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Nainan mere tumhri oar

Posted on: February 5, 2015

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Today (5 february 2015) is the first death anniversary of Juthika Roy (20 April 1920-5 february 2014).

As a tribute to the empress of bhajans, here is a sweet Kabir Bhajan sung by Juthika Roy. Details of this song regarding its year, music director etc are not known. Seeing that the word Kabir appears in the lyrics, it appears to be a Kabir bhajan.

I have not been able to get the words right in a few places. I request our readers with keener ears to help suggest right words at the appropriate places.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the details of this song.

Song-Nainan mere tumhri oar (Juthika Roy NFS)(1950) Singer-Juthika Roy, Lyrics-Kabirdas


Nainan mere tumhri oar

nainan mere tumhri oar
kyun liyo mukh mod sajanwa
nainan mere tumhri oar
kyun liyo mukh mod sajanwa
nainan mere tumhri oar

birha kamandal haath liye
ae ae ae
bairaagi do nain
maange darash madhukar tumhro
take rahe din rain
nainan mere tumhri oar
kyun liyo mukh mod sajanwa
nainan mere tumhri oar

birha bhujang munh(?) das gaya tan ko
mantar maane na koye
premi viyogi laakh jiye ae
jiye to baawar(?) hoye
nainan mere tumhri oar
kyun liyo mukh mod sajanwa
nainan mere tumhri oar

sab (??) per jaai ke ae ae ae
sab phal leenho ??
phir phiri(?) maangat Kabir hai
tum darshan ki bheekh sajanwa
nainan mere tumhri oar
kyun liyo mukh mod sajanwa
nainan mere tumhri oar

5 Responses to "Nainan mere tumhri oar"

Correct lyrics are already written in Hindi under this link..these are….
नैनं मेरे तुमरी ओर ,क्यों लिया मुख मोड़ सजनवा

बिरह कमंडल हाथ लिए ,बैरागी दो नैन
मांगे दरसन छूकर तुमको तके रहे दिन रैन
सजनवा। …….

बिरहा भुजंगम डस गया तन को
मंतर माने न कोय
प्रेम वियोगी लाग दिए
दिए तो पावन होय
सजनवा। …….

सबरी बरोबर जाई के
सब फल लीन्हे चीख
फिर फिर मांगत कबीर हैं
तुम दरसन की भीख


I have seen the lyrics (since I have linked to this video). There are errors in it. For example
बैरागी दो नैन
मांगे दरसन छूकर तुमको

is in reality “बैरागी दो नैन
maange darash madhukar tumhro”.

Viz-these two eyes seek the darshan of Madhukar (Lord Krishna)

Likewise , I am not convinced with the lines

प्रेम वियोगी लाग दिए
दिए तो पावन होय

as they do not make sense.

I hear these lines as

“premi viyogi laakh jiye
jiye so baawar(?) hoye”
which to me makes more sense (lovelorn devotee may go insane in long term) , though I need confirmation whether “Baawar” is correct (a form of “baawra”)


Words I got from Jyuthikaji’s niece:

Biraha kamandala haath liye, bairaagi do nain
maange darashan madhukar thumaro, aas rahe din rain sajanawaa….

biraha bhujangama das gayaa tan ko, mantar maane na koi
prem viyogi naahi jiye, jiye toh baanwari hoi sajanawaa….

sab hi taruvar jaayike, sab phal leeno cheen
phir phir maange kabir hai tum darshana ke bheek sajanawaa…


sorry, typographical error – 2nd line first para – maange darash madhukar thumaro….


one more typographical error.last para firsst line. sab hi tarutar jaayike….


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