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Dil hai lagaane ke liye ise laga lo yahin kahin

Posted on: August 21, 2019

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Today’s song is from film Raj Mukut-50.

From the title itself one would know what type of film this could be. In our childhood we were fond of, first listening and then reading stories of Raja-Rani. As we grow older, this liking seems to have ended,but it is not so, in reality. Every adult has a child in him and the love for the Raja Rani stories is hiding behind the facade of other serious life matters of the adult age.

Precisely, this liking was identified by B and C grade action and costume filmmakers and films on Kings, Queens, the evil Vazier or the Army Chief, plus or minus the evil Magician were made. From the point of business, it was wise to make such films, because its Producers never suffered loss, where as failure of an A grade film invariably ruined the producer.

The simple reason was, the production cost, distribution cost, actors’ payments etc were very low and the income was very good. May be that was the reason, that even the big banners also sometimes or the other had made costume films about Kings and Queens etc.

Going by the film title list made by Hamraz ji, I found at least 43 films starting with Raaj – like Raaj Mukut, Raaj Tarang, Raaj Ratan, Raaj Nandini etc etc. There were 32 films having titles starting with Raja, like Raja Gopichand, Raja Harishchandra, Raja Vikram etc etc. Movie titles with Rani prefix were just 11 (Gender Bias ?).

Coming to the story of Raaj Mukut-50, it is no different than hundreds of its ilk. I wonder why are there story shortages in films ? Why do films have similar stories ? In the 40’s decade ,Master Bhagwan used just one story to make 11 action films. In later times, it was Nasir Hussain, who – starting with Tumsa Nahin Dekha-57 – used only one skeleton story for most of his films and what’s more surprising is that his most film were Hits.

While thinking about it, I found that, in 2004, a book called “Why we tell stories”, written by Christopher Booker was published. It is a book having 728 pages to be exact. The book says “There are only 7 (Seven) basic plots in the whole world. They are recycled again and again in Novels, movies, Plays and Operas. These are
1.Overcoming the Monster
2.Rags to riches
3.The quest
4.Voyage and return
6.Comedy and
7.Tragedy “.

After this book was published, there was a chaos and criticism started. ‘New York Times’ also jumped in. The author coolly replied to all points and stuck to his statements. If we look at Hindi films, I personally feel that what the author has said is true in our case. Only thing is that our film stories are always a clever mixture of all or some of the above points.

If we take a look at the cast of the film Raaj Mukut-50, we find some heavyweights like Veena, Jairaj, Nimmi, Sapru, Gulab, Janakidas, Baby Tabassum etc. The decade of the 50s started with the decline of old stalwarts of 30s and 40s, because of the rise of new generation of actors, actresses, directors, MDs and almost all departments of film making. Nimmi was a ‘ Black Sheep’ in this cast because she was from the newer generation rising star.May be she did this film to get well entrenched in the film industry. Moreover the banner was good and the other actors were well known too. Director Nanubhai Vakil was an expert veteran in costume and action film direction. The music was given by Gobindram, a respected name in the musical circles.

Baby Tabassum had debuted with film Nargis-46 ( released in 47). Tabassum – real name Kiran Bala Sachdev was born in 1944 in Mumbai to Ayodhyanath Sachdev, an Indian freedom fighter, and Asghari Begum, freedom fighter, journalist and an author. Her father named her Tabassum, keeping her mother’s religious sentiments in mind, while her mother kept her name Kiran Bala, keeping her father’s religious sentiments in mind. Her official name as per pre-marriage documents was Kiran Bala Sachdev.

Tabassum made her film debut as a child actor with Nargis (1947) followed by Mera Suhaag (1947), Manjhdhar (1947) and Bari Behen (1949). Later in Deedar (1951), directed by Nitin Bose, she played the childhood role of Nargis; the hit song Bachpan Ke Din Bhula Na Dena sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begum was picturised on her. Also, in the next year, she appeared in another important film Baiju Bawra (1952) directed by Vijay Bhatt, where she appeared in the childhood role of Meena Kumari. After a gap, she reentered films in adult roles, working as a character actress.

She hosted the first talk show of Indian television, Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan, which ran for 21 years from 1972 to 1993. Produced by Doordarshan Kendra Mumbai, it was based on interviews of film celebrities and became immensely popular. This also led to a career as stage compere. She was also the editor of Grihalaxmi, a Hindi women’s magazine for 15 years and wrote many joke books.

In 1985, she directed, produced and wrote her first film, Tum Par Hum Qurban. In 2006, she returned to television, as an actress in Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Raadha, Ek Shyaam, produced by Rajshri Productions. She became a judge in a reality stand-up comedy show Ladies Special (2009) on Zee TV.

