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Baahon ke ghere mein mausam bahaar ka

Posted on: January 1, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 01

Welcome all to this article and wishing all a ‘very Happy New Year 2022’.

We are again taking a ‘fresh guard’ for a new ‘musical and entertaining year 2022 on this blog’. And, with the music and entertainment we do have valuable information about artists of the golden era of HFM, anecdotes related to them, information about the movies and the songs, and lot of interesting facts and known or unknown things about the artists of Hindi Films.

For today’s posting I was looking for a song from my favourite categories i.e., inspirational, motivational, philosophical and/or a song with a message.
I find a very nice and perfect song for the occasion and started noting it down. I listened to this song three-four times and noted the lyrics. But, ah! I forgot to check if the song has been posted or not. Normally, I do this activity before taking a new song, but in the joy of finding a very nice song I somehow forgot to check it.

This nice song was already posted on the blog on 18.12.2012. The song is ‘gham chhupaate raho, muskuraate raho, zindagi ee geet hai, isko gaate raho’.

This song is from the movie ‘Nazraana Pyaar Ka-1980’. I had to look for another song from the movie. The original reason for sharing a song from this movie, i.e., its eligibility for ‘blog-ten-year-challenge’, was still there, I thought to present a song from this movie.

The message with this post is ‘resuming of blog-ten-year-challenge’ for this year ‘2022’ by posting the song on very first day of this ‘new year 2022’.

So, here we take this challenge of ‘BTYC-2022’ with fresh guard 😊, hopefully for a ‘steady and a long innings’ till the end of ‘2022’!!!

Let us see the list of songs posted on the blog ten years back on 01.01.2012.

Here is the list.

Song Movie title(Year) Remarks
Saal mubaarak sahib jee Do Jasoos (1975) 5 of 7 songs posted
Nayaa saal aaye tamaashe dikhaaye Nazraana Pyaar Ka(1980) 2 of 5 songs posted
Aanewaale saal ko salaam Aap Ke Saath(1986) 1 of 7 songs posted

It is clear from the above table all the three movies represented on the blog on 01.01.2012 are eligible for the ‘blog ten-year challenge’ today.

We are going to listen to a lovely duet from the movie ‘Nazraana Pyaar Ka-1980’.

‘Nazraanaa Pyaar Kaa-1980’ was directed by S.M. Sagar for ‘Adhikar International, Bombay’. It had Ashok Kumar, Sarika, Vijayendra, Raj Kiran, Neeta Mehta, Aruna Irani, Shakti Kapoor, Raj Babbar, Deven Verma, Chandrashekhar, Bhagwan Dada, Maruti, Meena T., Renu, Brahm Bharadwaj, Kundan, Kumud Tripathi, Brahmachari, Raj Mehra, Prakash Mishra, Sahgal, Manmauji, Radheshyam, Masood, and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 29.10.1980.

This movie had five songs penned by Vitthhal Bhai Patel (one song), Nida Fazli (three songs) and Anjaan (one song).

Music for this movie was composed by Hemant Bhonsle.

Here is the list of the five songs this movie had.

SNo Song Title Lyricist Singer/s Posted On
01 Baahon ke gherey mein mausam bahaar ka Vitthhal Bhai Patel Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar Being discussed today
02 Aa aa aa balle balle balle… jabse dekha hai Nida Fazli Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, chorus
03 Gham chhupaate raho muskuraate raho Nida Fazli Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhonsle 18.12.2012
04 Nayaa saal aaye tamaashe dikhaaye Nida Fazli Asha Bhonsle, Amit Kumar, Anwar 01.01.2012
05 Aur hogi koyi main nahin wah nahin Anjaan Asha Bhonsle

As mentioned above two songs from this movie ‘Nazraanaa Pyaar Kaa’ have been posted on the blog. Today’s song is the third song from this movie to be posted on the blog.

Today’s lovely song is written by Vitthhal Bhai Patel and composed to music by Hemant Bhonsle. The voices are of Asha Bhonsle and Kishore Kumar which on screen are lip-synced by Sarika and Vijayendra Ghatge.

Let us now listen to this song …



Song-Baahon ke ghere mein mausam bahaar ka (Nazraana Pyaar Ka)(1980) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics – Vitthhal Bhai Patel, Music – Hemant Bhonsle


Baahon ke gherey mein
Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
Baahon ke gherey mein
Mausam bahaar ka aa
Baahon ke gherey ae mein
Mausam bahaar ka aa
Deewaana laaya hai
Nazraana pyaar ka aa
Chaahat tumhaari laayi
Mausam bahaar ka aa
Chaahat tumhaari laayi
Mausam bahaar ka aa
Kismat se paaya hai
Nazraana pyaar ka aa

Baahon ke gherey ae mein
Mausam bahaar ka

Palkein uthhen to
Nazaare hon raushan
Dekho jidhar tum
Sitaare hon raushan
Ho o jabse miley tum
Nazaare haseen hain
Tumhaare hi dam pe
Sitaare haseen hain

Hasti pe chhaaya hai
Aalam khumaar ka
Hasti pe chhaaya hai
Aalam khumaar ka
Deewaana laaya hai
Nazraana pyaar ka aa
Chaahat tumhaari laayi
Mausam bahaar ka aa

Kaliyon ke honthhon pe
Rangeen taraana hai
Anjaani raahon par
har pal suhaana hai

Apni mohabbat ka
Itnaa fasaana hai
Tumhaari hi nazron ka
Dil ye nishaana hai
Aayeena ho tum
Mere singaar ka aa
Aayeena ho tum
Mere singaar ka
Kismat se paaya hai
Nazraana pyaar ka aa

Baahon ke gherey mein
Mausam bahaar ka
Baahon ke gherey ae mein
Mausam bahaar ka

Kismat se paaya hai
Nazraana pyaar ka
Baahon ke gherey ae mein
Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

Laa laa la laa laa laa
Laa laa la laa laa aa

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Happy new year to Atuldom
Hope we have a year filled with great music.
All the best to ine and all




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