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Aayee jhoom ke deewaani liye pyaar ki nishaani

Posted on: June 28, 2021

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A man is always happy when he is in his comfort zone. I too feel at home and comfortable when I am dealing with films of the Vintage Era, i.e. 30’s to 50’s. There comes a feeling of togetherness, familiarity and ease of communication. I am sure the same must be the case of those who write on films of the recent past, i.e. of the period 70’s to the present. Change the position and one feels awkward, uncomfortable and not so well. This is not a statement about any period, but I am trying to paint a picture, how people are happy in the surroundings which are known,familiar and about which one has the knowledge. By the way, I have written many posts on films from the 70s to as late as 2018 also.

Maybe this is due to the age difference, but I am certainly not one who detests whatever is new – may it be a Cinema, a song or social environment. Change is mandatory, inevitable, unavoidable and a reality. Wisdom is in accepting what is changed and then in finding points of similarity and likeability in the new changes. Changes are effected to conform to present needs, visions and compatibility towards outside influences beyond our control.

Changes are the precursors of Evolution. From Fish to Humans is a result of changes which took place in thousands of years. One who says changes are bad, is saying that remaining as Monkeys was better ! However, changing or accepting the changes does not put a stamp on the uselessness of the older things. It only means that those things were good in those times and conditions.

Take the simple example of NFS (Non Film Songs) v/s Film songs. NFS were popular from the 30’s to the 50’s. After that NFS disappeared perceptibly and today only Film songs are there. Why did this happen ? If you listen to most of the NFS, they were slow,soft, melodious, soulful but they made you illusioned. That was when the world was trying slowly to come out of the effects of World Wars. Several countries were becoming independent. The world started brimming with enthusiasm,hopes and visions of a brighter future. Lilting tunes and newer musical instruments helped upping the positive vibes, so necessary to build up a new World. Film songs filled this need and slowly the slow, soft and soulful NFS disappeared. Just compare the film songs of the 40’s, 50’s and today’s film songs. See the difference. Today we feel old music was better, but that is because of Nostalgia – memories attached to those songs, films and people. It was good for those days. Today this is good.

When one talks of NFS, can one forget Jagmohan ? Those were the days when NFS by Jagmohan, Juthika Roy, Pankaj Mullik, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mehmood and many more private singers shook the music world and their records sold by thousands. Although Jagmohan Sursagar ( 6-9-1918 to 4-9-2003) sang 33 songs in 19 Hindi films, he gave music to only 1 Hindi film in his career. Film Sardar-55 was produced and directed by Gyan Mukherji (30-9-1909 to 13-11-1956). He directed only 7 full films and 2 half films. Film Madhu-59 and Sitaron se aage-58 were done half when he died suddenly. Madhu-59 was completed by S.Mukherji and Sitaron se aage-58 was completed by Satyen Bose. Gyaqn Mukherji directed films only in which Ashok Kumar was Hero( same way, his brother Shankar Mukherji directed films of only Dev Anand-except Jhumroo-61 of Kishore kumar)

There were 9 songs in the film originally, however one song by Lata was removed from the film later. Songs were written by Udhav Kumar(5), Kaif Irfani(3) and Vrajendra Gaud(1). When you listen to these songs, you can’t believe Jagmohan could give such variety in film music. One song, sung by himself, was based on Fox Trot music-a novelty in films of that period. I feel sorry that Jagmohan was not used by the Hindi film industry as a MD for more films. We surely missed some good music because of that.

The cast of the film was Ashok Kumar, Bina Rai, Nigar Sultana, Jagdish Sethi, Rama Shukul (probably his last film), Tiwari and many others.Nigar Sultana was one of the busiest artistes in the 50’s. Out of her total 52 films, she worked in 32 films from 1950 to 1960. She was also famous for her affairs with several film artistes. The famous writer journalist ‘ Manto’ has written quite a juicy account of it in his book.

Nigar Sultana (21 June 1932 – 21 April 2000) . She appeared in Aag (1948), Patanga (1949), Sheesh Mahal (1950), Mirza Ghalib (1954), Yahudi (1958), Do Kaliyaan (1968), etc. but she is most notably remembered for playing the role of “Bahar begum” in the historical epic film Mughal-e-Azam (1960). She was the wife of filmmaker K. Asif. She died in May 2000, in Mumbai, India.

Nigar Sultana was born on 21 June 1932 in Hyderabad, India. She was the youngest daughter of a family of five. She had two brothers and two sisters. She spent her childhood in Hyderabad where her father held the rank of a Major in the Nizam’s State Army. She went to school for a while and later studied at home. She took part in a school drama on one occasion and ever after was keen on acting. After her father’s retirement, the family faced financial difficulties and Nigar was married off to a Driver. After she became pregnant the couple took divorce.

The first film Nigar ever saw was Hum Tum Aur Woh (1938). She was so utterly thrilled by it that when Jagdish Sethi, a friend of her father’s, offered her the lead in a film he was making with Mohan Bhavnani, she took it on the spot.

