revolutionaries. Along with others, my father also went underground.

During this period he took us to Benares. We stayed very close to Vishweshwar temple and the Ganges. We used to go to the Shiv Temple frequently and take bath in Ganga everyday.

After Gandhiji’s assassination in 1948, along with others my father was also arrested and the UP Govt. Police escorted the rest of our family back to Hyderabad safely.

Very soon all revolutioneries were freed unconditionally and we were stabilised in Hyderabad after that.

This was my first exposure to Lord Shiva and many learned Pandits from Benaras, from whom I heard lectures on religion. Later on I studied Religion more deeply in my younger days.

I find that normally people,on an average, are very vague about the religon. They have heard about vedas and puranas. Some have heard about Upnishads too. It is all so confusing that I dont blame anyone.

However today, I will try to make it as simple as possible for everybody to Understand.

We all know that there are 4 Vedas-Rigved,Yajurved, Saamved and Atharva Ved.

Each ved has 4 chapters-

1. Mantra

2.Brahmhnya-Treatise on mantra

3.Aranyaka-penance in Jungles and

4.-Upnishads-Explanations on Eternal Truths and Guiding Principles(also called Vedant). Upnishads are many ,but main are 12.
These contain- Shruti= knowledge passed on by Listening to rishis
Smritis=Laws of Social set up.
This contains-

1. Itihas or History (Mahabharat,Ramayan,Geeta)
2. Puranas-18 in all,named after Gods
3. Agamas-Laws governing Living Styles of various sects (Vaishnav/ Shaiv/ Shaktya)
4. Darshans-Logical and Practical application Theories on Shruti Knowledge.

Now,the above is the Essence of religion

Among all these the most interesting are PURANAS. These also form the basis for most of our Dharmik films.

Puranas are a mix of History and Imaginary stories about Gods, Demons etc.

These stories are very enchanting but one must remember that THIS is not Religion.

It is only a way to pass on the rules, laws, advises to common people in the guise of stories.

Today’s Bhajan is from film SHIV SHAKTI-1952..

The story of this film actually combines 2 major events in the life of Lord Shiv, according to Shiv-puran.

1.The marriage of Sati with Shiv, against the wishes of her father-Daksha, her humiliation and self immolation in the Daksha-Yadnya, Shiva’s Tandav etc and

2.Destruction of the Demon-Andhaka, son of Hiranyakshya.

This song is a rare song, sung by Mukesh.

It is not common that Mukesh was called on for Bhajans in Films regularly, but he has sung it wonderfully.

The Lyrics are by Munshi Saghar Hussain and the music is by the Master of Devotional films-Avinash Vyas.

Song-Nitya nirantar boley antar (Shiv Shakti)(1952) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Munshi Saagar Hussain, MD-Avinash Vyas
Mukesh +Chorus


nitya nirantar
boley antar
saamb sada shiv ka hi mantar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar

daso dishaa mein tera santar
ghar har baaje tera jantar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar

trishuldhaari hey trilochal
sakal jagat ke sankatmochan
trishuldhaari hey trilochal
sakal jagat ke sankatmochan
tan par saaj raha vyaaghrambar
chaaya vishwa mein tu hi swambar(?)
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar

nitya nirantar
bole antar
saamb sada shiv ka hi mantar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar

damak damak jab damroo baaje
damak damak jab damroo baaje
uska naag gagan mein gaaje
ang ang mein bhakti viraaje ae
jaage jag ke saat samandar
josh bhari lehren kahen uthh kar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar
bolo har har har shiv shankar

12 Responses to "Nitya nirantar boley antar"

You gave another proof of why you are given the name “In house encyclopedia” Your knowledge is not limited to Hindi Films and it’s personalities, but extends to the religion, philosophy in the true sense. We are so fortunate to have you with us.
The short but in depth information about “Essence of Religion” is really helpful. The song you have posted is a treat as I never heard it before and like you have said, rare bhajan by Mukesh.
You must have heard many stories about the freedom fighters and events from your father during your young age. Living in Benaras, visiting temple, taking a bath in Ganges everyday, getting knowledge about the religion from very knowledgeable pandits must be a life changing experience. Thank you again.


Khyati ji,
Thank you very much for your embarrassingly good words.


I wish I lived a life like you Arunji, to have such an enriching childhood 🙂
Thanks for the beautiful bhajan.


Thanks aparna ji for liking the Bhajan.


Thanks for elucidating the rigmarole of the complex science of Ved and Purans for the uninitiated.




I also loved to bath at Kashi, Mathura, Ujjain, Nashik, Allahabad, Rameshwar. Wherever I go I ask for the where-abouts of the nearby river and take a dip at the first opportunity chanting Om Namah Shivaya and few other mantras. It is so refreshing and rejuvenating. In fact I must have had a go in almost all the major rivers and their tributaries in India.
Before I forget I have visited all the four dhams and 12 Jyotirlings. Most have their rivers or ponds. Hey I am sounding like travel agent. My dream is nadi kinare ek bangla…..I hate the seas and the attendant humidity and heat and hangers on.


Dear Arun,
You are very right in saying that vagueness about the religion exists in many people including me. It took me decades to understand the difference between Vadas, Puranas, and Upnishads even though I had done my schooling in an Arya Samaj school where ‘Dharm Shastra’ was a compulsory subject for us until 10th standard. ( Those days, 11th standard was SSC or Matric).

I am not a very religious person in a sense of regularly visiting temples fasting etc. But I have been drawn to many little known temples located in remote places of the Himalaya. Those temples gave me the vibes of a Godly place with peace, serenity and tranquility which most of the temples in the cities and towns lack.

Your experiences of Banares in olden days must be interesting one. Can you consider discussing them in one of your subsequent articles for the benefit of the readers?


Kamath ji,
A ‘religious’ person not necessarily is one who visits temples regularly.
The difference may be like Theory and Practicals or Planning and Implementation or Better still Bhakti Bhav and Karm-kand.
Visiting temple or doing pooja or Jap jaap is following Karm kand.This alone does not constitute ‘Religiousness’ of a person.
It is the inner urge for God or Bhakti Bhav for the Supreme which I would call a sign of ‘Religiousness.’
I had read somewhere that the understanding of the Religion was intentionally made difficult to protect the superiority of the Bramhins,who alone would be authorised to talk about Religion.
I do not subscribe to such attempts,though a Bramhin myself.
I tried to clarify this as I felt this was the best method to know what is what.
I was about 8-10 years when we were in Benaras.I do remember many things even today clearly.
I will surely discuss these in an appropriate article sometime to come.
Thanks for your comments.


The lyrist is Bharat Vyas not Hussaien.


Dilip ji,
There were 2 films by the name of SHIV SHAKTI.
One was in 1952-from which the above Bhajan is taken.Bharat Vyas was NOT the Lyricist in this film.The name of Hussein is correct as per the HFGK also.
SHIV SHAKTI -1980 had 8 songs and they were all written by BHARAT VYAS.
There seems to be some misunderstanding/mix up of these 2 films.


Thanks for this rare bhajan. And to think that its beautiful lyrics came from the pen of someone seemingly muslim, from his name, that is! Kya baat hai!


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