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Aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya

Posted on: December 5, 2016

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“Lady Doctor”(1944) was directed by Wali Sahab for Venus Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Mumtaz Shanti, Maya Banerji, Nandrekar, David, Premi, Rafiq, Master Anil, Ulhas, Mubarak, Kesari, Jamshed Ji, Sajjan, Anwari Bai, Sulochana Chatterji etc in it.

There were ten songs in this movie according to HFGK, but the name of the singers are not available for any of these songs. For that matter, even the name of the music director is not known.

Here is the first song from “Lady Doctor”(1944) to appear in the blog. This extremely rare song was uploaded on YT just a few days back. One comment in that upload guesses the female singer to be Naseem Akhtar and I have gone by that. Wali Sahab was the lyricist for all the songs.

It is a pity that the music director of such a nice composition is not known, as of now. I hope that some writings from that era, may be film review of this movie in some magazine, will reveal the name of the music director. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

With this rare song from this obscure movie, “Lady Doctor”(1944) makes its debut in the blog.

Lots of comments were made on this post. It turned out that the song originally posted by me was not from “Lady Doctor”(1944). That song was from another movie but the uploader had mistakenly considered that as belonging to “Lady Doctor”(1944) just because the first line of that song happened to be the same as that of “Lady Doctor”(1944) song.

It turns out that the “Lady Doctor”(1944) song was a duet which was sung by Hamida Bano and Snehal Bhatkar. and it turns out that the music director of this song is Anil Biswas.

I thanks our regulars, viz. Mr. Harish Raghuwanshi, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh and Mr Sadanand Kamath and also Mr Rajendra Bora. Thanks to their comments and invaluable information, now it can be clarified that Anil Biswas was the music director of this movie and that Naseem Akhtar was not associated as a singer in this movie.

The real song from “Lady Doctor”(1944) has been uploaded by Mr Sadanand Kamath and that nables me to make amends in this post.

Song-Aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya (Lady Doctor)(1944) Singer-Hamida Bano, Snehal Bhatkar, Lyrics-Wali Sahab, MD-Anil Biswas


aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya
ho gaya
aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya
ho gaya
dil begaana thha
begaana thha
begaana ho gaya
ho gaya
aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya

teer ?? usne phenka thha magar
teer ?? usne phenka thha magar
aag bhadki(?)
dil nishaana ho gaya
ho gaya
aag bhadki(?)
dil nishaana ho gaya

intezaari mein qayaamat aa aa
aa gayi ee
is(?) qayaamat
unka aana
ho gaya
ho gaya
is(?) qayaamat
unka aana
ho gaya

jab se tum mere huye ho
ae huzoor
ae huzoor
jab se tum mere huye ho
ae huzoor
ae huzoor
tab se dushman kul(?) zamaana ho gaya
ho gaya
tab se dushman kul(?) zamaana ho gaya

unko dekha
aa aa aa
baat itni thhi
fasaana ho gaya
ho gaya
baat itni thhi
fasaana ho gaya
ho gaya
aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya


14 Responses to "Aankh milne ka bahaana ho gaya"

Atul ji,

There are 3 more songs from this film available on YT posted more than 4 years back – all sung by Parul Ghosh for which name of Anil Biswas has been accredited as music director. In my view, all three songs have Anil Biswas stamp.

But the composition of the song under discussion does not have Anil Biswas stamp. On the contrary, I feel that the composition has the typical Lahore style of music. It is quite possible that the film had more than one music director.

Incidentally, the film was reviewed in June 1945 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine. Unfortunately that issue is not available on archive.

Lady Doctor-44 does not feature in the Filmography of the book ” Anil Biswas” by Sharad Dutt or one posted on Dr. Sur jit singh ji’s site giving list of films of Anil Biswas.
Mysteriously nowhere the name of its MD is mentioned.

Arun ji,

In ‘Encyclopedia of Hindi Cinema’ the film ‘Lady Doctor’ (1944) finds place under the filmography of Anil Biswas.

Sadanand Kamath ji,

I too have “the encyclopaedia of Hindi cinema” by Gulzar,Govind Nihlani and Saibal Chatterjee. I do not find Lady Doctor in his filmography given on page 534.

I think you wanted to quote from “The encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema ” by Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Paul Willeman. This book does show Lady Doctor in his filmography, but there are many mistakes in this book. In Anil Biswas Filmography itself, they have not mentioned Sautela Bhai-62 and Choti Chhoti baten-65 films.


I have with me Aankh Milne Ka Bahaana Ho Gaya, Ho Gaya/ Dil Begaana Tha Begaana Ho Gaya attributed to Film Lady Doctor with music by Anil Biswas. The second line of the Mukhada is different as also the singer. It sounds more of 40s composition. The song posted by you has piano prelude with fast tempo. Quite confusing. Geet Kosh refers only first line of the song.

The song with me is in MP3 format. I do not have the physical record.

Can you please send me the said song by e-mail attachment to me?
I will be obliged if you can send it to –

Taking a clue from Rajendra ji’s comment, I searched the mp3 clip referred to by him and found in Dr. Surjit Singh’s website. The singers, the lyrics and the musical treatment are quite different from the song under discussion. It is quite possible that this song had two versions in the film – the happy version and the sad version. I have uploaded on YT the second version of the song as referred to by Rajendra ji, The link below:

While I am not able to identify the male singer, my hunch is that the female singer is Maya Banerjee who has acted in the film.

From all the discussions about this movie, I feel that there may have been two different movies called “Lady Doctor”, one made in Calcutta and another in Lahore.

Another possibility is that there was just one movie, but “Version” songs with same lyrics may have been created either in Calcutta or in Lahore.

Atul Ji,

There is nothing common in lyrics of both the songs except the first line. has identified singers of the second version of the song as Hameeda Bano and Snehal Bhatkar with Anil Biswas as Music director. One can note the Wali Sahab using his name in the last she’r of the song.

The mystery of the film Lady Doctor – 44 has been solved by shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji. I reproduce below an E mail by him to me on this issue….

Harish Raghuwanshi
11:41 AM (22 minutes ago)

to me
Lady Doctor 1944

Long back I got information about MD of Lady Doctor 1944

Anil Biswas confirmed to Har Mandir Singh ‘Hamraaz’ that he gave music
in this film


Listeners Bulletin issue 78 says Aankh Milane Ka Bahana ho gaya.
duet Snehal Bhatkar-Hameedabano

Song Number 2


Song Number 6 Humse kya poochhate ho………….

Song Number 9 Ab dekhen kahan jaake lage bedaa hamaaraa…

Song Number 10 Kuchh apna banaake chhod diya………….

Above songs are sung by Parul Ghosh

Harish Raghuwanshi 06-12-2016


Thanks for the clarification. But now another question arises. What about this song that we have discussed ? If it is not from this movie, then this song is from which movie ?

PS-Now I have got to the root of this confusion. I will make amends soon.

It may be a version song.

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