She continued to work as an interviewer for television and is currently doing a TV show on TV Asia USA and Canada titled Abhi Toh Main Jawaan Hoon based on the Golden Era of Hindi Cinema. Currently, she has launched her own channel on YouTube, titled “Tabassum Talkies” which consists of nostalgic talks, interviews of celebrities, shayaris, jokes and more.

She is married to Vijay Govil, elder brother of TV actor Arun Govil. Their son Hoshang Govil had brief career as a lead in three films Tum Par Hum Qurbaan (1985), which was produced and directed by Tabassum in which she introduced Johnny Lever for the first time on screen as a comedian. Kartoot (1987) and Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeah (1996) produced by Zee TV and directed by J Om Prakash (grandfather of Hritik Roshan). In 2009, her granddaughter Khushi (daughter of Hoshang) made her film debut with Hum Phir Mile Na Mile. ( courtesy- Wikipedia).

Tabassum is an actress of a kind who was an All rounder-not in body shape-(that she is in now!), who is the only one having succeeded in 5 different mediums of entertainment. Films,TV,Radio,Print Media and Stage. Here is a small note about her,as it appears on her Facebook page-

“Tabassum ,during her years as child star ,was dubbed by her fans ,the movie -industry and the media as “THE SHIRLY TEMPLE OF INDIA”.


She made her debut at the age of two and half years, in 1946, in her first film –Famous Pictures “Nargis’.This film was produced by Baburao Pai ,directed by D.D.Kashyap ….“Nargis” starred the legendary Nargisji herself with Rehman ,Shahnawaz ,Alka ,Achrekar and BABY TABASSUM.

In a short span of about six years Tabassum chalked up a record of child artist roles in more than thirty films ,and she’s working in films even today with a total of more than 100 films to her credit.


Tabassum was the first to start the movie- oriented T.V. series on Doordarshan (India’s Government owned Television channel) which started on October 2nd, 1972. On October 8th 1972 , she launched her famous series of film-personality interviews. The first person to be interviewed in these series , titled “PHOOL KHILE HAIN GULSHAN GULSHAN” was a veteran music director Naushad.

This programme ran continuously on Doordarshan for 21 years ..

Various cultural organizations ,audiences ,and the media in general even the then INFORMATION AND BROADCASTING MINISTER Mr. V.P.Sathe have dubbed Tabassum as THE T.V. QUEEN OF INDIA .


Tabassum started on radio in 1946 with children programmes and did many other programmes regularly on All India Radio.
For 15 years from 1970 to 1985 Tabassum ran a regular radio programme of jokes on the commercial services of Radio Ceylon.The same programme was later switched also to Vividh Bharti where continued for many years. She is still doing programmes regularly on Vividh Bharti.

She was conferred the award of “JOKES QUEEN OF INDIA”.


Tabassum has been writing Urdu poetry , jokes ,short stories since her childhood which were being regularly published in Urdu and Hindi magazines ,newspapers ,etc.

During her more than sixty four years long career in show business ,Tabassum has also written seven books of Jokes ,Poetry ,and Urdu shayris ,the first of which was published at the age of 17 years when she had just passed her matriculation examination. She did her B.A. in Urdu from Aligarh University.

For the past many years Tabassum has fitted also journalism into her over crowded schedule when she took over as editor of the large circulation of a Woman’s magazine GRIHA LAKSHMI which is published monthly from New Delhi since last 17 years.


As Baby Tabassum , Filmland’s original child-star the Shirley Temple of India ,began to appear on stage shows since the tender age of three to four years.Over three decades ago she launched her own stage show unit named “TABASSUM HIT PARADE’.This stage entertainment unit has over the past three decades performed variety entertainment shows all over India and in almost every country of the world from U.S.A.and Canada to the United Kingdom and Europe ,the Middle east and Gulf countries to South-east Asia ,Singapore and the far east in Hong Kong ,China ,Taiwan and Japan.

Now she is busy in promoting a stage programme titled “Tabassum Bhajan Sandhya” in India and abroad as spiritual entertainment.


Film Raaj Mukut-50 story was about a Prince who is more interested in doing social service for the poor and down trodden ( and a love affair with the Village Mukhiya’s daughter) than getting crowned legitimately. So he disappears and goes to a village, to do what he always wanted to do, but could not do so far.

He learns that his younger brother, crowned after the deliberate false rumour of the prince- was perpetrating tyranny on kingdom’s people and also arrested his own parents and jailed them. His blood boils and he enters the capital incognito, along with his girlfriend and others. There is a fighting and the younger brother is killed. The King and Queen are released. The prince becomes the King and his girlfriend becomes his Queen. Clap, Clap !

