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Pyaar ka badla mujhe dekho kaisa milaa

Posted on: September 13, 2012

I wonder if someone has ever tried to analyse why people like some songs and not other songs. Why do some songs become timeless classic while others are forgotten after their initial run.

Instead of trying to do a deep analysis on thousands of songs, I think it is better to analyse one song to find out why one likes it.

Here I will discuss the song “Pyaar ka badla mujhe dekho kaisa milaa”.

I had heard this song vaguely in 1970s and then I had forgotten all about this. It is only now, some 35 years later that I have come to know that this song is from a movie called “Yehi Hai Zindagi” (1977). This movie was produced by B Nagi Reddy and directed by K S Sethumadhavan. The movie had Sanjeev Kumar, , Utpal Dutt, Lucky Ali, Ramesh Deo, Neeta Mehta etc in it.

B Nagi Reddy was a well known name among kids like me who were into reading children’s magazines. He was the person behind the children’s magazine called “Chandamama”. This magazine was published in many languages, so chances are that magazine reading kids all over India read Chandamama no matter what language they spoke and understood. Publishing a Children’s magazine in over a dozen languages is quite a herculean task, especialy those days.

That was not all. B Nagi Reddy also set up Vijay Vauhini Studios in Chennai which was then the bigest studio not only in India but in entire Asia.

The movies that were produced by B Nagi Reddy had stories similar to the stories “Chandamama”. No wonder that all those who loved Chandamama also loved the movies produced by B Nagi Reddy.

I did not watch “Ye Hai Zindagi” (1977) because I was not aware of the movie at that time. I watched the subsequent movies of B Nagi Reddy viz “Swarg Narak”(1978) and “Swayamwar”(1980) and loved these movies.

From what I have read about the story of “Ye Hai Zindagi” (1977), I am sure that I would have loved watching this movie too. The story is about a man (Sanjeev Kumar) who rises in life through hard work but then finds that money cannot buy happiness.

The movie gives some old fashioned messages like being content with life and being humble despite success. In the story, Sanjeev Kumar becomes arrogant with success. God (Lord Krisha) communicates regularly with Sanjeev Kumar. Sanjeev Kumar boasts about his success to Lord Krisha. But later he realises that his success was superficial because all his relatives (sons, daughter, in law )are cheating him and are indulging in undesirable conducts. It is then that Sanjeev Kumar follows the teachings of Lord Krishna to salvage his life.

Coming to the the song, the song is magical on all counts. The lyrics are written from the heart by Anand Bakshi. Kishore Kumar has sung the song with a special touch that he reseved for Rajesh Roshan compositions. This touch cannot be taught. It is inherent and Kishore Kumar was blessed with that special ability.

Watching the picturisation is not necessary to savour the song. Listening to the audio is enough. And I cannot but whole heartedly agree with the lyrics of the song. Most people spend their lives chasing mirages hoping that they will be happy after they attain those mirages (money/ power etc). But are they happy even if some of them actually achieve their targets. They may find that they were chasing the wrong goals. They should have chased happiness/ peace of mind instead of money/ power etc.

The song is picturised on Sanjeev Kumar and his expressions convey the feelings of helpless/ sense of loss/ regret etc wonderfully well.

With this song, another lyrics contributor joins the ranks of contributors of this blog. The lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.



Song-Pyaar ka badla mujhe dekho kaisa milaa (Yehi Hai Zindagi)(1977) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Pyaar ka badla mujhe
dekho kaisa mila
pyaar Ke badley ae
mujhko paisa mila
pyaar ka badla mujhe
dekho kaisa mila
pyaar ke badley ae
mujhko paisa mila

maine apna lahoo
deke seencha isse
mere gulshan mein yeh
kaisi aayee baahaar
kitne kaante khile
phool ik na khila
pyaar ke badley
mujhko paisa mila

ek hasrat banee
har tamanna meri
itni daulat bhala
mere kis kaam ki
hai yehi zindagi,
zindagi ka sila
pyaar ke badley ae
mujhko paisa mila

maine samjha jisey ae
chaand ki chaandni
wo to ik aag thhi
jis mein ghar jal gaya
bhool thhi yeh meri
kya karoon ab gila
pyaar ke badley
mujhko paisa mila
pyaar ka badla mujhe
dekho kaisa mila
pyaar ke badley ae
mujhko paisa mila


13 Responses to "Pyaar ka badla mujhe dekho kaisa milaa"

Must be a remake version of Tamil movie. I know the name of Kannada movie version of this “Yehi Hai zindagi” namely “DEVARA DUDDU”(means God`s money).I enjoyed the story of this movie very much both in Kannada and Hindi versions. Sanjeev kumar is excellent in the Hindi version.

Vikram Gokhale must have been (I don`t remember exactly)acted as Krishna Bhagwan`s role in Hindi, who comes to Sanjeev kumar(Sanjeev kumar only can see and hear Bhagwan`s vision and speech) asking for the loan he has given to Sanjeev kumar to start his Hotel business.

Welcome to the “Team”. Hope you will continue sharing your joy with us by contributing more songs.

Khyati ji , thanks for your warm welcome. I shall definately strive to share the beautiful songs which i do like and which i sincerely feel should be a part of our blog. I personally had been searching some of the songs for so many years, and thanks to the technological advances – now we can get their mp3 or videos on net. Thanks once again !!!

very bad song.

Oh I remember this movie and this song 🙂 It was a big hit.

I have such fond memories of Chandamama. I know quite a bit about Indian mythalogy thanks to that magazine.

I remember this song and this movie. It was a big hit. (I think)

I loved Chandamama. It was my favorite magazine to read when I was young. I learned all about Indian mythology from there. 🙂

I do not profess to know what makes a good song popular, but I think popularity may have to do with any of many things, including (a) the music and lyrics being an excellent match with the situation, (b) the music being good coupled with the ability of an “aam aadmi” to hum it, (c) excellent poetry/lyrics. There might be other factors. This song does orchestrate the situation but does not measure up in other respects.

Atul ji, thanks , for including me in the team. and thank you very much for the beautiful and perfect write up for this song.
@ also i am thankful to all commentators and feeback on the post !!!


Pyaar ka badla mujhe, dekho kaisa mila,
Pyaar Ke badle, mujhko paisa mila
Pyaar ka badla mujhe, dekho kaisa mila
Pyaar ke badle, mujhko paisa mila
Maine samjha jisse chaand ki chaandni
Woh to ik aag thhi, jis mein ghar jal gaya,
Bhool thhi yeh meri, kya karoon ab gila,
Pyaar ke badle, mujhko paisa mila
Maine apna lahoo, deke seencha isse,
Mere gulshan mein yeh, kaisi aayi baahaar,
Kitne kaante khile, phool ik na khila,
Pyaar ke badle mujhko paisa mila.
Ek hasrat bani, har tamanna meri,
Itni daulat bhala, mere kis kaam ki,
Hai yehi zindagi, zindagi ka sila
Pyaar ke badle, mujhko paisa mila
Pyaar ka badla mujhe, dekho kaisa mila
Pyaar ke badle, mujhko paisa mila.


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