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Jawaan Samaa Jawaan Bahaar Chaman Muskuraaya

Posted on: January 1, 2022

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I count the minutes the days the hours. . .
I count the stars. . .

Days, then weeks, then months – on to years and decades. The march of time incessantly continues. Superimposed on this unremitting progression is a calendar that allows us to measure passages of time. The philosophers of yore had no tools other than observation and contemplation, by which they used to measure natural phenomena. And then this measurement and contemplation over long periods of time uncovered patterns of celestial movements which tied into the the design of changing climate on earth. And thus was born the concept of calendar and measures of years. Over a period of time it got refined into a detailed structure that we now see as twelve months and 365 days. Of course with further refinements of leap years and leap centuries to make accurate adjustments to synchronize the this framework with the precise movement of Sun in our skies.

As aeons progressed, the year became a substantive measure of passage of time that fitted well into the cycle of seasons, and hence into the cycle of agriculture and farming of crops. This was the basic standard that started it all – there is nothing more critical in the world than food for survival. Air and water are available, but food – it has to be grown.

So the year became a standard of passages in life. The human life, its works and its achievements got tied with the cycle of years. Age of humans, education, performance measures of all kinds et al, got tied to the cycle of years. Longevity of relationships and the apparent joy of happiness, trust and loyalty, financial turnovers – you name it. Everything happens with the passage of years.

And the year also become the benchmark of celebrations, be it birthdays, anniversaries etc., everything is in terms of number of years.

And this pyramid is completed when we celebrate the passage of the ‘year’ itself. From time immemorial, different races, different nations, different belief systems, different working systems, and more – have identified their own regulated time points within a year, when the completion of one year is announced. Within our own country we have multiple celebrations around the year, when we announce the dawn of a new year. And so have many other countries, religions and sects of people.

The Gregorian calendar is the most prevalent and accepted calendar around the world at present times. And hence the start of a fresh year as per this calendar is also a celebration that has been accepted worldwide. Come 1st January, and the dawn of the New Year is celebrated across all nations and across all time zones. So that brings us to the celebration of the New Year on our blog also.

Over the past thirteen plus years, we have celebrated this day fourteen times, starting with 1st January 2009, and counting up to today i.e. 2022. As I tried to trace out the songs which are specifically New Year celebration songs, I could locate only 11 songs that have been used so far on this blog. No doubt the celebration and greetings messages are contained in some more posts that are dated 31st Dec and 1st Jan. But not all those songs are specifically New Year celebration songs. Here is the list of these eleven songs. In case I have missed any, please leave a comment, and I shall update this table.

Ye Saal Ki Aakhhri Raat Hai Beraham 1980 31-Dec-11
Saal Mubaarak Saahib Jee Do Jaasoos 1975 1-Jan-12
Naya Saal Aaye Tamaashe Dikhaaye Nazraana Pyaar Ka 1980 1-Jan-12
Aanewaale Saal Ko Salaam Aap Ke Saath 1986 1-Jan-12
Sabko Mubarak Naya Saal Samrat 1954 1-Jan-13
Saal Mubaarak Aaya Ho Jiyo Mere Raaja Toote Khilaune 1954 1-Jan-13
Happy New Year To You Do Jaasoos 1975 1-Jan-13
Naye Puraane Saal Mein Ek Raat Baaki Hai Raksha 1981 31-Dec-14
Aadhi Raat Aayi To Khayaal Aaya Hai Bahaaron Ki Manzil 1991 1-Jan-15
Assalaam-aile-Qum, Saal Mubaarak Ho Telephone 1986 31-Dec-19
Sach Kehta Hai Ye Saara Zamaana Jaagir 1984 1-Jan-20

Our dear Prakash Chandra ji has been very diligent with ferreting out songs for special occasions, and he has been very helpful in the past in getting details about New Year celebration songs to Atul ji and myself. Actually two of his suggested songs are still waiting. As I was trying to use one of them for this post, I discovered that the links provided were not functional at this time. So for today, we are using this song from the 1977 film ‘Zehreeli’. The film makes its debut on our blog today.

