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Hum to chale apne gaam

Posted on: March 30, 2023

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Today’s song is from the film Patit Paawan-1953.

The meaning of Patit Paawan is “one who is purified after having fallen down with sin”. This was used as a Title for Lord Shri Ram because with the touch of his feet, Ahilya-Gautam Rishi’s wife, who had turned into a stone, came to life and human form. However, today’s film is not on the story of Ahilya uddhar. The story is different but the moral of the story is same.

One film on the Ahilyoddhar was made with this same title in 1933. In the film the main lead actor was P.Jairaj. In 1933, the playback system was not yet available and hence all the Hero, Heroine and others had to sing their own songs. Those artistes who knew singing had no problem, but those who were not singers were problems for the audience and the music directors. They had to do several rehearsals and had to teach singing to such actors. It was very painful for the MDs and also the audience to bear this singing. Heroes like Master Bhagwan too sang songs in his early films. You can well imagine the condition of the audience, forget how the actor must be feeling !

There is a very funny episode about this film.

Paidi Jairaj or P. Jairaj ( 28-9-1909 to 11-8-2000 ) was a very handsome and well built young man, when he joined films.He acted in 170 films and went on to receive the Phalke award and Padma Bhushan in 1980.
After doing 11 silent films, he did his first Talkie, “Shikari” in 1932. It was produced by a Hyderabad company-Eastern Films.
Thus, Jairaj too was expected to sing songs. He did not like singing, because he was horrible at singing. The Music Director of the film Patit paawan-33 was Prof.B.R.Deodhar, who was a classical singer himself. (Later on he established a musical school). He was determined to make Jairaj sing a song. Finally a song was recorded and filmed-“prem magan sakhi”. Jairaj had sung it so badly that the song was removed from the film before its release. Jairaj is probably,the only Hero of those days who never sang in films. Even as a lip syncer of songs (after playback singing became the norm),Jairaj has sung less than 20 songs on screen despite acting in nearly 170 movies!

The film was produced by Hema Sapru under the banner of D.K.Films, Bombay. It was directed by Vasant painter and the MD was Jamal Sen. The cast was Sapru, Sulochana, lalita pawar, Sulochan Chaterjee, hemavati, Ulhas, Bipin Gupta, jeewan, Master Vinod (later Vinod Mehra), Dar Kashmiri, Rajan Haksar, Parshuram etc. The producer Hema Sapru and actress Hemavati were the same Though she had worked with top class actors like Ashok kumar, Dev Anand and Raj kapoor, in their early films her name is not known to many people.

Hemavati. Hardly anyone knows who this actress was. She had done an important role of Mohini-the Club Dancer,a time pass love of Ashok kumar in the film-Sangram-50. Normal sources will not give any information on Hemavati,but for our readers,here is some information on her. Hemavati was a Marathi actress and an active worker of I.P.T.A. in Bombay.She was also a regular actress of Prithvi Theatres and had acted as the Heroine of Raj kapoor in the drama ‘Deevar’.

At IPTA, she met actor aspirant D K Sapru and they fell in love with each other. They got married in 1948. By that time she had acted in ‘Ghar ghar ki kahani’-47 with Nayampally,Jail Yatra-47,with Raj Kapoor,Mohan-47,with Dev Anand and a few other films.

After marriage,she completed Sangram-50,with Ashok Kumar and stopped working in films to raise a family. She had 3 children. Preeti Saproo became a Punjabi film actress. Tej Sapru acted in Hindi films and TV. Reema married Rakeshnath and became a successful s/play writer of popular films. Hemavati’s last film,however, was “Patit Pawan”-55,which she also produced for her husband.
She died on 10-4-2005.
In the cast you will also find names of Dar Kashmiri and Jeewan. Hardly anyone knows that they were real brothers in private life. Many times these two names are used for Jeewan only. So, here is some information about these siblings. Most sites and Blogs list Dar Kashmiri as another initial name for actor Jeevan. The reality, however, is different. Dar Kashmiri was a Pseudo-name used for Om Prakash Dar- a Kashmiri actor, who was the elder brother of actor Jeevan and who came to work in Hindi films much earlier than Jeevan had.

Om Prakash Dar was born into a large family, he had 23 siblings. His grandfather was the Governor of Gilgit in Gilgit-Baltistan. He lost his father when the youngest- Jeevan- was 3 years old and his mother died at childbirth. Being the eldest, he came to Bombay in search of jobs and entered films. Instead of his original long name, he was called Dar Kashmiri.

