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Chal more manwaa shyaam ke dwaare

Posted on: December 5, 2016

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Atulites – Mumbai Meet – 20th-21st Nov’16
My sincere thanks to Atul ji for making this year -2016 a ‘memorable year’ for me. This year, I was able to meet many of our regular members at Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai. In addition, I could also meet new personalities in this field of Hindi Film Music.

I may well become known as ‘always present Avinash’ instead of ‘illusive Avinash’ if it goes on like this. :). Bharat Bhai ji ne naam bhi aisa diya hai ki iske viruddharthi shabd agar aap ‘Google’ par dhoondhe to bhi bade atpate se hain
If you search for the opposite of ‘elusive’ you get this on Google page:

The word “elusive” has many antonyms, but most of them do not convey the exact opposite meaning the way an antonym should. Three words that reflect the opposing meaning of elusive well are “confronting,” “encountering” and “facing.”

I do not know if he has deliberately chosen to use the word ‘illusive’ instead of ‘elusive’ (Deshmukh Sir has pointed this out in one of his comments) because both have different meanings.

I would like to thank Shri Bharat Bhai Upadhyay ji, Shri Sadanand Kamath ji and Shri Arun Deshmukh Sir for all the arrangements of the ‘Mumbai Gang out’ on 20th November 2016. I also thank all our respected guests and regulars who attended the ‘gang out’ for being there and gracing the occasion.


On 19th November evening, when I boarded the ‘Samarsata’ (I thought they spelled wrong, and it should be ‘Samarasta’, but, even announcement at the Railway Station sounded to me as ‘Samar –Sata’ 🙂 ) Express at Nagpur railway station, I was more than happy and heaved a great sigh of relief.

After missing the ‘Mumbai gang outs’ three times in a row + one (which did not happen due to very less participants) finally I was going to attend it this time on 20th November 2016.

I could not attend the very first gang-out in Dec’14 due to certain developments at my work place. It happened the Second time in Aug’15 when the train ‘Prerna Express’ (Ahmedabad bound) was cancelled due to heavy rains. I was supposed to travel from Anand to Mumbai on that occasion. It happened for the third time in this current year 2016 in May when again due to work priorities I had to cancel my trip.

Fourth time it was again in this year in September when a possibility of a ‘gang-out’ was being explored but it finally didn’t materialize due to low availability of participants.

On all the previous four occasions mentioned above, my train tickets to and fro were booked and they had to be cancelled at the last minute resulting in ‘revenue-generation’ to the IR and in turn to GOI. It was a small contribution from my side for my love ‘the Indian Railways’. I have been making such contributions for the cause of the nation right from 30th Nov’1988 when I began my professional career. 🙂

I arrived at the venue of meeting on the morning of 20th november 2016 with our guest invitee Mr.Deepak Chowdhari, who had joined me at Badnera Station. Three of our Senior members from Mumbai were already available there to welcome us.

After seeing me in person, they all had just this one line of remark … “aakhir aap aa hi gaye”… ‘so finally you have come for ‘Mumbai Gang-out’ !!

Sadanand ji specially made it a point to request Bharat Bhai to now remove the ‘tag’ – ‘illusive’ that he added to my name due to my tendency of backing out from previous ‘gang-outs’ at the last moment.

I will not go into the details on the proceedings of that day which our respected Deshmukh Sir has already covered in his two posts on this ‘gang out’.

I will straight away come to this song which I had already chosen in September 16 when the modalities of ‘gang out’ were being finalised.

Thinking about our respected Deshmukh Sir – ‘our in-house encyclopedia’ and keeping in mind his ‘core’ area of interest and the write-ups on the topics that I liked most i.e. ‘mythological movies’, I searched for a song that would fit in expressing my feelings of my eagerness to meet him and other members, I had chosen this film ‘Krishna Sudaama-1957’ and this song that is being discussed today.

After attending the ‘gang-out’, meeting all the members and staying with Deshmukh Sir for a day, I feel that I should pat myself on my own back for chosing this song which is just the perfect song to express my feelings.


Let me elaborate on this…

What we seek from these meetings or ‘gang outs’? What does one get and what does one feel after meeting so many knowledgeable persons in Music, movies and/or and HFM?

(PS: Now Deshmukh Sir, in his second post on the ‘gang out’ has also discussed it. I had already drafted this post in advance and I was happy to know that his views were similar to my feelings on this matter.

The first and foremost gain is the ‘everlasting joy of meeting people whom we already know through this blog’ and then the ‘eternal happiness’ we feel after meeting these people.

These are people with whom over the years we have developed a ‘strong bond of relationship’, and meeting them in person is like getting into a ‘different world altogether’ (Words fail me here to express my feelings).

