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ab to bahaa le aankhon se aansoo

Posted on: June 3, 2022

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Today’s song is from the ‘1973’ movie ‘Jhoom Uthaa Aakaash’.

This movie had made its debut on the blog on 22.07.2020 with its song ‘Ho o nadiya kinaare nain hamaare’.

‘Jhoom Uthaa Aakaash-1973’ was directed by Y.N. Kapoor for ‘Bahaar-Milan Productions’.

It had Sujit Kumar, Lakshmichhaaya, Anita, Rajdeep, Bharat Bhushan, Tiwari, Abhi Bhattacharya, Randhir, Mohan Choti, Jhankana Desai, Nana Palsikar, Bramhachari, Rajraani, Kalpana Diwan, Uma Khosla, Geeta Kapoor, Soni, Koki, S.M. Akhtar, Master Deepak, Master Dinkar, Ravi Bhatnagar, Ambar Kumar, Yogesh Kapoor and others.

This movie was passed by censor board on 12.04.1973.

This movie had seven songs written by Siraj Aghazi (five songs) and Atish Jalali (two songs).
Music for this movie was composed by Kanti Kiran.

Mohd Rafi, Manna Dey, Mahendra Kapoor, Mukesh, Hemlata and Krishna Kalle had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

As mentioned above only one song from this movie has been posted earlier on the blog. This song was a duet sung by Mukesh & Hemlata. Mukesh had sung only one song in this movie and that was this duet song.

Here is the list of songs this movie has.

SNo. Song Title Lyricist Singer/s Posted On
01 Ab to bahaale aankhon se aansoo Siraj Aghazi Mohd Rafi Being presented today
02 Tera mera saath jaise din aur raat Atish Jalali Mahendra Kapoor, Hemlata
03 Sainyya anaadi na jaane pyaar ko, Siraj Aghazi Manna Dey, Hemlata
04 Ho o nadiyaa kinaare nain hamaare Siraj Aghazi Mukesh, Hemlata 22.07.2020
05 Dekh lo bhagwaan teri meharbaani dekh lo … Siraj Aghazi Hemlata
06 Saawan aayo re bin mausam aayo Siraj Aghazi Mahendra Kapoor, Hemlata
07 Zulmi najariyaa Atish Jalali Hemlata, Krishna Kalle

I had mentioned in my earlier post of this movie that this movie seems to be an obscure movie of its time and the songs from it are either new to people like me or never heard earlier.
Today’s song is sung by Mohd Rafi and only the audio of this song is available so far. And this Rafi song is also the only Rafi song in this movie.

I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and its songs.

Let us now listen to today’s song …

Song-Ab to bahaa le aankhon se aansoo (Jhoom Uthha Aakaash)(1973) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Siraj Aghaazi, MD-Kanti Kiran


Ab to bahaa le aankhon se aansoo
Bhagwaa aan
Are bhagwaan
Tujhe rona hi padega
Ab to bahaa le aankhon se aansoo

Khet hain pyaase
Dharti hai sookhi
Roothhi hain kismat
ujdi hai nagri
Sabr ka daaman chhoot gaya hai
Aas ka bandhan toot gaya hai
Ab bhi agar tu saathh na dega
O o o
Dil se tera vishwaas uthhega
Bhagwaan aa aa aan
Are bhagwaan
Tujhe rona hi padega
Ab to bahaa le aankhon se aansoo

Jaan ke sab anjaan bana hai
Kaahe ko phir bhagwaan bana hai
Nain tere chhalka ke rahoonga
Patthar ko pighlaa ke rahoonga
Aaj na meri baat sunega
Ho o o
Kaun tujhe bhagwaan kahega
Tujhe rona hi padega
Tujhe rona hi padega

1 Response to "ab to bahaa le aankhon se aansoo"

Nice song by Rafi Saab, and I am hearing this song for first time, I guess Sujit Kumar must be the one to lip sync for the song, Hemalata got so many songs for this movie to sing……..
New music director, new lyricist for me with this song, Thanks Avinash ji


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