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Hum tumhaare liye tum hamaare liye

Posted on: November 15, 2008

I read many times that Bollywood movies would have songs where the boy and girl would be shown singing songs running around trees. Honestly, I have not seen any proper song fulfilling this description. On the other hand, I have seen dozens of songs where boy and girl are shown singing elsewhere, viz on car, boat, train etc. In fact, there are enough number of such songs for me to open tags like “car” song, “boat” song etc. So far I have not felt the need of having a tag for “tree ” songs, that is how elusive such songs are.

Here is a boat song picturised on Sanjay Khan and Sadhana. For Sadhana, such songs were common place ( remember “Aaja aayi bahaar, O mere Rajkumar ?”), but for Sanjay Khan, it must have been uncharted waters.

From the song it is difficult to guess how it must have been picturised, but such songs make you feel like dance. Such songs must have been ideal dance numbers for public processions, if not for parties during those days, I am sure. It is a Laxmikant Pyarelal number, after all, and we have seen in the past that such numbers found wide use in many conditions, be it a boat ride or an elephant ride that the hero was performing. 😉

Song- Hum tumhaare liye (Inteqam) (1969) Singers- Rafi, Lata, Lyrics- Rajinder Krishan, MD- Laxmikant Pyarelal

ho ho
hum tumhaare liye tum hamaare liye
hum tumhaare liye tum hamaare liye
dil zamaane ka kya hai hamaara na ho
aapke pyar ka jo mile aasra
aapke pyar ka jo mile aasra
phir khuda ka bhi beshak sahaara na ho
hum tumhaare liye tum hamare liye

tum hi ho dil mein, tum hi ho meri nigaahon mein
na aur aayegaa ab koyi meri raahon mein
karoon naa aarjoo
karoon naa aarjoo, marne ke baad Jannat ki
agar ye zindagi gujre tumhaari baahon mein
tumhaari baahon mein
pyaar ke chaand se, raat roshan rahe
pyaar ke chaand se, raat roshan rahe
fir koyi aasmaan pe sitaaraa naa ho
hum tumhaare liye, tum humaare liye

ho ho
nazar najar se, kadam se kadam milaaye huye
chale hain waqt ki raftaar ko bhulaaye huye
bahaar poochh rahi hai
bahaar poochh rahi hai, chaman ke phoolon se
ye kaun aayaa ke tum sab ho sar jhukaye huye
ho sar jhukaye huye
soch mein phool hain, hum agar chal diye
soch mein phool hain, hum agar chal diye
fir chaman mein kabhi ye nazaara naa ho
hum tumhaare liye, tum hamaare liye
fir zamaane kaa kyaa hai, humaaraa naa ho
aapke pyaar ka jo mile aasra
phir khuda ka bhi beshak sahaara na ho
hum tumhaare liye tum humare liye
hum tumhaare liye tum humare liye

2 Responses to "Hum tumhaare liye tum hamaare liye"

Nice song.
Saw the movie a few years ago. Good movie.
This song is part of her scheme to “phasao” Sanjay Khan.
She is pretending to be in love with him, only to take revenge against his father who had kicked her out of her job, which resulted in her mother’s death.

Ashok Kumar is helping her with this scheme as he has his own axe to grind with Sanjay Khan’s father.

This movie has a few other good songs…”aa jaane ja” (already posted by you) and “jo unki tamanna hai barbaad ho jaaye” (jilted lover Sanjay when he realises it was all just “acting”).


I see. So that is why this movie is called “Inteqam” or revenge.


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