In this context, what motivates and inspires me is ‘HFM’, this blog ‘ASAD’, then meeting team members of regular contributors and visitors of this blog, and last but not the least is the discussions on and about ‘HFM’.

And if one is a keen observer of people around us one can learn a lot and learn many new things in life from them.

All the things that could motivate me, inspire me and rejuvenate me were going to be there in the meet, so what more could I have asked for?

In my journey of life I have always taken care to seek ‘blessings’ and ‘best wishes’ from elderly and senior people, and also from people that I came in contact with during my professional or personal interactions. That gives me utmost satisfaction and somewhere I feel that it is this goodwill and best wishes of people accumulated over the years that is my wealth and it is this that enables me to keep me going and even succeeding in this journey of my life.

All the persons that I met in this ‘Mumbai gang out’ were seniors to me – in age and knowledge both. The only person (actually there are two) that, if by mistake 🙂 looked like younger than me also had ‘greater knowledge’ of classical music and instruments. So they were all seniors to me.

They all blessed me by sharing their thoughts and their knowledge. Just the act of being in the company of such music lovers can cause one to forget all the ‘griefs’, sorrows and ‘pains of life’- if one had any.

And what a day it was !

I got this opportunity to meet all the stalwarts in person. Each and every person was so passionate about music, so generous in sharing things and so happy to meet each other.

I was to stay with Deshmukh Sir at his home for a day.Though I had taken his appointment for a full day during my communications with him prior to the visit, I was not sure if I would be staying with him, since I had never visited his place earlier.

I called him a day before the gang out (the same day evening I had to board the train) to check his schedule and my plan of return journey. He specifically reminded and insisted that ‘you are staying with me after the gang out was over’.

All of us are aware that he stays alone at Mumbai. During the travel to his home he was explaining to me that it’s a bachelor’s house and that I will find it like that and he hoped that I would feel myselfcomfortable there etc etc.

After reaching his place, I found that I had reached a ‘very well organized and maintained place’. But more surprise was in store for me. Our respected Guru ji kept inquiring with me about what I would like to have in dinner etc etc. I thought he was going to order the food from outside. But there at his place he had already done some planning for me with some special menus and for every meal time he could offer me multiple choices or combinations of multiple choices.

And last but not the least was the option of ‘food cooked by our Guru ji himself’:)

What more could I have wished for?

I will never ever forget that evening’s ‘Khichdi’, it was like ‘amrit tulya’ for me because it was cooked by Guru ji himself. This was the ‘mahaprasad’ that Guruji cooked specially for me with all his love and compassion therein.

Next day’s morning’s tea, breakfast, and lunch was a ‘divine’ experience for me and I will cherish these memories forever.

In addition, the ‘wisdom’ he shared with me and his guidance on certain aspects and on the queries which I had noted down to for discussing with him. My cup of joy was full to the brim.


For me this gang out and meeting all the ‘stalwarts’ there was like having the ‘darshan’ of the ‘viraat roop’ of Lord Shri Krishna. The ‘encyclopedia’ already there and with so many thoughts shared and so many things discussed was nothing less than ‘geeta ka gyaan of HFM’ for me.

My HFM related queries that I had noted down to be anwered by our seniors were like the ‘grievances’ of Sudama that he sought to get redressed from Lord Krishna in this song. :). The ‘nirdhanta’, ‘poverty’ or ‘inadequacies’ of Sudama is like my ignorance on the vast treasure trove of HFM.

What I got during my two days stay there in the form of ‘joy’, ‘happiness’, ‘learning’, ‘discussions’ and being a part of that ‘company’ is like getting ‘blessed by divine powers’.

It was as if the divine and spiritual powers of music had taken me to the path of ultimate happiness and peace!!

The movie:

‘Krishna Sudaamaa-1957’ a ‘mythological movie’ was directed by Shanti Kumar for Tajviristan, Bombay. It was produced by Lekhraj Bhakri. It had Nirupa Roy, Balraj Sahni, Rajkumar, Prem Adeeb, Umakant, Nand Kishore, Malay Sarkar, Santosh, Madhvi, Vimal Ghaisas, Sinha and Indira Bansal.

As per HFGK Vol III this movie had as many ten songs composed by Husnlal-Bhagatram. Lyrics for these ten songs are shared by Qamar Jalalabadi – six songs, Pt.Radheyshyam – two songs and Ramesh Gupta – two songs.

HFGK mentions that the recording of songs of this movie was completed in 1954 itself though this movie was released in 1957.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 24.01.1957.

Today’s song is sung by Mohd Rafi and written by Qamar Jalalabadi. Music is composed by Husnlal-Bhagatram.


