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Main kyaa jaanoon kyaa jaadoo hai

Posted on: June 12, 2011

During late 1960s and much of 1970s, when I was growing up as a kid, I scoffed at the songs that were played on radio Ceylon between 7-30 to 8 AM, which was the time for the programme called “Puraani filmon ke geet”. And the programme culminated at the stroke of 8 with a song by K L Saigal.

K L Saigal’s singing style was a source of great amusement to immature people (kids like me as well as older people growing up on the diet of later day singing styles) who wondered how K L Saigal and other oldtimers could not sing like Kishore Kumar and other contemporaty singers of Kishore Kumar.

Now, some four decades later, I find myself doing exactly the same that radio Ceylon was going, viz. discussing one K L Saigal song every day. I, in fact, have gone ahead of Radio Ceylon and I may have discussed more K L saigal songs than what were regularly played in that Radio Ceylon programme. and I am not done yet with K L Saigal songs.

Here is one of the more commonly heard K L Saigal songs of those days. I heard this song several times, and many listeners of this song would sing this song as a means to amuse themselves and others.

At that time, I was not aware of the details of this song. It is only now that I have become aware of the details of this song. This song is written by Kidar Sharma and music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

Listeneing to this song, I must say about Saigal saab’s voice-” Waah, Kyaa jaadoo hai”.

With time, I have grown to love this song. This song is like champagne, which gets better as time goes on. I am sure this song will have many admirers among music lovers as time passes. This song is sung in the style prevalent in those days, but this is not an easy song to sing. Many singers, including legends, have tried their vocal chords in singing this song and have failed to scale the heights of K L Saigal. This song is a timeless song.

Song-Main kyaa jaanoon kyaa jaadoo hai (Zindagi) (1940) Singer-K L Saigal, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Pankaj Mullick


main kyaa jaanoon kyaa
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
main kyaa jaanoon kyaa
jaadoo hai
in do matwaale nainon mein
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
main kyaa jaanoon kyaa
jaadoo hai
ek ek athaah saagar saa hai
ek ek athaah saagar saa hai
in do matwaale nainon mein
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
main kyaa jaanoon kyaa
jaadoo hai

man poochh rahaa hai ab mujhse
nainon ne kahaa hai kyaa tujhse
man poochh rahaa hai ab mujhse
nainon ne kahaa hai kyaa tujhse
jab nain mile nainon ne kahaa
nainon ne kahaa
jab nain mile nainon ne kaha
ab nain base ye nainon mein
main kyaa jaanoon kyaa
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
in do matwaale nainon mein
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
jaadoo hai
main kyaa jaanoon kyaa
jaadoo hai


8 Responses to "Main kyaa jaanoon kyaa jaadoo hai"

Atul Bhai,


I am also a deewana of old film music like you all.Having lot of spare time now,I surf the Internet.I realised that there are many Indian and Foregn persons equally interested/obsessed with old film charms.Many of them run their own blogs on old films/music.I decided to find out and visit every blog on the Internet.
I visited exactly 102 such blogs run by Indian and foreigners.Surprisingly,foreigners were more consistent than Indians.
i found that almost 85 % blogs are left unattended,halfway or no posting for last few years.One more interesting point is many ladies are also running such blogs,ofcourse under Pseudonames.They are more consistent than men and get a good following too !
After a lot of screening,I shortlisted 7 blogs: 4 in wordpress and 3 independents.Two blogs are run by ladies,one each Indian and foreigner.
Finally,I came to a conclusion that your blog ATULSONGADAY WORDPRESS.COM is THE BEST,because:

1)You are a very honest person ,without any airs,when you present songs
2)your deep love of music and hard work is consistent and it shows.
3)you are very systematic and you think of your readers while making songs available to them in an easy way.
4)your earnestness and humble knowledge(without a show off) is appreciated and liked by your readers(apparent from the responses)
5)you are not biased or partial in selecting or writing about songs
6)your goodwill has attracted likeminded supporters who help you by providing information on films,songs,singers,composers etc.Notable among them,as I found in last 6 months are–
a) Mr.Sudhir Kapoor-writes very good and simple articles,full of information about songs and personalities.
b) Mr,Nahm-always provides you correct lyrics,titbits and useful information,besides suggesting songs.
3) Mr.Arunkumar Deshmkuh-I have no words for him.He seems to know all old movies,anecdotes and details.His information is unique(Not on net anywhere).May be,as he knows so many languages,he might be getting it from books/articles in various languages.He is a storehouse of information.
4)Mr.Prakashchandra-very good suggestions of songs
5)Lalitha ji / Raja ji – They are not only your admirers but also supporters.Raja ji’s support is important as he himself is a blogger plus many more things.