‘Zehreeli’ is a run-of-the-mill crime and punishment tale. A B-grade movie, that most likely came and went without raising much interest. The film comes from the production house of Amba Films,Bombay and is directed by VN Reddy, who is also the cinematographer of this film. The star cast of this film is listed as Neetu Singh, Shailendra Singh, Bindu, Jalal Agha, Imtiaz, Virendra, Jairaj, Purnima, Sharat Saxena, Jagirdar, Satish Arora, Nandita Thakur and others.

As per Geet Kosh, there are three songs in this film. The music director for this film is Sharda, whom we better know as a singer.  As I check the MD details on the blog, we already have four songs on board, that have been composed by her. This now is the fifth song composed by her to be showcased here.

Two songs of this film are penned by Vithalbhai Patel and one song is written by Abhilaash. This song is from the pen of Vithalbhai Patel. The singing voices are of Mohammed Rafi and Aarti Mukherji. On screen, Bindu is lip syncing the voice of Aarti Mukherji. I had a hard time trying to identify the gentleman who lip syncs Rafi Sb’s voice. The name is M Naidu, and he is also the choreographer for the film. I must thank my dear friend Ahsaan Bhai, an ardent fan of Rafi Sb, for this identification.

The song is somewhat peculiar. It has only one stanza after the mukhda, and it was also an exercise to confirm that this is the complete version. The audio of the song, and also the song on screen has a longer duration. More than half the duration of the song is simply music and dance by Bindu. Oh well, the powers that may be. It is a song of Happy New Year message, so here we are.

This is the opening song of the film immediately after the credits are displayed on screen.

And so, it is a goodbye to the dear 2021, and a welcome to the fresh and new 2022.
Wishing all readers, friends and fellow band-wagoneers, a Very Happy and Peaceful New Year.

gaya saal gaya aur naya saal aaya



Song – Jawaan Samaa Jawaan Bahaar Chaman Muskuraaya  (Zehreeli) (1977) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Aarti Mukherji, Lyrics – Vithalbai Patel, MD – Sharda
Mohammed Rafi + Aarti Mukherji


jawaan samaa jawaan bahaar
chaman muskuraaya
gaya saal gaya aur naya saal aaya
jawaan samaa jawaan bahaar
chaman muskuraaya
gaya saal gaya aur naya saal aaya
dil mein pyaar ka nasha
jhoomti disha disha
chaaron or jaadu sa chhaa gaya
chaaron or jaadu sa chhaa gaya

[sounds of revelry and laughter]

har nazar mein pyaar ki hai roshni
muskura rahi hai nai zindagi
hara adaa lagey hamein bhali bhali

baahon mein aa gai hai har khushi
mujh se koi mujh ko hi chura gaya
aankhon mein taare sajaa gaya

hey. . .
jawaan samaa jawaan bahaar
chaman muskuraaya
gaya saal gaya aur naya saal aaya

Happy New Year

[sounds of revelry and laughter]
[music and dance sequence]

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

जवां समा जवां बहार
चमन मुस्कुराया
गया साल गया और नया साल आया
जवां समा जवां बहार
चमन मुस्कुराया
गया साल गया और नया साल आया
दिल में प्यार का नशा
झूमती दिशा दिशा
चारों ओर जादू सा छा गया
चारों ओर जादू सा छा गया

[आमोद प्रमोद और हंसी के शब्द]

हर नज़र में प्यार की है रोशनी
मुस्कुरा रही है नई ज़िंदगी
हर अदा लगे हमें भली भली
बाहों में आ गई है हर खुशी
मुझसे कोई मुझको ही चुरा गया
आँखों में तारे सजा गया

जवां समा जवां बहार
चमन मुस्कुराया
गया साल गया और नया साल आया

हैप्पी न्यू यीयर

[आमोद प्रमोद और हंसी के शब्द]
[नृत्य संगीत]


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