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Mera naam yaaron mahaachor hai

Posted on: March 30, 2023

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Hullo Atuldom

Anand Bakshi …. a poet & lyricist who was nominated for the Filmfare Best Lyricist award 40 times that resulted in 4 wins. Poetry writing was a hobby for him in his younger days which became an occasional activity after he joined the Indian Navy due to paucity of time. He came to Bombay to try his luck at writing songs and singing for films. He got his first break in a Bhagwan Dada starrer in 1958; from then he kept getting to write songs every year.

Anand Bakshi was the go-to lyricist for Rajesh Khanna starrers beginning with “Aradhana” in 1969 following it up with a bagful of (mostly) hit films like ‘Aan Milo Sajna’, ‘Roti’, ‘Raja Rani’, ‘Aashiq Hoon Baharon Ka’, ‘Chhailla babu’, ‘Anurodh’, ‘Aakraman’ and all those movies which I have not mentioned but die-hard Rajesh Khanna- Anand Bakshi fans will know, for sure!

His wish to try singing got fulfilled when he sang for ‘Mom Ki Gudiya’ in 1972. The other films for which he sang were ‘Sholay’ (1975), ‘Charas’ (1976), ‘Balika Badhu’ (1976), ‘Mahachor’ (1976); and the blog has all the songs Anand Bakshi ever sang in Hindi Films. His career began with Nisaar Bazmi compositions for ‘Bhala Aadmi’ (1958) and the last movie with songs written by him came in 2008 which had music by Ismail Darbar – ‘Mehbooba’. Interesting trivia to note is that there were two “Mehbooba”/s in his career – the 1976 MR Productions ‘Mehbooba’ (another Rajesh Khanna film) being the more easily remembered one.
“Bhala Aadmi” (1958) had 10 songs of which 5 were written by Anand Bakshi (the blog has two of these). “Mehbooba” (2008) had 10 songs and it is yet to come on the blog.

As I write this, I recall an anecdote that Pyarelal Sharma of the Laxmi-Pyare duo, loves to relate. It seems they were having sittings for finalizing the songs of ‘Aan Milo Sajna’ and Bakshi Saab (as Pyarelalji addresses him) was unable to come up with words for a tune. Giving up (for the time being) Bakshi saab stood up and said -‘achha to hum chalte hain’; to which Laxmikant asked- ‘phir kab miloge?’ Pat came the reply- ‘jab tum kahoge’. And that was the start to the evergreen song of ‘Aan Milo Sajna’. Pyarelalji further said that Bakshi saab instantly sat down and completed the song. I have seen a video on a news channel’s Sunday entertainment program- ‘Total Recall’ where music composers who had worked with Bakshisaab have related how well meaning songs, bhajans etc which the common man could also sing along & relate to were written by the lyricist, rather easily. His relatable songs may have been the reason for his long career and popularity.

I am (as usual) spoilt for choice for a song to go with this post. I could settle for a popular song from a Rajesh Khanna film, or look up if songs from “Bhala Aadmi” are available – uploaded for use here or bring up a song from any movie that has a few of its songs on the blog. Or finally, bring up a new movie hitherto unrepresented on the blog. I think we should have a song from a movie which has a few of its songs on the blog. But choosing a song in this criteria is also not easy because even that is a long list.

Finally, the song that I have chosen is from the 1976 released “Mahachor”. It had music by R D Burman. Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle & Anand Bakshi were the payback singers used. The following songs from the film are there on the blog

Song Date of post in the blog
Main tumse pyaar karti hoon 29 December 2011
Meethhi meethhi ankhiyon se man bhar de 18 July 2016
Hindu hoon main na musalmaan hoon 30 March 2021
Sun Banto baat meri 19 July 2022

Today’s will be the penultimate song from a film that had Rajesh Khanna, Neetu Singh, Prem Chopra, Kamini Kaushal, Aruna Irani, Anwar Hussain, Manmohan, Krishan Dhawan, Manorama in its cast. This was a film from the time when stories featuring kings, queens, princes, princesses, (corrupt) dewans, senapatis etc. were still being made. The prince or the princess will be separated from the royal family and the film will then wind its way through trying to locate the missing heir with the dewans & senapatis trying their best to use the situation to their benefit. I can give a long list of films with this storyline in films post 1975. These costume dramas had a charm of their own and actors readily agreed to don sequinned gowns, gladiator-style leather suits, funny looking Jodhpurs etc.
We are having this song by the deadly foursome (all of who have left us their legacy) Anand Bakshi, R D Burman, Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna today to remember the lyricist who left us this date 22 years ago.


Audio (longer)

Song-Mera naam yaaron mahaachor hai (Mahachor)(1976) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman

Lyrics(Based on audio link)

he ho ha
bure kaamon ka duniya mein
bura anjaam hota hai
magar kuchh bhi kaho
ye bad se buraa
badmaan hota hai

kehte hain
mera naam
mahaa chor hai

mera naam yaaron mahaachor hai
mera naam yaaron mahaachor hai
mahaachor lekin koi aur hai
mahaachor lekin koi aur hai
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai ae
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai

usey koi jaa kar pakadta nahin
kabhi hathhkadi mein jakadta nahin
nazar tez qaanoon ki hai magar
bahut door hai jail se uska ghar
kabhi saamne bhi jo aata hai wo
ishaaron pe sabko nachaata hai wo
usi ke to haathhon mein har dor hai
usi ke to haathhon mein har dor hai
dor hai dor hai dor hai
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai ae
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai
samjhe naa

mera naam to sirf thhaane mein hai
mera naam to sirf thhaane mein hai
magar uski shohrat zamaane mein hai
usey yoon to sab jaante hain janaab
magar uske chehre pe hai ek naqaab
nahin koi ustaad aisa bahut
magar paas uske hai paisa bahut
to paise mein saahab bada zor hai
to paise mein saahab bada zor hai
zor hai hai zor hai hai zor hai
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai ae
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai

haan aan aan aan
hey ae ae ae
o o oy

main galiyon ka raaja wo mehlon ka king
main chaandi ka challa wo sone ki ring
kahoon kya usey har khata maaf hai ae
main andar wo baahar ye insaaf hai
main karta hoon chori ke main hoon gareeb
usey kya padi wo to hai khushnaseeb
suno baat ye kaabil e gaur hai
suno baat ye kaabil e gaur hai
gaur hai gaur hai gaur hai
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai ae
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai
mahaachor lekin koi aur hai
mahaachor lekin koi aur hai
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai ae
mera naam yaaron mahachor hai ae ae


2 Responses to "Mera naam yaaron mahaachor hai"

Nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji. Enjoyed it.
We still have a long way to go to bring all of Anand Bakshi here on the blog. Thanks for this one from the ‘seventies’.

Liked by 1 person

Yes you r correct.
We have 1100+ songs written by Anand Bakshi on the blog out of a possible 3000+ that he has given us to relish


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