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O laddoo khaane waale o pede khaane waale

Posted on: July 21, 2015

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Today’s song is from a ‘C ‘ grade stunt film of Master Bhagwan-Jigar-1949.

The word Jigar can mean Liver, heart, courage, dear, friend, depending on the context. Master Bhagwan- the name creates an image of a slightly bulky, smiling and jovial person doing a typical Álbela style dance.

During 1930s and 1940s, viz prior to 1951, the name of Master Bhagwan was known mainly to a section of society which was regular visitor to Action and Stunt films.

Master Bhagwan and C.Ramchandra were great friends. They became friends in 1938. C Ramchandra was an assistant to composer Meer saheb, working in Minerva Movietone, which was a new studio at that time. Meer saheb was also giving music to some stunt films and he used to take C Ramchandra with him. Outdoor shooting of a stunt film called Bahadur Kissan was going on near Minerva. Meer saheb who was the Music Director. Once he took C Ramchnadra with him. There was a song to be filmed, but Master Bhagwan-not being a singer-was not getting it right. Seeing this Meer saheb was getting angry and Bhagwan was further upset. Finally, Bhagwan told C Ramchandra that he should take the song. Meer saheb agreed and left. The shooting and recording of song then took place smoothly. Bhagwan was the Hero and also the Director of that film. They became friends thereafter.

Master Bhagwan got two Tamil films for C Ramchandra as Music Direction- Jaykodi ( which was made in Bombay) and Van Mohini ( which was made in the jungles of Kerala/Madras border). He could do this because Bhagwan himself was the Director for both these films. In 1942, Bhagwan directed a Hindi film “Sukhi Jeevan” for which he invited C Ramchandra and thus he got his first opportunity to work as a music director in a Hindi movie. The very first song that C Ramchandra composed was the famous Patriotic song written by Iqbal-Saare jahan se acchha. C Ramchandra ‘s career took off from there and their friendship also grew by the day. Bhagwan was helping C Ramchnadra even in his quest for Lata Mangeshkar. As C Ramchandra became famous in Hindi films, Bhagwan continued making stunt films. C Ramchandra used to give music in his films under the name “Anna saheb “.

By 1950, C.Ramchandra was a famous name in the industry. Once he advised Bhagwan that he should stop stunt films and make a social film, to which C Ramchnadra would give music in the famous name of C.Ramchandra. Bhagwan made “Albela “-51 and the rest is history, as they say. Their friendship was so strong that they shared everything. Bhagwan was one of the three persons at the time of C Ramchandra’s marriage to Ratan Thakur alias Ben. C Ramchandra did Bhagwan’s films without any contract or payments. Such a strong friendship broke into pieces one day.

C. Ramchandra and Lata Mangeshkar started a film production company with the name SUREL CHITRA. The first film was to be “Surilee”. The Muhurat was done with great fan fare. The clapper Boy was C Ramchndra’s mentor Anil Biswas. Even Swatantryaveer Savarkar was present. The film was to be shot in Bhagwan’s “Jagriti” studio. On that evening, a drink party was on. Master Bhagwan asked C Ramchanadra for money to erect sets. C Ramchandra told him he had not yet been paid for Albela and Jhamela, so money can be adjusted in that payment. But Bhagwan was adamant. He said that this was a different account that C Ramchnadra had to pay him. C Ramchandra also got angry. He told Bhagwan that hereafter, he would not give music to any of his films, and that they would remain only friends. Bhagwan retorted, No music-No friendship. Thats all. They parted forever without any further talk. The film Surilee was also eventually shelved.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is not valid in Hindi Film industry. Here the thickest friendships can break for the sake of money, ego and broken promises. Another famous friendship, which broke sadly was between Producer Director Mehboob khan and Composer Anil Biswas. They became friends in their struggling days when Anil Biswas joined Sagar Movietone. Anil Biswas the music director for every film of Mehboob. When the company Sagar movietone collapsed and National Studio took over, Anil Biswas, Mehboob Khan and Faredoon Irani were also shifted to national. Their friendship continued here too. Mehboob would call Anil Biswas “Bangalee” and Anil Biswas would respond by calling him “Mawali”( Mehboob Khan was illiterate and did not know English. His language too was a mix of Bambaiya Hindi like Karela, aayela,gayela etc). After their film Roti was released, even National Studio was on the verge of closing down. All the three friends came on the road but they decided to stay together. However Anil Biswas got two offers-one from Ranjit for 1500/- pm and the other from Bombay Talkies for 2500/- pm. Anil Biswas, for whatever reasons left the friends and joined Bombay Talkies-may be to secure his future. Mehboob Khan felt betrayed in friendship and he stopped talking to Anil Biswas for ever. Mehboob established his own Mehboob Studio and became a big name but their friendship broke for ever. The feeling was so bitter that at the time of remaking Aurat into Mother India, Mehboob refused to call Anil Biswas as a composer. Anil Biswas never worked for Mehboob after this.

