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Ye kanya kunwaari hai

Posted on: January 2, 2018

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hullo Atuldom

So, it is the new year. I have not made any resolutions, as usual, just taking life as it chooses to unfold itself. Anyway, it has always been my way of living. People who are connected with me on WhatsApp must have seen my status message- “Kal kya hoga kis ko pata” I also subscribe to the thought “abhi zindagi ka le lo mazaa”. (this is from a song by Gulshan Bawra)
My todays post is a song from the 1994 release “Aag” starring Govinda, Shilpa Shetty, Sonali Bendre (in a special appearance) with Kader Khan, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Shakti Kapoor, Goga Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Suresh Chatwal etc. etc. in the supporting cast. This movie was directed by K. Ravi Shankar and released in August 1994. This was a change of image for Govinda in the sense that it had him play a serious character.

The story goes like this-

Orphaned at a very young age, Raju (Govinda) lives a poor lifestyle with his unmarried sister, Laxmi (Prajakta Kulkarni). Both are of marriageable age. One-day Raju meets an attractive fellow-collegian, Parul (Sonali Bendre), and after a few encounters both fall in love. But Parul’s uncle, has already arranged her marriage with Police Inspector Suryadev Singh (Shakti Kapoor). When Suryadev finds out that Parul is refusing to marry him, he arrests Raju on a charge of murder, holds him in jail, and beats him mercilessly.
Laxmi, quite dramatically, takes a gun from a policeman, and helps Raju escape so as to prevent Parul from being forcibly married to Suryadev. They do manage to arrive in time, only to find that Parul has consumed poison and killed herself. Raju is beside himself with rage, is captured by the police, and watches helplessly as Parul is cremated. His horrors have not ended as Suryadev sexually assault’s Laxmi and leaves her in a mentally unstable condition.

Raju takes Laxmi with him to a small village, where he hides her from other people as she has become visibly pregnant, and changes his name to Birju. He meets with a lovely village belle by the name of Bijli (Shilpa Shetty), who wants to marry him. What Raju does not know is that Bijli, the nautanki dancer, is a plainclothes policewoman, Inspector Barkha Sharma, who has been assigned to arrest him at any cost. She does confront him, and he confesses to killing Parul’s uncle and Barkha calls for reinforcements to escort Raju to jail. The Inspector-in-charge of the reinforcements is none other than Suryadev — and this time he is determined to finish Raju once and for all.

Now why did I pick up this movie and this particular raunchy song for posting today? Because we have our today’s birthday boy lip-syncing to singer Hariharan in it. No-no not Kader Khan, he has Sudesh Bhonsle singing for him. I am talking of Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Born on 2nd January 1950 in Ahmednagar Maharashtra he made his way to movies via theatre. His first film was Govind Nihalani’s “Ardh Satya” for which he won that year’s filmfare award for best supporting actor. In 1993 when filmfare added a category of best villain he won it for his act as “maharani” a eunuch in Mahesh Bhatt’s “Sadak”. 1993 saw him play inspector Pyare Mohan- a person who has a problem of forgetting things- in David Dhawan’s “Aankhen”. He showed he was good in comedy. Even in “Aag” along with Kader Khan he provided comic relief.

Today’s song shows how the all the gents of the village react when Bijli- the dancer- makes her entry into the village. We have Dinesh Hingoo, Suresh Chatwal and assorted villagers trying to entertain us in this song. Alka Yagnik sings for Shilpa Shetty, Sameer is the lyricist and Dilip Sen- Sameer Sen the music composers.

Audio (Longer)


Song-Ye kanya kunwaari hai (Aag)(1994) Singers-Sudesh Bhonsle, Hariharan, Alka Yagnik, Lyrics-Sameer, MD-Dilip Sen-Samir Sen


ye kanya kunwaari hai
ye teekhi kataari hai
ye kanya kunwaari hai
haan haan haan
ye teekhi kataari hai
haan haan haan
ye meethi supaari hai
haan haan haan
ye hum sabko pyaari hai
haan haan haan
haaye kya maal hai
waah kya chaal hai
isska jawaab nahin
ye bemisaal hai
ye kanya kunwaari hai
haan haan haan
ye teekhi kataari hai
haay haay haay

ha darogaji
darogaji tu hamri rapat likhle
mere peechhe pade hain aath das ladke
mere peechhe pade hain aath das ladke
darogaji tu hamri rapat likhle
mere peechhe pade hain aath das ladke
mere peechhe pade hain aath das ladke

sabke sab harjaai bade ho
kaahe ko mere peechhe pade ho
ladki akeli hai
sooni dagariya
kaahe pakad ke kheenche chunariya
darr laage re
ha darr laage re
ho darr laage re
dhak dhak jiya dhadke
mere peechhe pade hai aath das ladke
mere peechhe pade hai aath das ladke

main choodi pahnaaunga
na na na
main choli silwaaunga
na na na
main lahanga mangwaaunga
na na na
main dulhan banaaunga
chal hatt
uff kya baal hai
hoye kya gaal hai
dekha hai jabse isse
hum behaal hain

ye kanya kunwaari hai
haan haan haan
ye teekhi kataari hai
haay haay haay

hey ae ae ae
rinka chika rinka chika
rinka chika rinka chika
rinka chika rinka chika
rinka chika rinka chika

kori jawaani
bheega badan hai
bas mein nahin ab mera joban hai
jaagi nayee koi man mein agan hai
mujhpe laga ye kaisa grahan hai
karoon kya main
re karoon kya main
ha karoon kya main
meri daanyi aankh phadke
mere peechhe pade hain aath das ladke
mere peechhe pade hain aath das ladke

ye nadiya nahaai hai
haan haan haan
ye jannat se aayi hai
haan haan haan
ye rabdi malaai hai
haan haan haan
ye dil mein samaai hai
ye kanya kunwaari hai
haaye haaye haaye
ye teekhi kataari hai
haaye re haaye re haaye
ye rabdi malaai hai
haaye haaye haaye
ye meethhi supaari hai
haaye haaye haaye haay haay

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