After the gang-out was over, its report was to be presented in the blog. As Kamath Sir was to get occupied with his already planned schedule and Bharat ji said that his will be only in ‘very few lines,’ we all requested Guru ji that he should write the posts. At that time I jokingly told him that from my end I will do a post as a ‘return-gift’ in return of his posts. So here is that post, and it is not a ‘return gift’ but my ‘homage’ to all whom I met on that day.


Song-Chal more manwa shyaam ke dwaare (Krishn Sudaama)(1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


Chal more manwaa
Shyaam ke dwaare
Chal more manwaa
Shyaam ke dwaare ae
Charan kamal mein jaa kar rakh de
Apne dukhde saare saare
Chal more manwaa
Shyam ke dwaare

Main nirdhan aur lamba path hai
Na koi doli na koi rath hai
Nange pairon chalaa Sudaama aa
Phool ban gaye kaante saare
Chal more manwaa
Shyaam ke dwaare

Shyam ke path par
Kaal jo aaye
Hans hans galey lagaaun oon oon
Jag ishwar Narsingh ki mahima
Ho matwaala gaaun
Ho matwaala gaaun
Dekh Sudaama roop badal kar
Aaye Mohan pyaare ae ae
Chal more manwaa
Shyaam ke dwaare

Shesh naag ka roop dekh kar
Yaad aaye Girdhaari ee ee
Ek jaan to kya hai kar doon
Sau jaanen balihaari ee
Kitni door se lene aaye
Ham ko Shyaam hamaare ae ae
Chal more manwaa
Shyaam ke dwaare

O nadiya toofaan uthhaa le
Mil ke rahenge milne waale
Chal re Sudama Shyam salona (?)
Tujhko aaj pukaare ae
Tujhko aaj pukaare ae ae
Tujhko aaj pukaare ae ae ae ae

Devnagri script lyrics
चल मोरे मनवा
श्याम के द्वारे
चल मोरे मनवा
श्याम के द्वारे ए
चरण कमल में जा कर रख दे
अपने दुखड़े सारे सारे
चल मोरे मनवा
श्याम के द्वारे

मैं निर्धन और लम्बा पथ है
न कोई डोली न कोई रथ है
नंगे पैरों चला सुदामा आ
फूल बन गए कांटे सारे
चल मोरे मनवा
श्याम के द्वारे

श्याम के पथ पर
काल जो आये
हंस हंस गले लगाऊं ऊँ ऊँ
जग इश्वर नरसिंह की महिमा
हो मतवाला गाऊं
हो मतवाला गाऊं
देख सुदामा रूप बदल कर
आये मोहन प्यारे ए ए
चल मोरे मनवा
श्याम के द्वारे

शेष नाग का रूप देख कर
याद आये गिरधारी ई ई
एक जान तो क्या है कर दूं
सौ जाने बलिहारी
कितनी दूर से लेने आये
हम को श्याम हमारे ए ए
चल मोरे मनवा
श्याम के द्वारे

ओ नदिया तूफ़ान उठा ले
मिल रहेंगे मिलने वाले
चल रे सुदामा श्याम सलोना
तुझको आज पुकारे ए
तुझको आज पुकारे ए ए
तुझको आज पुकारे ए ए ए ए

3 Responses to "Chal more manwaa shyaam ke dwaare"

Lovely read, Avinashji.

2016 has indeed been a memorable year for you. You’ve become the travelling Atulite. 🙂 It was a pleasure having your company in Bengaluru – and I am happy you had a wonderful time in Mumbai too.

Indeed, meeting Atulites and other HFM lovers in person is always a fun occasion. Music binds like nothing else – and between Atulites, the blog is an additional bonding factor.

I can fully agree with your thoughts on Arunji, though the time I managed to have with him was much less that you. But even in that limited time, just listening to him, I was in awe of not just his knowledge (which we all know is encyclopaedic!) but also just the person. I can listen to him for hours. He did come across as a very organized and disciplined person, and yet not reserved or formal, so I felt very comfortable in his company. There’s a lot to learn from him.

Coming to the song, I’ve never heard this before. Listened to it just now – always good to listen to Rafisaab. 🙂 Thanks for this post and the song.


Well expressed article.
Can I now (with your permission) change your adjective from ‘illusive’ to ‘inclusive’? Since in your article you welcomed all kind of people in the MumbAtulites, the last line of the meaning of that word according to the dictionary that I have, matches to the ‘T’

Inclusive is an adjective with several meanings: It can be used to describe something that’s broad or extensive, such as thorough, (inclusive research project.) Or it describes a person or a group that is particularly welcoming to all kinds of people.


# Wishing here a very Happy Birthday to our respected and beloved Shri Arunkumar Deshmukh Sir #
# many many Happy returns of the day Sir ji …!!!


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