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Ae jee akdo na hamse piyaa

Posted on: March 8, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Heard this song 3- 4 days back on TV Rajasthani!!!!! Would you believe it I have become addicted to this channel at the 8.30 -9.00 A.M. slot. The programme is perfect to go with breakfast. It is their Bhoole Bisre Geet programme. and they have been presenting only Anil Biswas songs from the look of the last two programmes that I saw.

So that is where I heard this song from Abhimaan (1957) and it was a revelation to me. Firstly because the heroine says that she is B A pass and the second was that I could recognise the heroine ! Actually what happened was that the presenter was talking about how Anil Biswas entered movies, how he got his first break and how he was around since 1937 etc. And then they played this song.

And I was surprised that the concerned heroine was around so long back. So then I pestered my Peevesie to see whether my directory (that is what I call a book on melodies) had that song. And she replied in the negative— this movie was not even mentioned there. Then I looked up our blog and found that we have two songs from this movie —Chali jawaani thhokar khaane duniya ke baazaar mein and Ghar ki raani hoon jee . That is when I realized that this is a 1957 movie and my assumption of its year of release was right. I had deduced the year by the fact that this heroine was one of the first ladies that Shammi Kapoor acted with in his new REBEL star Avtaar. And that she was also the main lead in “Goonj Uthi Shenayi”.

Oh and there was an interesting thing that happened in my conversation with Peevesie… I suddenly could not remember the name of the Shammi Kapoor movie and only the KNOCK ON THE FOREHEAD action of Shammi Kapoor (in the title song of the movie) helped me remember the “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” title. Yes I am talking of the charming Ameeta.

Then I made up my mind to send the songas a song appropriate to be posted on the Women’s day (8th march).

Here is the song. This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is picturised on Ameeta and Shekhar (never knew his name prior to this research).

Song-Ae jee akdo na hamse piyaa (Abhimaan)(1957) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Anil Biswas


Aejee akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya aa
akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya

dumping sensing singing dancing
acting painting riding swimming
har khel me naam paati rahi
college ki shohrat badhaati rahi
har saal avval mein aati rahi
sabki nazar thartharaati rahi
aeji kitno ko maine sabak de diya
sabak de diya
ae akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya aa aa
akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya

chalne ki ab baatein baasi kahaan
aurat ab mardon ki daasi kahaan
badla zamaana hai badla jahaan
kam to nahin hum bhi tumse yahaan
aeji palke jhukin
sar na jhukne diya
na jhukne diya
ae akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya aa aa
akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya

khud apni kismat bana sakti hoon
har kaam karke dikha sakti hoon
chaahoon to khud bhi kama sakti hoon
ghar baithe tumko khila sakti hoon
aeji bolo ji tumne samajh kya liya
samajh kya liya
ae akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya aa aa
akdo na humse piya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya
ke humne bhi BA pass kiya

18 Responses to "Ae jee akdo na hamse piyaa"

Peevesie’s Mom ji,
You all are so lucky that you can watch, listen, sing and enjoy hindi music while eating breakfast! Yahan to sirf thodi bahut Indian channels aati hai aur us mein se aadhi to news channels hai. The best buddy for NRIs is YT. Lekin us mein bhi jo aapne favories folders banaaya hai wo repeat hota hai. The best part you are getting is the information about film contributors and interviews of people, still alive. Aise program dekhte samay hamein bhi kabhi yaad kar lena.
Btw, you must have seen this hero, Shekhar in the song “Tujhe kya sunaaun mein dilruba……” with my most favorite actress, Nutan.
If you can’t remember Shammi Kapoor’s movie name, I must say, “TUM SA NAHIN DEKHA” 🙂
Thanks for the post.


Hullo Khyatiben
thanks for telling “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” actually my daughter gave me a such a look on the day this happened that i felt like a school student who had made a silly mistake in “1+1 =2” or spelling mistake in writing any simple word. :-)).
and to think i was the one who had got her started out on Bollywood music when she was a child in arms. and she goes a step further and complains to all who care that i erred on “TUMSA NAHIN DEKHA”


Peevesie`s Mom jee

Iss maamle mein Hum (Mangalore ke aas paass ke Hindi movie song lovers->that too mere jaisaa “koi nahin jo dekhthaa,unn gaanon ko dekhne kaa shauk rakhnewaalaa”) ko bhi shikaayat hai, ke hamein rare, obscure gaanon ko(aur movies bhi) sunnane aur dekhne kaa chance utnaa nahin miltaa ke jitnaa hindi region(i.e.,North or any other HINDI speaking belt).

