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Haay paisa haay haay paisa

Posted on: July 13, 2022

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Hullo Atuldom

13th July is the birthdate of writer, producer, director Prakash Mehra. He would have been 83. He began his career in the late 1950s as assistant director and production controller etc. before turning director with “Haseena Maan Jayegi” in 1968 which had Babita and Shashi Kapoor in the lead. More films followed many of which were successful and super-successful, as the film industry would say “Silver Jubilees”.

One such movie was “Zanjeer” which helped Amitabh Bachchan get his foot into Bollywood. “Zanjeer” was, possibly, the first film, that brought Pran and Amitabh Bachchan together. It is said that on the heals of a successful “Samadhi” Mehra wanted to make his next with Dharmendra in the lead. But Dharmendra had to opt out due to date constraints. After knocking at the doors of all the big stars of that era Mehra went to see “Bombay To Goa” as per Pran sahab’s (as Mehra and the industry addressed Pran) suggestion; there are some who say it was Salim-Javed who made the suggestion. But whoever the trigger, ‘Talent met Talent’ (as per what Prakash Mehra used to say) – “Zanjeer” happened and an actor’s fate was sealed forever. The duo of Mehra- Bachchan went on to associate in six more ventures the last of which was “Jaadugar”in 1989.

In the remaining 16 movies that Mehra is credited as director (he is credited as director in 22 films) Dharmendra, Raaj Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Feroz Khan, Sanjay Khan, Vinod Khanna, Randhir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Navin Nischol, Vinod Mehra & Raaj Kumar’s son Puru were the male leads and Babita, Jaya Bhadhuri, Rekha, Hema Malini, Reena Roy, Saira Banu, Rakhee, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Tina Munim, Madhuri Dixit, Shabana Azmi were the female leads. That list only has those starring in movies directed by Prakash Mehra and not those that he wrote, presented or produced; if all those were included the list would have been longer.

Today’s song has Tina Munim playing Pran’s daughter (I am guessing from the lyrics of the song) who is out to shame her father for ‘his stand’ as regards her marriage. This is one kind of ‘father-character’ that Pran excelled in; as we can remember him from “Bobby” “Sharabhi” “Khuda Kasam” etc. We can see Akbar Khan (real life brother of Sanjay and Feroz Khan) as one of the party guests. The other party attendees include Birbal, Dinesh Hingoo, Vikas Anand, Brahmachari, and a bunch of chorus dancers.

This Asha Bhonsle song is written by Lalji Pandey who called himself Anjaan in Hindi Films. Bappi Lahiri was the music director of this song which is from the 1987 release “Muqaddar Ka Faisla”. Kadar Khan was the dialogue writer for the movie which had Raaj Kumar, Rakhee, Raj Babbar, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Akbar Khan, Tina Munim, Ranjeet, Bindu, Om Prakash, Satyen Kapoo, Ram Sethi (most of them regulars in any Prakash Mehra film) and Pran. I haven’t seen the film but enroute to writing this post I saw some of the movie’s songs; it looks like a typical masala film.

Remembering Prakash Mehra today on his birth anniversary and Pran Sahab on his death anniversary (which was on 12th).

As I was writing this post, I also found that Akbar Khan turned 72 last week on 7th. Wishing Akbar Khan (belatedly) for his birthday with good health and good times.

Song-Haay paisa haay haay paisa (Muqaddar Ka Faislaa)(1987) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Bappi Lahiri


sau sau ke noton ki roti bana ke
sabji mein heeron ka tadka aa laga ke
shriman ji
aap khaate hain
yakeen maaniye
bade shauk se
ye khaana
mere baap khaate hain
aa aa

arrey haaye paisa
haaye haaye paisa
aa jaaye paisa
na jaaye paisa
humen dar hai
kahin inko
mere pyaaron
na kha jaaye paisa aa aa aa
arey haaye paisa
haaye haaye paisa
aa jaaye paisa
na jaaye paisa
humen dar hai
kahin inko
mere pyaaron
na kha jaaye paisa aa aa
arrey haaye paisa
arre haay paisa paisa

yeah yeah yeah yaa
yeah yeah yeah yaa
yeah yeah yeah yaa
yeah yeah yeah yaa


jinhen banaaya maalik ne
ma ne unhen insan kaha
in daulat ke bandon ka
paisa hai bhagwaan yahaan
inhe chaahiye bas heera moti sona chaandi
arey jiska badan ho sone ka
baal hon jiske chaandi ke
aankhen jiski heere ki
daant hon jiske moti ke
us pathardil se kar denge beti ki shaadi ee ee
arrey haaye paisa
haaye haaye paisa
arey haye paisa
haye haye paisa
aa jaye paisa na jaye paisa
humen dar hai
kahin inko
mere pyaaron
na kha jaaye paisa aa aaa
arey haye paisa
arre haay paisa
haa haa

meri naani kahti thhi
ek kahaani kahti thhi
paison ka ek lobhi thha
inke jaisa wo bhi thha
daulat ka diwana
koi hoga na waisa
ant samay jis din aaya
yamdooton ne farmaaya
aapko narak me jaana hai
ya ke savrag pahunchana hai
bola bhai chlo jahaan ho
paisa hi paisa
arey haye paisa
haaye haaye paisa
aa jaye paisa
jaaye paisa
na jaye paisa
hume dar hai
kahin inko
mere pyaaron
na kha jaye paisa aa aa
paisa paisa
paisa paisa
paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa paisa hi paisa


