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Aadmi wo hai museebat se pareshaan na ho

Posted on: August 12, 2012

“Sheesh Mahal” (1950) was a Minerva Movietone Production. It was directed by Sohrab Modi. The movie had Sohrab Modi, Naseem Bano, Nigar Sultana, Pushpa Hans, Jawahar Kaul etc in it.

As many as five songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the sixth song from this movie.

This song is sung by Pushpa Hans.

The song is picturised in a village setting where Naseem Babo and Pushpa Hans are seen perform daily husehold chores. The song is picturised on Pushpa Hans herself.

The lyrics of this sonng are quite inspirational. “Do not be daunted by crisis, take them on. Every problem can be solved, if only one tries”- This is what the song conveys.

Shams Lucknowi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vasant Desai.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Mr Sadanand Kamath.

Song-Aadmi wo hai museebat se pareshaan na ho (Sheesh Mahal)(1950) Singer-Pushpa Hans, Lyrics-Shams Lucknowi, MD-Vasant Desai

Lyrics(Provided by Sadanand Kamath)

aadmi woh hai museebat se pareshaan na ho
aadmi woh hai museebat se pareshaan na ho
koi mushkil nahin aisi ke jo aasaan na ho
koi mushkil nahi aisi ke jo aasaan na ho
aadmi woh hai museebat se pareshaan na ho

ye hameshaa se hai taqdeer ki gardish ka chalan
ye hameshaa se hai taqdeer ki gardish ka chalan
chaand suraj ko bhi lag jaataa hai ik baar grahan
chaand suraj ko bhi lag jaataa hai ik baar grahan
waqt ki dekh ke tabdeeliyaan hairaan na ho
waqt ki dekh ke tabdeeliyaan hairaan na ho
aadmi woh hai museebat se pareshaan na ho

ye hai duniyaa yahaan din bhar ka hai shaam aati hai
ye hai duniyaa yahan din bhar ka hai shaam aati hai
subah har roj nayaa leke payaam aati hai
jaane boojhi huyi baaton se tu anjaan na ho
jaane boojhi huyi baaton se tu anjaan na ho
aadmi woh hai museebat se pareshaan na ho
koi mushkil nahi aisi ke jo aasaan na ho
aadmi woh hai museebat se pareshaan na ho

5 Responses to "Aadmi wo hai museebat se pareshaan na ho"

Atul ji,
PUSHPA HANS was a name so popular in Punjabi and Hindi music lovers in the 50s and 40s,that people remember her even today.
This name may not ring any bells in some readers,hence I am reproducing info about her,which had been given here earlier on 15-6-2011.
PUSHPA HANS was a very famous and popular name in Lahore and Punjab in the 40s and 50s.
Born in 1931,to R.L.Kapoor and Janaki Rani,Pushpa did B.A. in Music from National College,Lahore.After 10 years of training in Patwardhan Gharana School in lahore,she joined A.I.R. Lahore.
She satrted acting and singing in Hindi and Punjabi films and became very popular.She sang in Composer VInods first hit Punjabi film and became a rage in Punjabi .She acted and sang in V.Shantaram’s Apna Desh,Kaale Badal,Sheesh Mahal,Singar and many other hindi films.She also acted in a Tamil film Nam Naadu in 1949.
She married Col.Hansraj Chopra and settled in Delhi.Being very popular in Punjabi people,she made trips for concerts in UK,USA,Canada where FAJILKA(her birth place)societies felicitated her.
She got Padmashree in 2007.
It seems her Punjabi songs are even today sung by contestants in Music contests over Punjabi TV channels.
Pushpa Hans died recently at Delhi.



You are correct in saying that her name as an actor-singer in Hindi/Punjabi films may not be known to many. But for the people of Punjab and Punjabi speaking people across the globe, she was well known for Punjabi folklores singing.

I guess, after her marriage with Col. Hansraj Chopra, she may have preferred to suffix her name with Hans (part of her husband’s first name Hansraj) rather than the surname ‘Chopra’ to be known in rest of her life as Pushpa Hans.

As per the information on ‘Cineplot’, She was born on November 30, 1917. She passed away on December 9, 2011 at a ripe age of 94.

I have also read in one of the website, probably relating to her home town Fazilka that she also worked as Editor-in-Chief of ‘Eves Weekly’ for 17 years. Being the wife of an army man, she also accompanied Sunil Dutt’s Ajanta Art troups for entertaining our troops stationed at the border post.after Chinese aggression in 1962. She was also involved in making documentary films on two Sufi saints – Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia and Amir Khusroo. I am not aware whether she completed these documentary films.


kamath ji,
Thanks for this additional info.


here is some more info from about pushpa Hans.

The declining year 2011 has witnessed insurmountable loss. Once again its very sad to post that Pushpa Hans, a veteran Punjabi singer and actress passed away yesterday at the golden age of 94. Padamshree Award Winner, Punjabi Bhushan Award By Punjabi Academy Delhi and Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award 2007 Winner Pushpa Hans left this world to join many other great souls.

Mrs. Janak Rani Kapoor and Advocate Ratan Lal Kapoor, the proud parents gave birth to Pushpa Hans on November 30, 1917. She did her schooling from Fazilka (Punjab) and moved to Lahore for higher studies. After completing her graduation with music from Lahore, Pushpa Hans started her singing career with the All India Radio in Lahore.

She took Indian classical music training for 10 years from Patwardhan Gharana of Lahore and was awarded Padmashri on the eve of Republic Day in 2007 for her contribution in the field of art and culture. She was also honored with Punjabi Bhushan Award and Kalpana Chawla Excellence Award in the same year.

Some of the popular Punjabi songs by Pushpa Hans those will be remembered for the times to come includes
one of my favorites

chan kithan gujaari saari raat ve
sari raat tera takni ha raah tarean to puchh chann wey
gallan dilan diyaan dila vich reh gayiyaan by shiv kumar batalvi
channa meri bah chhad dey
chunni da palla
lutti heer wey faqir de

There are many hindi songs as well credited with Pushpa Hans’s magical voice. Few include
Bedard Zamaana Kya Jaane
Dile Naadaan Tujhe
Koi Umeed Bhar Nahin
Bhoole Zamaane Yaad Na Kar
Taqdeer Banaane Waalle Ne
Tum Dekh Rahey Ho

Remembring Pushpa Hans


Atul ji,

On the label of 78 RPM record of the song (Record No. N.36408), the names of the lyricists have been printed as ‘Shams & Behzad’. It means the song has been jointly written by Shams Lucknowi and Behzad Lucknowi.


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