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Kyun unhen dil diyaa

Posted on: August 12, 2012

“Anokhi Ada” (1948) was a Mehboob Production movie. It was produced and directed by Mehboob Khan. The movie had Surendra, Naseem Bano, Prem Adeeb, Cuckoo, Bhudo Advani, Nawab, Zeb Qureshi, Reehan, Pratima Devi, Murad, Amir Banoo, Wasker, Abdul, Haroon, Master Ghulam Mohamed etc in it.

As many as eight songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the ninth song from this movie.

This song is a duet which is sung by Surendra and Shamshad Begam. It is quite an untypical Naushad composition. It does not have a folk tune, rather it is a soft number, almost like how Talat Mehmood would sing in the coming years. The song is accompanied not by the usual Indian instruments but by flute and piano music. It is interesting to hear Surendra, and especially Shamshad Begam sing so softly.

The song is picturised in an interesting manner. A bullock cart carrying haystack is towing Surendra’s car. Surendra seated at the steering sings this song. Two paras later, Naseem Bano, lying on top of the haystack responds.

The overall effect of the music and the picturisation is quite magical.

This lovely song is written by Shakeel Badayuni. The music is composed by Naushad.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Kyun unhen dil diyaa (Anokhi Ada)(1948) Singers-Surendra, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

kyun unhen dil diya
haaye yeh kya kiya
sheeshe ko patthar se takra diya
kyun unhen dil diya
haaye yeh kya kiya
sheeshe ko patthar se takra diya

jinko aata nahin hai wafa ka chalan
unse lagi hai lagan
thhes lagti hai jis dam to kehta hai mann
ujde na dil ka chaman
paas reh kar sada
hai woh hum se juda
qismat ne yeh din bhi dikhla diya

ho o o o
o o o o

kaun bhoola hua
aaj yaad aa gaya
yeh kis ne phir dil ko tadpa diya
phir mere dil mein jaaga
mohabbat ka gham
ghutne laga mera dam
kis ne rakha
meri zindagi mein qadam
aur yeh kaha tere hum
tu hi ae dil bata
kis ne de kar sada
aankhon ka paimaana chhalka diya
kaun bhoola hua
aaj yaad aa gaya
yeh kis ne phir dil ko tadpa diya

3 Responses to "Kyun unhen dil diyaa"

Atul-ji, I don’t know how to thank you! I used to always hum this song without knowing the name of the movie! All I remember was Surendra sitting in a car being towed by a bullock cart. I didn’t even know that Naseem Bano was the woman on the haystack!
Atif M-ji, bahut bahut shukriya for the lyrics. Superb lyrics with a very soft, ‘western’ tune by that magician, Naushad-bhai!
Atul-ji, it is to the eternal credit to Naushad that he was quite at home in ‘un-Indian’ tunes. Remember ‘Ta ra ri, ta ra ri, ta ra ri….’ from ‘Dastan’ sung by Suraiyya and Rafi? It had a beautiful waltz feel about it…….
Once again, a big thank you to my two friends!


I think its:

Kyun “Unhein” Dil Diya, and Not “Unse”


Yes, the actual line is “kyun unhen dil diya haaye yeh kya kiya”.

Atul ji, the ‘Lyrics by’ tag is missing from this song. 😉 Thanks.


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