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Ye kisne meri hasraton mein aag lagaa di

Posted on: June 29, 2021

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Not many films are made on Kashmir, though Kashmir featured in many films for filming songs etc. In the last 80 odd years, only 5 films have been made i.e. films having the name Kashmir in their titles. As such filmmakers were wary of making films on Kashmir. Being a controversial subject, they knew that the Government would surely ban the films, so as not to displease Pakistan. Thankfully, now the situation is different and films on subjects of national interest and glory are being made freely, without Government’s interference. This is true freedom for the Art. Many politically bold, revealing films, as well as films applauding our Army are being made.

The 5 films having Kashmir in their titles were- Kashmir ki Kali-1946, Kashmir hamara hai-1950, Kashmir-51, Kashmir ki kali-64 and Kashmir Hamara Hai-2001. I doubt if any of these films tackled the political aspect of Kashmir. Looks like our films had central themes of Love stories in the background of beautiful Kashmir. We all know about Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagor’s film in 1964.

Today’s song is from the first film having Kashmir in the title, Kashmir ki kali-1946. An important matter connected with this film is that Geeta Roy (Dutt) sang 2 songs in it. One solo and one duet with someone called Devendra. Readers will recall that Geeta Roy made her singing Debut in film Bhakta Prahlad-1946, by singing in the chorus. So today’s song has the historical value of being her first ever solo playback song. In 1946, she sang in 12 films- an achievement for a singer in her first year of debut. This was an indication that not only the MDs, but also the public had liked her voice and style.

Film Kashmir ki kali-46 was directed by Jagannath Dhar- possibly his only film as a director. Lyrics of the 5 songs were by Matwala Panit and the music was by A. Karim. He was a multifaceted artiste. He acted in 3 films, directed 12 films, wrote 146 songs in 20 films and gave music to 5 films. The cast of this film was Master Vithal. Kavita Devi, Vasantrao Pehelwan, Omkar Devaskar, Kishen etc.etc. As we all know, Master Vithal was the Hero of the First Indian Talkie film ” Alam Ara”-1931, For him, this was his last film in Bombay.

A lot has been said about his inability to speak Urdu dialogues and there is a popular myth, that after ‘Aalam Ara’, he did not get any talkie film and he left the Bombay film industry for Kolhapur to continue his career in Marathi films. Nothing can be farther from truth, because not only Master Vithal was cast as a hero in another talkie film, by Imperial Film Company itself – ‘Anangsena’ (1931), but many other well known production houses like Wadia, Mohan, Pradeep, BK Dave, Ranjit etc. engaged him for talkie films. What’s more, he even sang 3 Hindi songs in the film Bhedi Rajkumar-1934.

However, Master Vithal who was not very comfortable with Urdu dialogues, was no more interested in doing Hindi films anymore, so he did films very selectively. He acted in 8 silent films till 1934 and 15 talkie Hindi films till 1946, in Bombay. He , however, acted in one more Hindi film ‘ Chhatrapati Shivaji”-1952, as it was made in Kolhapur only. His last film in Bombay was Kashmir ki Kali-1946. All this after ‘Aalam Ara’.

Master Vithal is in history books as the first hero of the first Indian talkie film and also has to his credit the introduction of a double role (by Shahu Modak) in a Bilingual film ‘Aawaara Shehzada’ (1933), which he directed (‘Autghatkecha Raja’ in Marathi). Master Vithal himself was the first to do a double role in the silent film,’Prisoner of Love’ (aka ‘Raj Tarang’, 1927), made by Sharada Films.

Master Vithal acted in a total of 92 films – Hindi, Marathi, talkie and silent. He also directed two talkie films – one each in Hindi and Marathi. In one of his interviews, he regretted his decision to shift to Kolhapur in 1946 permanently, as he felt this reduced his Hindi film participation. He had constructed a big chawl in Kolhapur and in his retirement years, he lived on its rental income. He died on 25-6- 1969.

BOMBAY- The Mayanagari, sometimes showed its Maya. It picked up unsuspecting souls and bestowed upon them the fame and a name as Leading actors, singers, Directors ,Lyricists or whatever in films. Thus, a scholarly young man, standing in a bus queue in Madras is picked up and made a Hero of more than 40 films as ” Ranjan”. It also made an onlooker of shooting from the crowds of a studio, the famous and rich Hero of more than 50 films as ” Motilal”. An ordinary Motor Mechanic becomes a well known film Director in various languages and is called ” Sarvottam Badami’. A poor motor mechanic working in a garage becomes an All India famous poet-Lyricist and Producer Director called ” Gulzar.” The same Maya made a casual singer in Hindu Colony,Dadar in Bombay a famous playback singer of repute, when her singing was heard by a passing Music Director Hanuman Prasad, just by chance. She was known later as ” Geeta Dutt”. There are many such examples.

There are many such numbers of ” Accidental Stars’, but the same Maya also scuttled the Golden chances of capable aspiring small timers to become big stars. At Least two glaring examples are known. One is very well known to many, but the other is hardly known to anyone. First case is, Mehboob Khan was almost selected as Hero of India’s First Talkie film ” Alam Ara”-31. Even suitable costumes for him were also made ready, but then Maya played the trick and his name was pushed back, in favour of the more famous Master Vithal, to cover up the possible risk of the failure of the First talkie, which was an experiment. Nevertheless Mehboob Khan became a significantly notable producer, director and studio owner of India.