5 Responses to "Haay paisa haay haay paisa"

record company Label audio link:
1st stanza of record company label audio link which was not picturised onscreen I guess:which I have noted down and given below:

“inn ki ulfat paison ki
inn ki chaahat paison ki
inn ki shoharat paison ki
inn ki izzat paison ki
inn ki duaa bud-duaa
donon hain paisey waali..eee
arrey inn ke vaadey paison ke
inn ki kasmein paison ki
rishte naathey paison ke/ki
saari rasmein paison ki
paison kaa gulshan inn kaa
ye gulshan ke…eeee
arey haye paisa
haaye paisa
haaye haaye paisa
haaye paisa
aa jaye paisa
haaye paisa
na jaye paisa
hume dar hai ae
kahin inn ko
mere pyaaro
na kha jaye paisa aa aa
arrey haaye paisaa haaye
hhaa hhaaa haayye
arrey haaye paisaa haaye
hhaa hhaaa”

you have left mentioning Late Sudhir, who also feature in the song,
In this movie Akbar Khan replaced by Suresh Oberoi and
this film was produced by Karan Johar`s father Yash Johar(under his banner Dharma Productions)
I read somewhere that Yash Johar lost heavily in this venture (after his productins Dilip Kumar`s DUNIYA(dir:Ramesh Talwar) and Amirabh`s Dostana(dir:Raj Khosla) )which released alongside Boney Kapoor`s /Sridevi `s MR.INDIA


Aah yes, I forgot to mention the producer. But i couldn’t see Sudhir anywhere in the song.
I also read about an Amitabh- Hema Malini-movie which was started after Jaadugar. But it was shelved. That movie had Suresh Oberoi in it


at 0:10 of video link in between Pran and vikas anand You can find out Sudhir`s presence,
Raakhee Gulzar already signed to play mother of Suresh Oberoi in Rahul Rawail`s Dacait, does not wanted to play mother`s role to suresh oberoi in another film, So she influenced Prakash Mehra to drop Suresh Oberoi from the movie, otherwise Suresh Oberoi can be seen in most of the prakash Mehra directorial ventures, I guess…..
(Besides, I remember Suresh Oberoi played a role opposite Raakhee (In Zindgaani 1986->Mithun, Raakhee, Amjad Khan)in a special appearance where he rapes Raakhee onscreen)


story synopsis borrowed from various internet sites:(which I have jotted down , for presenting a song from this movie, in the blog)

Muqaddar ka faisla,is the story of Pandit Krishna Kant. A poor,but extremely honest, upright, god-fearing man , who refuses to compromise on his principles .
Thus suffering one job loss after the other. He is put to humiliations and even imprisonments,but he refuses to compromise – refuses to join hands with the evil.
In his absence from home, their evil minded landlord, Dhanraj attempts to rape Rukmami, Krishna Kant`s wife , but in vain. To avenge his defeat Dhanraj later succeeds in implicating her in a drug running racket.
Tragedy hounds Pandit Krishna Kant everywhere ,Just because he is incorruptible . He is separated from his wife and three children.He is on the streets, jobless,penniless,hungry,hurt and lonely.
Raju , a young criminal coaxes and convinces Pandit Babu to do away with his holy robe and to join him as his accomplice.
The disillusioned and disenchanted Pandit Krishna Kant throws away his holy robe and put on the criminal`s grab and becomes Master –both in name and crime.
Strange are the ways of destiny .Master, finds himself now, working with Dhanraj and accomplice,the very people who had destroyed him ,his soul ,his peaceful existence.
The spate of irony of fates : Raju ,who has transformed Pandit, a Holy man ,
into a life of crime ,unknown to both , in none other than his own eldest son,Raj. Raj , who is in love with Meena , who is trying to reform him is a daughter of a man who has provided
shelter to his own mother ,Rukmani devi.Th doctor Harish whom raju wants to kill, is Raju`s own younger brother .And the girl Nisha , Dr.Harish , wants to get married is the daughter of none other than Dhanraj , who had tried to molest his mother.and had trapped her in a drug running racket and got her imprisoned .The jewels Both father and son are about to rob are in the custody of Rukmani , Master`s wife and Raju`s Mother! Master recognizes his wife-and the wheels of providence take a full round about turn.
How little we, mere mortals know , what providence has in store for us, what are the judgements of providence.What is Muqaddar ka faisla?


Thank you Prakashchandraji for giving the story of the movie. You saved me from seeing it 😉
I saw a song of the movie where the two Raaj/s were dancing and I couldn’t believe my eyes and what Prakash Mehra had filmed.
I am sure this may not have run for more than a week at the Box-Office. I have only heard its ads on Radio as I was studying for my college exams at that time. It was among the few movies that I gave a miss.


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