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Raj Kapoor ki neeli aankhen

Posted on: April 2, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

pujaari husn ka hoon main
na deewaana jawaani ka

I heard these lines in the inimitable voice of Mohammed Rafi yesterday on Radio Rafi. I was looking for details regarding this song in the Database at, so not paying much attention to the radio playing. As the words of the poem registered, it caught my attention. I managed to catch the last line in the audio clip “pujaari husn ka hoon main”.

Intrigued, I immediately looked for it on youtube. But the song was not there. Than I looked in the excel list to find the name of the movie, but it was not there either. Finally I tried google search with only the first line. One result gave the information that this song ‘pujaari husn ka hoon main’ is from an unreleased film from the 60’s named ‘mohabbat ki koyi dawaa nahin’ or ‘mohabbat koyi duaa nahin’.

Now the name of the movie was there, so I looked both in the list and youtube, where I found other songs from the movie, but not the one I was looking for. Now, I was getting frustrated, the song is there on Radio Rafi, the link and details have to be somewhere. Some instinct made me to go back to google search. Finally I was able to trace this song and got a youtube link too, after I searched with the full lines.

Moral of the story is that one should not give up and keep trying, one option or the other if one really wanted to find something on the net.

The clip I heard on Radio Rafi is part of the song from the film “Maa aur Mamta” (1970). The singers are Rafi and Hemlata with a couple of actors who are reciting the first part of the song, in their own voices. Rafi and Hemlata are singing for Jeetendra and Mumtaz. I have got two name of lyricist from different sources, Anand Bakshi and Sarshaar Sailani. The lyrics are interesting because of all the stars name in them, starting with Raj Kapoor. The word ‘Sarshaar’ is occuring twice in the song. It is possible that the song was written and recorded for the unreleased movie and re-used here in the movie ‘Maa aur Mamta’.

The four actors in the song are playfully and seriously describing the qualities they want in their life partner. Talk of impossible combinations ! There are some hitherto unused words too in this song like ‘Sarmaqdam’, ‘Ausaf’ , ‘Rafiq-e-zindagi ‘. ‘Sarmaqdam’ means ‘welcoming wholeheartendly’. ‘Ausaf’ means virtuous qualities or high level of credentials. ‘Rafiq-e-zindagi’ means life partner and friend for life.

Song-Raj kapoor ki neeli aankhen (Maa Aur Mamta)(1970) Singers-Hemlata, Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Unknown female voice, unknown male voice


Raaj Kapoor ki neeli aankhen
Dev Anand ki chaal
Dhamendar ka mardaanapan
aur Dilip ke baal
Sanjay sa chhail chhabilaa
aur Shashi sa sharmila
aur Manoj sa bholaa bhaala
Shammi sa rangeela
shokh ho wo Rajinder jaisa
aur Sunil sa baanka
jis mein itne gun ho sakhi ri
jod ussi se taanka
na bangla na motor maangoon
na kapdaa na gehnaa
aisa shauhar mil jaaye to
qismat ka kya kehnaa

kamar Helen ki
aankhen Padmini ki
gaal Vimi ke
adaa Asha ki
shokiyaan Sadhana ki
baal Simmi ke
Nutan ka qad
Sharmila ki angdaayi
Babita ki jawaani
aur Nanda ki ? ?
Waheeda ka sarmaqdam (?)
aur Leena ki si masti
adaa mein
naaz mein
nakhre mein
Hema Malini Jaisi
nazar jis ka nazaara dekh kar Sarshaar ho jaaye
agar biwi mile aisi to bedaa paar ho jaaye

na woh bangle ka maalik ho
na motor car rakhtaa ho
na chowkidaar rakhtaa ho
na khidmatgaar rakhtaa ho
magar rakhtaa ho wo jauhar
jo rakhtaa ho na har koyi
watan ka dard aur insaaniyat se
pyaar rakhtaa ho
no wo bangle ka maalik ho

Subhash aisa bahaadur aur
Bhagat Singh sa dilaawar ho
watan ki aan par sarshaar jo
hans kar nichhaawar ho
ussi ko main banaaungi
rafiq-e-zindagi apnaa
duaa maango ke poora ho
sakhi meraa haseen sapna
no wo bangle ka maalik ho

pujaari husn ka hoon main
na deewaana jawaani ka
ke yeh cheezen hain aisi
bulbulaa ho jaise paani ka
na bangla chaahiye mujh ko
na motor chaahiye mujh ko
samajhtaa hoon na main daulat ko
maqsad zindagaani ka
dayaa ki moorti ho
dharm ki tasveer ho aisi
ke jis ke aage sar jhuk jaaye
har hindustaani ka
mujhe patni miley aisi
jo yeh ausaaf rakhti ho
mujhe patni miley aisi
jo yeh ausaaf rakhti ho
kalejaa chaand bibi ka
kalejaa chaand bibi ka
jigar jhaansi ki raani ka
pujaari husn ka hoon main
na deewaana jawaani ka


5 Responses to "Raj Kapoor ki neeli aankhen"

The song was probably written pre-Aradhana, so Rajesh Khanna os missing

Never heard Before..Thanks for sharing 🙂

Persistence is the key, Nahm. Keep it up!

wow what a song. i think Birbal has sung the lines in his own voice. i think there was a Jaya Bhaduri movie around the same time titled “Gay Aur Gauri”

revisited the movie today. the titles of the movie says that birbal has sung his own lines

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