Note; The second place is shared by MEMSAABSTORY AND DUSTEDOFF.

Atul Bhai,
please accept my congratulations and good wishes for the future.


Thanks for your kind words. I am lucky that my blog has been able to attract likeminded music lovers over a period of time.

I am not a fan of rankings though, especially among dissimilar things like blogs. Personally I am a huge admirer of the two blogs run by two ladies that you have mentioned, and I have learnt a lot from their articles. My blog, as well as the other blogs that are consistently updated are labour of love, and that is very essential for any blog to run for any length of time.

Encouraging words/supports/admirations etc go a long way in motivating bloggers like me (and also Memsaab, Dustedoff etc). I consider myself very lucky that I have been able to gain the online acquintance of some wonderful likeminded music lovers from all over the world.

Atul Bhai,
Please do not misunderstand that I am comparing blogs with each others.That never was the intention.
It is your modesty, nevertheless,to remain is a sign of a Gentleman.
The whole idea was to bring to the fore what readers normally look for in a blog and how far they get what they need.
It was strictly my personal conclusion(to which,I am sure most will agree).
The two blogs run by the respectable ladies are surely worth appreciation,which I had pointed out.
it was,however,interesting to note the similarity of blogging with Marathon racing.To start with there are thousands,but only few complete the race,one among them reaches the goal first.This cannot undermine the intention or attempts of the other racers.They too should be counted.I agree.

Atul ji,

Kya baat hai, was just waiting for this song to appear on this blog, a favorite of mine from my childhood days spent with the radio. You are right about this song being so hummable. As a child, whenever I used to like a song, it would simply get committed to memory in one listening only. I clearly remember, when I encountered this song, I memorized it and then used to hum this song all the time (at least for a few days). It so happened that I picked up a wrong word in the first line, and used to hum “mein kya jaanoo kya jaanoon hain”. It went on like that for 2, 3 days before one of my uncles corrected me :D.

Dear IDLMan,

I could not agree more with your comments about this blog and the effort that Atul ji puts in. Not just that this is of interest to many music lovers like me, I think it has another very significant value. I believe it is a great effort in restoration and preservation of a great art form that is unorganized and lost in parts. The consistent mannner in which this blog is maintained will go on to be a great historical asset few years hence, in the field of Hindi cinema.

And yes, thanks for your kind recognition of my small contributions. 🙂


IDLMan ji
Thank you for putting it right accross boldly,what,I am sure all of us here,always thought in our mind.
It is just not that this blog is THE BEST which is so much important as that in this blog we feel we are a part of it is important in my humble opinion.
Many blogs emphasise ” I ” ,but here it is “WE ” from Atul ji.
I also thank you for appreciations of our team members,for our individual contributions to this blog.
I agree with Sudhir ji about reviving,preserving and maintaining this legacy for the future.

IDL Man Bhai,

Wah,wah ! Kya baat hai !! Mashallah !!!

kya khoob kahi toone
hamare dil ki baat
Atul jaisa Sangeet Premi
sadaa rahe sab ke saath !

IDLMan Bhai,
You have made right observations.i agree with you.Atul has,painstakingly created a sea of chuninda songs,which we all devour,relish and enjoy.
Thank you Atul Bhai,for preserving this legacy of OHFM.You certainly are the Best !


Boodhemiyan Bhai,
Humne to bayan ki hai
jo haqeeqat hai,
hum kya karen
gar kise gila hai

Gulab to Gulab hota hai
chahe use kuchch bhi kahe
hum subki duwayen hai
Blog-e-Atul salaamat rahe.

-IDL Man

Magical voice. Gift of GOD. What’s there more to explain. what a voice & song. Brought memories of my schooldays and Radio Ceylon. Thank you. Atulasong web.

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