However, in 1956, Mehboob was making a film Paisa hi paisa-56. His disciple Mehreesh was director. Mehreesh wanted only Anil Biswas for his film. Mehboob reluctantly agreed, but left for Haj, to avoid meeting Anil Biswas. To please Mehboob, Anil Biswas even used Mohd. Rafi as a singer-though he never liked Rafi’s singing. But the friendship was gone for ever.

Like these there are many more stories of thick friendships in H F industry. In the past I have written about the best ever friendship in the industry-that of Ashok Kumar and Director Vasant Joglekar. They were close friends till Joglekar died in 1981. There were others like, Omprakash and actor Shyam, Laxmikant and Pyarelal, Naushad and Kardar, Pramod Chakraborty and Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Devendra Goel and Ravi, Yash Chopra and manmohan krishna etc etc. More about them some other time.

Today’s song is a fun song and truly a “Sweet” song as it is about someone who eats Laddoos and Pedhas. Annasaheb aka C Ramchandra, in his early films too was equally melodious……


Song-O laddoo khaane waale o pede khaane waale (Jigar)(1949) Singer-Rajkumari, Lyrics-Ehsan Rizvi, MD-C Ramchandra


O laddoo khaane waale
o pede khaane waale
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana
hai chaahat ki saugaat
isi se banegi bigdi baat
ye hai pyaar ka nazraana
mere phool lete jaana
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana

pyaara dil ?? diya hai
pyaara dil ?? diya hai
bhanwre ka man chheen liya hai
kali kali ko ek diya hai
phir jaa kar ye haar bana hai
jiski qeemat do do aana
mere phool lete jaana
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana

man ki raani rooth gayi ho
man ki raani rooth gayi ho
le jaa kar ye haar pahna do
uske dil ki kali khila do
apne man ka nagar basa lo
khel hai roothhe ka man jaana
mere phool lete jaana
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana
o cigarette peene waale
mere phool lete jaana

6 Responses to "O laddoo khaane waale o pede khaane waale"

As Anna Saheb
Jigar (1949)
Bachke Rehna (1949)
Matlabi (1948)
Bahadur Pratap (1947)
Matlabi (1948)
Jalan (1948)
Daman (1951)

Ehsan Rizvi
Bada Bhai (1957)
Beqasoor (1950)
Jigar (1949)
Bachke Rehna (1949)
Suhagan (1954)
Bhedi Bangla (1949)
Meri Duniya (1942)
Suhaag (1958)
Arab Ka Sitara (1961)
Rangeela (1953)
Shama (1946)
Babooji (1950)


Nitin ji,

Your both data are incomplete/wrong.

Film Daaman-51 had music by K.Datta ( Datta Korgaonkar). He composed the First ever duet of Lata and Asha in this film. He too was known as Annasaheb. That way, composer Mainkar was also known as Annasaheb. That is why we have to cross check first.

Ehsaan Rizvi wrote for 60 films,not just 12 films as you have mentioned.

What more can I say ?



I am myself surprised how I incuded Daman in the list. Thanks for pointing out.
Few more
Tumhari Kasam-1948


Arun saab enjoyed your interesting blog . There were many more films transactions of money disputes with all over Directors, actors, Singers as you mentioned there was one case I want to mention is I vividly had read some where that at one stage master Bhagwan had to slap famous actress Lalita Pavar , He slapped with such force that she was injured and her eye was injured sever way….. Before she was beautiful normal Actress .Her jaw was fractured and it took while for coming back into Cine Film Industry …………………….One more to mention here…………That
Interesting enough there was skirmish , between Dilip Kumar and Ashok Kumar real fight on Filming -Deedar Dilip Kumar bit Ashok kumar on his hand , Ashok Kumar slapped Dilip Kumar . As they were young afterwards both realised they were tired and had to finish this film and were friends again .& remained friends afterwards. It is interesting that it reflects characters of acrtist on the set while filming managing anger and tolerance its not easy repeating same actions over and over again ..interesting Blog….Shekhar


Shekhar ji,

Thanks for your comments.
There are lot of stories about Lalita Pawar getting slapped by Bhagwan.
Here is what really had happened.
Lalita Pawar and Bhagwan were shooting for film Badla, in 1942 ( the film was released in 43). The scene was that lalita Pawar was bathing in a lake. Bhagwan comes there and gets angry seeing this. He orders her out and after few dialogues,he was supposed to slap her. Master Bhagwan was a Body builder and very strong in those days. He slapped her,without controlling the speed. The hit was forceful. The blood vessel in Lalita’s left eye was ruptured and blood came out. Since the shooting was on location in a jungle, there was delay in reaching a hospital. On admittance,there was a temporary paralysis of the face. She had to take treatment for another 3 years,bbut her left eye remained deformed for ever. Ofcourse this was used by her skillfully later in her roles and she became more famous than what she was earlier. ( Ref; Cinerang-Issak Mujavar and Hamari yaad aayegi-Arun puranik)
Her jaw was not broken. She was able to act in films within 6 months,but never became a Heroine after this. She had to be replaced in film Badla-43.



Thanks Arunsaab for Lalita pavar’s incident in detail . I appreciate for additional information …


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