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Karm kaho kismat kaho

Posted on: June 27, 2015

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R D Burman composed over 1700 songs in Hindi movies. Only 19 of these songs had the voice of Mukesh in them.

When I came across this figure yesterday (it is mentioned in the book -R D Burman- the man the music), I looked in the blog and also searched the list of R D Burman songs in HFGK.

Following is the list of Mukesh songs composed by R D Burman:

Movie Year of release Song Singer Lyricist Remark
Teesra Kaun 1965 Pyaar Ka fasaana Mukesh, Lata Anand Bakshi
Kati Patang 1970 Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalma Mukesh Anand Bakshi
Puraskaar 1970 Ae meri jaan chaand sa gora mukhda Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle S H Bihari
Puraskaar 1970 Nateeja hamaari muhabbat ka Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle S H Bihari
Hangaama 1971 Sooraj se jo kiran ka naata Mukesh, Lata Anjaan
Chhaliya 1973 Zindagi mein aap aaye Mukesh, Vani Jairam Rajinder Krishan
Raja Rani 1973 Haan to main kya keh raha thha Lata, Mukesh, Rajesh Khanna Anand Bakshi
Phir Kab Milogi 1974 Kahin karti hogi wo mera intezaar Mukesh, Lata Majrooh Sultanpuri
Dharam Karam 1975 Ik din bik jaayega part (i) Mukesh, chorus,
part (ii)Mukesh, Sushma Shreshtha,
part (iii)Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Sushma Shreshtha, chorus
Majrooh Sultanpuri Three parts, counted as three songs
Dharam Karam 1975 Tere hamsafar geet hain tere Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, chorus Majrooh Sultanpuri
Chaandi Sona 1977 Tujhe bhool ke maati ki putli par Mukesh Majrooh Sultanpuri Three parts, counted as three songs, not yet discussed in the blog
Karm 1977 Karm kaho kismat kaho Mukesh Bharat Vyas Another two line song- Karm kare qismat bane, is counted as a separate song
Mukti 1977 Lalla lalla lorie Mukesh Anand Bakshi
Mukti 1977 suhaani chaandni raaten hamen sone nahin detin Mukesh Anand Bakshi
Naukri 1978 Ooper jaake yaad aayi neeche ki baaten Mukesh, Chorus Anand Bakshi

Most Mukesh-R D Burman songs have already been discussed in the blog. only the songs of “Karm” (1977) and “Chaandi Sona”(1977) remain to be discussed.

Here is the Mukesh song (s) from “Karm”(1977). This song is penned by Bharat Vyas. The last two lines beginning from “karm kare qismat bane..” is the second part of the song and is counted as another song. Thus Mukesh gets credited for singing two songs in this movie.

After this song, “Chaandi Sona”(1977) song will be the only Mukesh R D Burman song that has not yet been covered in the blog.

PS-Muvys, as well as Mr Harish Raghuwanshi have pointed out that Naukri(1978) too had a Mukesh song. My thanks to them both for pointing it out. Now I have updated the table. So the songs of “Chaandi Sona”(1977) and “Naukri”(1978) are the only Mukesh-R D Burman songs missing from the blog as of now.

Audio – Part I

Audio – Part II

Song-Karm kaho kismat kaho (Karm)(1977) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-R D Burman

Part I
karm kaho
qismat kaho o o
chaahe kaho taqdeer eer
pehle banaa praarabdh aur
paachhe banaa shareer eer

karm ki gathdi laad ke
jag mein phire insaan
jaisaa kare vaisaa bhare
vidhi kaa yahi vidhaan
aa aa aaa
hmm hmm hmm hmm

Part II
karm kare qismat bane ae ae
jeevan kaa ye maram
praani tere haath mein aen
teraa apnaa karam am

7 Responses to "Karm kaho kismat kaho"



Suhani Chandni Raatein from Mukti has a second version as well. Above table is also missing Raj Kapoor song from Naukari (1978). So adding these two, will take the total of Mukesh/RDB songs to 21.


Thanks for pointing out the song from “Naukri”(1978).


@ Atul ji, thanks for the post !!
… had already sent this song on 12.09.14 (:





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