Actually, When Jeevan came to Bombay in search of film roles, Om Prakash Dar aka Dar kashmiri, his elder brother, was already working in films. Jeevan appeared first time in Fashionable India-35. Since his name was Onkar Nath, he was billed as O.K.Dar (and not Dar kashmiri-please note).
His elder brother Dar Kashmiri acted in these films:

Movie Year
Noor Mahal 1934
Vatan Parast 1934
Cheen Kaa Saahookaar 1935
Jeevan Naatak 1935
Kisakee Pyaaree 1937
Veer Kesaree 1938
Imperial Mail 1939
Dorangiyaa Daakoo 1940
Yaad Rahe 1940
Abalaa 1941
Saugandh 1942
Angooree 1943
Nayaa Taraanaa 1943
Devadaasee 1945
Din Raat 1945
Room No 9 1946
Paaro 1947
Huaa Saveraa 1948
Majaboor 1948
Kisee Kee Yaad 1950
Jhaansee Kee Raanee 1953
Chakradhaaree 1954
Laadalaa 1954
Bhedee Luteraa 1955
Ghar Ghar Men Deevaalee 1955
Jay Mahaadev 1955
Kundan 1955
Patit Paavan 1955
Pyaaraa Dushman 1955
Ayodhyaapati 1956
Jay Shree 1956
Raam Lakshman 1957
Raaj Pratigyaa 1958

There are 4 films in which the brothers Dar Kashmiri and Jeevan acted together:

Kisee Kee Yaad 1950
Jay Mahaadev 1955
Patit Paavan 1955
Jay Shree 1956

Every film, he was billed as Dar kashmiri only.

Jeevan was billed as O.K.Dar (Jeevan) from film Romantic India-36 onwards and then on as Jeevan only-except still a few films where he was billed as O.K.Dar(Jeevan).

In film Patit pawan-1955, both brothers acted and they were individually billed as Jeewan and Dar Kashmiri. This settles their name issue decisively. (Most of this information comes from Filmdom-The All India Film Directory and Who’s who in Indian Film Industry-1946.)

I have written on D.K.Sapru, but I found a post by shri M.N.Sardhana ji on Facebook, which is more interesting than my own write up. I am giving herewith the same as an adapted version, with thanks.

” Mr D K Sapru ,scion of an influential Pandit family of J & K and one of the most handsome actors of his time ,like other young men joined the film line to become hero . In 1944 , famous film maker V Shanta Ram chose him for his much acclaimed movie ‘Ram Shastri’ . Fair coloured with expressive light eyes like his senior actor & fellow Kashmiri Pandit Chandra Mohan ,soon he became a known actor .His cousin Mr Jeevan was already an established actor in Hindi Films . In 1948, Jaddan Bai produced a movie which was based upon the tragic tale of Romeo And Juliet , written by William Shakespeare ,in which the female leading role was played by her daughter Nargis ,opposite Sapru Saab.

In the same year he married Hemavati, a Marathi actress, who mostly had worked on stage at IPTA and Prithvi Theatres and also in a few movies . Interestingly ,she was the leading lady in 1947 movie Mohan, in which the struggling actor Dev Anand was her hero. Hemvati & Sapru, looked as if they were made for each other, as both were good looking, fair coloured and had similar light eyes.

There was a big advertisement in Film India and other papers, when K Asif announced Mughal E Azam ,for which he took Sapru and Nargis as jilted lovers with Chandra Mohan in the title role of the Great Mughal . The movie could not progress, as firstly the financier migrated to Pakistan and in 49, Chandra Mohan passed away . Mr Sapru became a full time character actor and his versatility came to the forefront, when he portrayed dissimilar characters in different movies.

Sapru Saab was a man for all seasons ,and could portray saintly person/villain/cop/ foreigner/ villager / sophisticated person /King/ Sultan – all types of characters with ease. He looked so charming as a rich Jeweller ,father of Tanuja in Jewel Thief and in Tere Mere Sapne ,he was a humble villager. In Zanjeer ,he was a mafia lord and in Majboor (1964) ,he was prosecuting lawyer . He appeared in numerous mythological movies and in fact made Patit Pawan in 1955 ,which did average business. As an actor ,he was doing well, therefore one fails to appreciate the reasons as to why he thought of producing movies.