The other case of how Maya scuttled the chances of fame, name and career of a small-time actor who was on the verge of becoming a big star, is not known to most people. Now, take a look at the cast of today’s film as mentioned in this post. Do you find a name Omkar Devaskar ? Well, this is his story….

Omkar Devaskar was born in 1911 in MP (Central provinces then). After his schooling, he ran away to Bombay to seek employment and got a job as an ‘ Assistant’ in the Imperial Film company. His job was to do any work given to him. The salary was Rs.20 pm. When he saw the film shootings, he had an urge to act in films. One day, he asked Ardeshir sheth about it and he started getting uncredited small roles in silent films.

The Imperial company decided to make a Talkie for the First time in India,mainly because of Dadasaheb Torne (Ramchandra Gopal Torne). It was he who prompted Irani to be the first in India to make a Talkie. Torne was his Manager for both Jyoti studio and Imperial Film Company. Torne was also an agent for Cinema Equipment imported from England and Germany. Torne imported Sound recording equipment and the company sent a German Engineer to explain and teach the technique to Indian technicians.

They first wanted to test the sound recording machine by recording and filming a song. Who would sing ? No one was ready to become the sacrificial goat. Irani saw Omkar and asked him to sing before the machine. A terrified Omkar lamely protested, but he had no choice. Ultimately he was ‘ made up’ and the recording and filming started. Omkar sang a Thumri, ‘ Pyare Rasia Bihari’. Everybody present, including Irani, were stunned with the sweet voice and the ease of his singing style. It came off extremely well. About 500 feet of film was shot flawlessly. Irani was so impressed that he toyed with the idea of giving Omkar the first song in the film Alam Ara. Maya swiftly went into action. Unfortunately the recording was not saved, otherwise it would have been the first film song to be filmed and Omkar the First ever singer actor to do so. But Alas ! This is called the stroke of misfortune ! Destiny had slated this honour for W.M.Khan.

Missing this chance, anyway, Omkar became an actor and singer. His first talkie film was Imperial’s ” Sati Anusuya “-33. He sang 3 songs in the film ” Noor E Iman “-33, besides acting in it. Omkar acted in about 30 films in all. His last film was, perhaps, Rangeeli-52. He sang 14 songs in 6 films. His last song came in the film Jagriti-49. Omkar was a regular actor in many Marathi films too. ( I have used information from Music beyond boundaries by Ashok Ranade and Marathi Cinema in Retrospect by Sanjit Narwekar, MuVyz, HFGK and my own notes, for this write up.)

Now let us listen to Geeta Roy’s first solo song from this film. With this song, the film Kashmir ki kali-1946 makes its Debut on our Blog.

Song-Ye kisne meri hasraton mein aag laga di (Kashmir Ki Kali)(1946) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Matwala Pandit, MD-A Karim


ye kisne meri ee ee
ee ee ee ee
ye kisne meri hasraton mein aag laga di
aag laga di
ke jisne meri ee
ke jisne meri zindagi dushwaar bana di
ye kisne meri ee
ye kisne meri hasraton mein aag laga di
aag laga di
ke jisne meri zindagi dushwaar bana di

ab tu hi bata aa aa
aa aa aa aa
ab tu hi bata
kisne shuru pyaar kiya thha
ab tu hi bata
kisne shuru pyaar kiya thha
kya maine kisi baat se inkaar kiya thha
kya maine kisi baat se inkaar kiya thha
phir kyun meri ee ee
ee ee ee ee ee ee
phir kyu meri tasveer kaleje se hata di
kaleje se hata di
ke jisne meri zindagi dushwaar bana di
ye kisne meri ee

gar tu na sahi
gar tu na sahi
lab pe tera naam rahega
tera naam rahega
tera hi tasawwur subah o shaam rahega
gar tu na sahi
gar tu na sahi
lab pe tera naam rahega
tera hi tasawwur subah o shaam rahega

ye toone mujhe ae ae
ae ae ae ae ae
ye toone mujhe pyaar ki kya achchi saza di
kya achchi saza di
ke jisne meri zindagi dushwaar bana di
ye kisne meri ee
ee ee ee ee ee
ye kisne meri hasraton mein aag laga di
aag laga di
ke jisne meri zindagi dushwaar bana di
ye kisne meri

4 Responses to "Ye kisne meri hasraton mein aag lagaa di"

This is a very solid and interesting information about Ardeshir Irani, Master Vithal, Omkar Devaskar and Mehboob Khan. Mehboob Khan turned out be big gainer by failing to make it as an actor. Congratulations.


AK ji,
हीरे कि पेहचान सिर्फ असली जौहरी ही कर सकता है I
Thanks for acknowledging the importance of what I wrote here. This is an information which is hardly available anywhere. I am glad to know that my work is appreciated.


Arun Ji,
Thanks for the post.
I read your post twice to see if my eyes missed it. There is another movie, IMHO well made, with Kashmir in its title. That one is ” Mission Kashmir’. Unlike the ones mentioned in the post this one dealt with militancy.
Another movie with Kashmir in its title, a frivolous one IMHO. is ‘Johar in Kashmir” 🙂 This was post the war with Pak in 1965, and had political tinge to the story.


Dear Satish ji,
Thanks for your views.
You are right . There are some more films on Kashmir. I however restricted my search for film titles starting with the name Kashmir. The list was was only indicative of my point and not an exhaustive one. If I had gone through the entire Index book of Hindi films Titles, I sure would have found out more films.
But the mentioned films were enough to stress my point, I felt.



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