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Ek raaja ki sun lo kahaani

Posted on: June 6, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

“Mehrban” (1967) as spelt in the titles of the movie was an AVM (Madras) production written and directed by A. Bhimsingh. It’s cast was headed by Ashok Kumar, Nutan, Sunil Dutt and had Ramesh Deo, Shyama, Ashim kumar, Jayanthi, Shashikala, Bharathi, Mehmood, Soodesh Kumar and Sulochana Latkar. The dialogues and lyrics were written by Rajinder Kishan and Ravi was the music director. The movie had seven songs of which the blog has the following two.

Song Date of posting
Ae mere dost ae mere hamdam 21 January 2013
Mera gadha gadhon ka leader 9 December 2016

As we can see this movie last made its appearance in 2016 with a wonderful post by Rajaji who was pushed to write by Avinashji. Infact, for the both songs posted, Avinashji was the lyrics contributor.

The 2013 post had a brief synopsis of the movie. It equated the movie to the 1990 David Dhawan directed Rajesh Khanna- Govinda starrer “Swarg”. I happened to see “Mehrbaan” recently and realised that the similarity is limited. Yes, Rajesh Khanna played the rich-man in “Swarg” similar to Ashok Kumar’s character in “Mehrban”. Govinda played the orphan who is devoted to the family similar to Sunil Dutt’s character in “Mehrban”.

The variations in the 1967 movie is that the wealthy couple Shanti Swarup (Ashok Kumar) and Parvati (Sulochana) have three sons and two daughters in addition to being the adoptive parents of Kanhaiya (Sunil Dutt). (In “Swarg” the wealthy couple are childess) They also bring in Laxmi (Nutan) whose parents were known to them and who die leaving Laxmi to fend for herself. So, as we can see it is a full house. That gives the story all kinds of good, bad and ugly characters which helps the writer to gives us a three-hour long movie with lots of ‘rona-dhona’ ‘kasam khana and khilana’ etc. i.e. a highly emotional movie. The end is predictable in that all the family members come together and live happily, once again.

Just remembered another variation between “Swarg” and “Mehrban”. In “Swarg” Krishna (Govinda) becomes rich by acting in movies, buys back the property of his ‘sahabji’ (Rajesh Khanna) and teaches the errant brothers a lesson or two before bringing them back to apologise for all the wrongs that they have done. Kanhaiya of ‘Mehrban’ doesn’t wait to earn riches before coming back to set matters right in the adoptive family. Kanhaiya (Sunil Dutt) has Laxmi (whom he marries before being sent away from the home by Sulochana) for support whereas Krishna does it with the help of his friend ‘Airport’ (Satish Kaushik).
Also, in ‘Swarg’ Sahabji’s wife dies of shock and in ‘Mehrban’ Shanti Swarup dies leaving his wife to the mercy of his ungrateful children.

‘Swarg’ was said to be a remake of ‘Mehrban’ which itself was a remake from the 1960 Tamil hit ‘Padikkadha Medhai’ (Uneducated Genius) which in turn was a remake of the 1953 Bengali movie ‘Jog Biyog’ which was based on the novel of the same name by Ashapurna Devi. So, that means this story will hold good in any time and age.

We are revisiting this movie today with a duet sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi but (surprise) it is not a romantic song. In fact, the movie doesn’t have any romantic song, in the true sense of the term. There is a Lata Mangeshkar solo which has Nutan pacifying a sad Sunil Dutt. This song relates the story of Shanti Swarup to his grandchildren.

This is one of five movies where Nutan and Sunil Dutt played the lead. As I was looking up the anniversaries tab of the blog I found that the birth-dates of the two were one day apart. I wondered what scenario it would have been, back then, when the shooting of the movies were on. Nutan would have turned 85 on 4th June and Sunil (birth-name Balraj) Dutt would have been 92. Just a passing thought, their sons are actors too and have acted together in a few movies.

Editor’s note-Lyrics of this song, which turns out to be a multiple version song, were sent by Avinash Scrapwala long ago.

Duet version

Rafi solo version

Song-Ek raaja ki sun lo kahaani (Meharbaan)(1967) Singer-Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Ravi

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Duet version

ek raja ki sun lo
ek raja ki sun lo
kahin haathi na ghode na sena koi
na kahin thhi koi
ek raja ki sun lo
ek raja ki sun lo

teen bete thhe aankhon ke taare
bade pyaare pyaare
dilon ke
woh thhe raja ke anmol moti
nigaahon ki jyoti
thhe maa ke
palkon ki chhanv mein guzra tha bachpan
masti mein doobi
ek raja ki sun lo
ek raja ki sun lo

ek aisa magar din bhi aaya
jisne raja ko nirdhan banaya
ho gaye khaali saare khazaane ae
haaye kaisa ye andher chhaaya

woh jo bete thhe aankhon ke taare
raja rani ke dil sahaare
kaam aise mein woh bhi naa aaye
chhupte phirte the aankhen churaaye

aaram ke saathi kya kya the
jab waqt padha toh koi nahi
dhan daulat ke sab rishtey hai
dhan rooth gaya toh koi nahin
kaun girte ko deta sahaara
woh raja bechaara
thaka aur ha..aa..ra
sochta thha kahaan hai woh moti
woh aankhon ki jyoti
bane jo saha..aa..ra
raja to chup chaap peeta tha aansoo
chup chup ke roti thi
ek raja ki sun lo
ek raja ki sun lo

ho gaya apna khoon paraaya
ho gaya apna khoon paraaya
kaam magar ek chaakar aaya
ek bhola insaan wahaan thha
bachpan se mehmaan wahaan thha
usne jiske tukde khaaye
sada usi ke paanv dabaaye
un bedardon ki mehfil mein
ek wahi hamdard bacha thha
lekin maalik ko kya deta
bechaare ke paas hi kya thha
bechaare ke paas hi kya thha

apne malik ke kadmon mein ro ro ke
khush hota charan uske dho dho ke
apna tan man nichhavar woh karta raha
ek ishaare pe malik ke marta raha
hai kahaani magar baat kal hi ki hai
na samjhna ise tum
ek raja ki sun lo
ek raja ki sun lo

Rafi solo version
Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani
Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani

Pehle rehte the saagar kinaare
Ab samaaye dilon mein hamaare
Yaad unki rahegi jahaan mein
Jab talak hai ye chaand aur taare
Jo naa mitaaye mitegi kisi se
Chhodi hai aisi nishaani

Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani
Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani

5 Responses to "Ek raaja ki sun lo kahaani"

Our tributes to Rajinder Krishna ji.
Thanks for the post Peevesie’s Mom ji. In fact this song had also been shared by me on 09.0.2013, and I had forwarded it today morning to Atul ji and Sudhir ji and was waiting for the post. So when it came I thought my contribution was posted 🙂
I have sent all songs of this movie then in 2013 itself.
All good songs including today’s.
Thanks for the post again.



Didn’t realise that 6th June was also Rajinder Krishnaji’s birth anniversary. By chance I landed up on this song


This song has a solo version too by Rafi Sahab, sounding happy with a different lines.


I had heard it in the movie but couldn’t locate it on youtube.
Thank you for the video. so that makes it two songs posted, right Atulji?


Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani
Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani

Pehle rehte the saagar kinaare
Ab samaaye dilon mein hamaare
Yaad unki rahegi jahaan mein
Jab talak hai ye chaand aur taare
Jo naa mitaaye mitegi kisi se
Chhodi hai aisi nishaani

Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani
Ek raja ki sunlo kahaani

…. had sent both the versions on 09.02.2013 to Atul ji.


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