He made Bahadur Shah Zafar ,in which he himself essayed the role of the unfortunate last Mughal. He took Chand Usmani, Shyama, Jeevan, Sudesh Kumar , Ullhas etc in the movie .Unaware of the lack of honesty of his production team , Mr Sapru kept faith on them and could not monitor the expenses and the movie was over budgeted .He spent all his money and even mortgaged his immovable assets to make the movie spectacular and completed the movie . But sadly the movie could not be released and remained in cans. It was a big blow for him. Before he passed away in 1979 ,he announced another movie “Jeevan Chalne Ka Naam” , with Sanjeev Kumar ,Rekha and Shashi Kapoor . A workaholic Sapru Saab worked in more than 350 movies.

His son Tej and younger daughter Preeti, followed the footstep of their parents and became actors. Eldest daughter Reema is essentially a writer and has directed few movies also. Please allow me to state that in movies decorum of the court is the biggest casualty after Mr Sapru vacated the throne of justice and presently sheer buffoonery has taken its place .”

The story of film Patit Pawan-1955 was…

The story of the film was built around Dama Shetty,who lived happily in a village with his wife Guniya,son Nama and daughter in law Raji. His son was married in his childhood only. Dama shetty was a very pious and good person who helped the needy. He was respected in nearby villages too. However Nama was opposite to him. He only played all day and never believed in God. Dama used to scold him so that he would improve. Instead, one day nama ran away to the jungle to avoid father’s admonishments every day. He was found by a dacoit’s gang. Many years passed and now Nama was a famous and dreaded Dacoit. His wife was hoping that someday Nama would come back.

One day Raji came across Nama the dacoit. By now Dama Shetty had died. She told her about father’s death and gave him a lot of advice to give up bad life and worship God. Nama’s mind changed and he decided to reform himself. He felt that he was the cause of father’s death. Nama gave up everything and started worshipping God. However the village purohit Parshuram Bhagwat did not believe him and banned his entry into the temple. Nama stayed outside and prayed. That year there was a terrible famine in the area. Nama decided to ask God’s help by fasting and he started his jaap and fasted till he almost became a dying person.

Seeing his devotion God was pleased and it started raining heavily. Soon the villages prospered again and Nama the Patit (the fallen one) became Paawan (purified).

Let us enjoy the song by Mohd. Rafi and Chorus….

Song-Hum to chale apne gaam (Patit Paawan)(1955)Singer- Mohd. Rafi, Lyrics- Bharat Vyas, MD-Jamal Sen


ham to chale apne ae ae apne ae ae gaam
ham to chale apne gaam
sabko mera raam raam
bolo bhai raam naam
raadhe shyam
shyam radhe shyam

door hua man ka andhera
aaj jeevan mein jaaga sawera aa aa
door hua man ka andhera
aaj jeevan mein jaaga sawera
toot raha praanon ka phera aa
hamne dhoondh liya apna basera
aur sabhi jhoothhe naam
saancha ek raam naam
bolo bhai raam naam
radhe shyam
Shyam radhe shyam

ham to chale apne gaam
sabko mera raam raam
bolo bhai raam naam
radhe shyam
shyam radhe shyam

saath ham jo tumhaare rahe thhe
bol kadwe aur meethhe kahe thhe ae
saath ham jo tumhaare rahhe the
bol kadwe aur meethhe kahe the
ye hai ehsaan ham par tumhaara aa
jo hans hans ke tumne sahe thhe
do dinon ki dhoom dhaam
zindagi ki hui shaam
bolo bhai raam naam,
radhe shyam
Shyam radhe shyam

der kaise sahen pal bhar ki
hamen laagi lagan us ghar ki ee
der kaise sahen pal bhar ki
hamen laagi lagan us ghar ki
dekho bansi pukaare natwar ki ee
dekho bansi pukaare natwar ki
chhavi chhaayi hai brij ke dagar ki
subah shaam aathon yaam
rato shyam shyam shyam
bolo bhai raam naam
radhe shyam
shyam radhe shyam

ham to chale apne gaam
sabko mera raam raam
bolo bhai raam naam
radhe shyam
shyam radhe shyam


2 Responses to "Hum to chale apne gaam"

When I read the title of the post (or the song), I thought it was a song from ‘Sant Tukaram’.
But, this was different post.
Like the post and enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the detailed information about Sapru Saab, Hemavati and Dar brothers.
Just, since the post mentions about the role of ‘justice’ in movies, I would like to mention that I liked the roles of Sapru Saab as judge always. And I am very much impressed by the actor who played judge (Indian court) in the latest movie ‘Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway’.
Thanks again for this wonderful post.


Dear Avinash ji,
I am glad that you liked the post.
Regarding the mukhda of this song, actually I wanted to write about the original Abhang by Sant Tukaram, but the post had already become long enough. It was heartening to read that you remembered the original Abhang.
Thanks for your comments.


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