She entered the films with the 1946 film Rangbhoomi. She also did a small role in the film 1857. Then came Bela-47 as a Heroine opposite Jairaj. Raj Kapoor’s Aag (1948) was her first big break to Bollywood. She played the character role of “Nirmala”, which was equally appreciated by critics and audience. After that, she played character roles in a number of films.

Her big picture was Shikayat (1948), made in Poona; and after that many more in which she played leading roles. She played the role of the court dancer Bahar, who envies Prince Salim’s (Dilip Kumar) love for Anarkali (Madhubala) in the film Mughal-e-Azam (1960). The songs Teri mehfil mein and jab raat ho aisi matwali were picturised on her.Her other films included Dara (1953) and Khyber.

Patanga (1949), Dil Ki Basti (1949), Sheesh Mahal (1950), Khel (1950), Daman (1951), Anand Bhavan (1953), Mirza Ghalib (1954), Tankhah (1956), Durgesh Nandini (1956) and Yahudi (1958) are among her noted movies. She was most active during the 1950s and appeared in only a lesser number of movies later. Jumbish: A Movement – The Movie in 1986 was her last Bollywood film. The famous song of Patanga-49 ” Mere piya gaye Rangoon” was filmed on her. She looked very attractive in that song. The song is still popular.

When she was working for Ranjit Films, she posed for a provocative photo. On the publication of that photo, Ranjit removed her from their films. Later many other heroines did such Photo sessions, but the First daring was by Nigar Sultana.

Nigar Sultana was linked with Pakistani actor Darpan Kumar. She had actually married him, when he was called to Bombay by kardar for his films. In the mid 50s when she was in financial difficulties Darpan and she were divorced. On 13 June 1959, Nigar Sultana held a press conference specifically to deny reports that she was married to the Pakistani actor. Later, Nigar Sultana married K. Asif, producer-director of Mughal-e-Azam (1960). When finally she divorced K.Asif, he gave her 200 rupees per month as compensation.

Nigar had close friendship with actor Shyam, Kamal Amrohi, Najam Naqvi, Rehman, Zuhur Raja, and D N Madhok also.

Nigar Sultana was the mother of actress Heena Kausar. Heena Kausar appeared in secondary roles in a large number of films during the 1970s and early 1980s.

Two actresses of the 1950s, Chitra (born Afsar-un-nisa) and Paras (born Yusuf-un-nisa) were Nigar Sultana’s nieces.

She had also been married to S. M. Yusuf when he lived in India, with whom she had one child. The child became actress Heena Kausar. Nigar acted in 52 films in her 26 years’ career.

She died on 23 April 2000 in Mumbai, India. ( Thanks to wiki, book Inhe na Bhulana by Harish Raghuwanshi ji, HFGK, muVyz and my notes, for this information.)

Let us now listen to today’s excellent song from the film Sardar-55. As I had said in a few articles back, many such ‘Gems’ from the 50’s must still be uncovered. Jagmohan used 5 singers for 9 songs. Today’s song is by Asha Bhosle. In that period, she always got songs for Cabarets, Mujaras, dances and for side heroines. From this struggling position, she fought her way up to an enviable position, reaching Guiness Records. Hats off to her grit and hard work.

Song-Aayee jhoom ke deewaani liye pyaar ki nishaani (Sardaar)(1955) Singer- Asha Bhonsle, Lyricist-Udhav Kumar, MD- Jagmohan Sursagar (Jaganmoy Mitra)

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana
aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana
machal kahin mat jaana
tujhe apni kasam
aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana

tujhko hansaane tadpaane
hazaaron anjaane tere ghar aaye
banke deewaane parwaane
bejaane pehchaane yahaan mandraaye
gar jeena hai to dhokhe se zara dil tu sambhal jaana
aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana

koi agar lalchaaye
tujhe bahlaaye
bane dildaara
karde jigar dikhlaaye
kasam bhi khaye
wahi haaye mara
in ghaaton se aur baaton se zara dil tu sambhal jaana
aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana

ye hai zamaane waale
bade matwaale
sabhi saudaayi
padna na inke paale
na karna hawaale
nazar harjaai
koi aankhen bichha khaanse na zara
dil tu sambhal jaana
aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana
aayi jhoom ke deewaani
liye pyaar ki nishaani
zara dil tu sambhal jaana

5 Responses to "Aayee jhoom ke deewaani liye pyaar ki nishaani"

Atul ji

Maine is gaane ke lyrics ko as a part of BTYC(dated June 9th 2010), on 26th May 2020 ko bhejaa thaa 🙂 (:


What is BTYC ?


Sorry Arun ji for bothering you,
But for your information BTYC means (BLOG TEN YEARS CHALLENGE)
Sorry again for the inconvenience caused to you by my comments…



Arun Ji,
Thanks for the post. It was a pleasant surprise to hear, for the first time, a catchy, appealing song from a MD I have not heard about till now.


Satish ji,
I am glad you too liked the song. This was the first and the last film for which Jagmohan Sursagar had composed the music.


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