The film had 11 songs. 4 songs are already discussed. Today’s song is the 5th song. It is sung by Shamshad Begum, Amirbai, Rafi and another unknown male voice. Incidentally, Gobind Ram had a special affinity for Shamshad Begum. He gave music to 32 films and composed 302 songs. Out of these, he composed as many as 86 songs in 19 films for Shamshad Begum. I believe, he may be the music director who has most songs for Shamshad Begum- atleast percentage wise (28.4 %).

Song- Dil hai lagane ke liye (Raj Mukut)(1950) Singers- Amirbai Karnataki, Shamshad Begam, Rafi, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD- Pt Gobind Ram
Amirbai Karnataki + Shamshad Begam
Rafi + Unknown male voice


dil hai lagaane ke liye
ise laga lo yahin kahin
aji ise laga lo yahin kahin

nahin nahin jee nahin nahin
nahin nahin jee nahin nahin

dil hai lagane ke liye
ise laga lo yahin kahin
aji ise laga lo yahin kahin

nahin nahin jee nahin nahin
nahin nahin jee nahin nahin

chaar dinon ki hai ye jawaani
chaar dinon ka khel
aji chaar dinon ka khel
chaar dinon ki hai ye jawaani
chaar dinon ka khel
khatkhat karti chali jaa rahi
jeewan ki ye rail
suno jee
jeewan ki ye rail
mauj manaa lo phir nahin kehna
mauj manaa lo phir nahin kehna
dil ki baaten dil mein rahin
is dil ko laga lo yahin kahin

nahin nahin jee nahin nahin
nahin nahin jee nahin nahin

dil hai lagaane ke liye
ise laga lo yahin kahin
aji ise laga lo yahin kahin

jaante hain haal hum
majnu dil e barbaad ka
haan aan aan aan
haan aan
jaante hain haal hum
majnu dil e barbaad ka
aur ishq mein anjaam dekho
kya hua farhaad ka

aur ye barbaadi ka rasta hai
is par chalna nahin nahin
hoy ye barbaadi ka rasta hai
is par chalna nahin nahin

is dil ko lagaa lo yahin kahin
nahin nahin jee nahin nahin
nahin nahin jee nahin nahin

dil hai lagaane ke liye
ise laga lo yahin kahin
aji ise laga lo yahin kahin

honthon par hai naam tumhaara
soorat dil mein basi huyi
aeji soorat dil mein basi huyi
honthon par hai naam tumhaara
soorat dil mein basi huyi
tum chaaho na chaaho
ham hain prem jaal mein phansi huyi
ham prem jaal mein phansi huyi
duniya mein badnaam huyi hain
duniya mein badnaam huyi hain
kya kya baaten hamne sahin
is dil ko laga lo yahin kahin

nahin nahin jee nahin nahin
nahin nahin jee nahin nahin

dil hai lagaane ke liye
ise laga lo yahin kahin
aji ise laga lo yahin kahin

7 Responses to "Dil hai lagaane ke liye ise laga lo yahin kahin"

Arunkumar ji,

Many Thanks for this post.

The video/audio has vanished.

This film had a Mukesh solo.

The possibility of unknown male voice being Mukesh cannot be ruled out completely.

Due to the unison pattern of singing, it is extremely difficult to identify the other male voice. The Mukesh craving in me can hear him at a couple of moments, but alas, I have nothing to substantiate.

Cineplot website does include Mukesh in this chorus, but it could be a mistake too.

I am posting this comment so that the remote possibility of Mukesh being in the chorus is on record on the blog.

Somebody, someday may come up with some evidence.

Lastly, let us forget the rarity and historical importance of this song if Mukesh is involved. That is, it will be the only known case of Mukesh and Amirbai Karnataki singing in the same song.



“not” missing in the last para, first sentence.


Mahesh ji,
The audio is very much there. I heard it just now again to confirm.
Thanks for your comment.As you say,maybe some day Mukesh may get confirmed in this song. All the best to you.


Whenever I tried to play the video, I get the message ‘Video unavailable. This video is not available.’ . May be this youtube post is only for a limited group. I found another shorter one (58 secs). Anyway I learned lot about Tabassum and seven types of stories from your excellent post. Thank you .


Perhaps this video is not available for viewing in your country. There are ways to overcome this restriction if you have some suitable softwares installed in your computer.


Dear sir
I have to appreciate the research that goes into such rare gem like compositions. I remain ever grateful to you. Thanks.


Vijayavaman ji
I thank you sincerely for your appreciation. Such heartfelt comments are tonics for us to continue writing on old films and songs. Many people read and like, but few take the trouble of writing comments.
Thanks again.


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