Ye T.V.Rajasthaani,Zee Classic aur sabhi obscure rare gaanon ko dekhaanewaale channels yaa radio stations hamaare region mein kyon nahin miltaa ???? 😦 😦



sorry, aadhaa hi likh diyaa
…jitnaa hindi regionwaalon ko miltaa hai, uthnaa hamein nahin miltaa, Iss maamle mein Bangalore ke log kuchch zyaaaa qismetwaale hain.Kyon ke wahaan desh ke saare region ke log ab bassne lage hain naa, toh unn logon ke liye, Bangalore mein bhi ab Hindi gaanon ke liye uthnaa tarasnaa nahin pad rahaa hai, Jab main mere bhai ke ghar jaataa hoon, tab ye baat maine notice kiyaa.

You have selected a very good song. Thank you for this song.


But PCji
i am not in north i am very much in south india.. & i get ETv in all languages whether i see or not. and i came across this 8.30 programme by accident.


Nahin Hamein ye channel nahin miltaa hai, E.Tv Urdu,gujrathi,telugu miltaa hai, par raajsthaani nahin miltaa hai dekhne ko
Kyaa kare 😦
Nahin toh hamein DIGITELLY ko badlke Tata sky yaa kissee aur doosre cable t.v.ka connection lenaa chaahiye 😦


Ok, Peevesie’s Momji,
What a great value/quality you have imbibed in Peevesie- making her listen to Hindi songs since her childhood (babyhood 😆 ). There was a mother who told her son about bravery and to fight for a justice when he was in her womb (you must have guessed it. I am talking about Jijamaata, Shivaji’s mother).
Hey, take it easy. I am just kidding. I am not in the Jijamata’s category or even close to her. Yahaan is desh mein to bada mushkil hai Jijamaata ban na ya bachhe ko bachpan se Hindi movie song ki aadat daalni. We have very limited resources. My kids knows those songs which I play on my ipod when we are driving on a long trip. (mostly Rafi songs 🙂 ) I wish mere bachhe mujhe kabhi challenge karte is maamle mein. You are lucky as Peevesie is showing more interest in HMS. 🙂 Thanks for making this conversation joyful. 🙂


I have heard this song for the first time. It is very apt for women’s day and a good find. Earlier I knew only Shekhar Kapoor , now I know the ‘Shekhar’ of ‘tujhe kya sunaaun main dilruba’ and Chandrashekhar of ‘ Cha cha cha ‘ .

Talking of the actor Shekhar, anybody know a song of this actor, where he is sitting in a restaurant with some heroine and singing a song just like that. I dont remember what other people are doing in that song, but it is a hotel /restaurant table the song is taking place. It just came in my memory. It may be a song similar to ‘Aakhri Dao ‘ song in feel and tone.


nahm ji
I am not very sure about this song, But Shekhar is there in 1950 Aankhein(With Nalini Jayawant)
This song is not picturised in restaurant, but I will give it a try:

May not be the one song you are talking about, but give it a try.


I am sorry, I have given a wrong link
the real link is following:


Thanks for this link of song from ‘Aankhen’ . But this is not the song I am searching.

Thanks and regards.


WE all sympathize with you and your ilk. Thanks YT. YT Zindabad
You were to come to Mumbai in Dec 12?


Peevesie’s Mom ji,
Thanks for logging such a fine old song. You have been posting more of not-so-old-ones.


good morning Nitinji
the reason for my being so fond of not-so-old songs (as you rightly said) is my dad. he taught me songs of 1955 onwards and i loved the songs which played during my student years of the 70s & 80s. and as Atul says- i lost track of Hindi songs from 88 to 92. so that means no Akshay Kumar or the Khans for me. now i ve begun to relish songs of my childrens’ period. but my all time favourites are movie songs no matter what year or language for that matter.


Namaskar, first of all happy women’s day to all !!!
I will have to listen this song to comment about the song, but i can say that it suits the heroine Ameeta (i could say on the basis of Tumsa nahin dekha). secondly, just to share with all i wish to mention about the regional or diff lagunage channels, that few months before there was also a good programme on ZeeSalaam featureing old songs.i think it has been discontinued now. DD bharati also in between gives good programmes featuring old hindi songs. But due to my daily routine and including travel of five hours daily, i do not get much time to watch and listen. But the travel time gives me time to think and watch surroundings which at different times click memories of the songs that are there in my sub-concious mind. so i note them, search them and if possible send to Atul ji. otherwise again the memory is lost for some period till it clicks next … iss se achha to radio sunne se ham jaise logon ko fayda mil sakta hai. lekin kachchh me FM channel catch nahin karta hai. nagpur me rehta to dinbhar vividhbharti sun sakta tha…


Absolutely loved the song .Hearing for first time.
K S shenoy


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