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Haan aawaaraa hoon

Posted on: September 20, 2012

We in this blog typically have two main causes of celebrations- one is blog century post and other is artist century post. We have so far seen 66 blog centuries. As many as 51 artists have completed their centuries (one of them in two different categories, viz as a singer and as a music director).

Artist century posts means a lot to this blog, because it means that we have been able to give good representation to the songs of artists who contributed their mite in enriching the music that we savour so much even today.

It gives me great pleasure in announcing that this song marks the entry of yet another artist to the century club. It is none other than Sampooran Singh Kalra, who is simply known to us as Gulzar.

Gulzar made his debut as a lyricist in late 1950s. His initial songs that caught the ears of music lovers were songs like Ganga aaye kahaan se ganga jaaye kahaan re (Kabuliwaala) and Mora gora ang lai le mohe shyaam rang dai de (Bandini) . His other notable songs during the decade of 1960s were Ek baat kahoon wallah ye husn subhaan allah (Shrimaan Satyawaadi), Hawaaon pe likh do hawaaon ke naam (Do Dooni Chaar), Hamsafar mere hamsafar(Purnima), Tumhe zindagi ke ujaale mubaarak (Purnima), Hamne dekhi hai un aankhon ki mahakti Khushboo(Khamoshi)(1969), Tum pukaar lo tumhaara intzaar hai(Khamoshi)(1969), Wo shaam kuchh azeeb thi(Khamoshi)(1969), Kaanon ki ek nagri dekhi (Aasheerwaad), Janam se banjaaraa hoon bandhu (Raahgeer) etc.

In addition to lyrics writing, Gulzar also wrote dialogues and screenplays in movies like “Aasheerwaad” (1968), “Khamoshi” (1969), “Anand”(1970) etc., Gulzar turned a director in 1970s. “Mere Apne” (1971) was his first movie as a director. After that, Gulzar directed “Parichay”, “Koshish”, “Aandhi”(1975), “Khushboo”(1976),etc. During late 1970s, he turned producer too and produced “Kinaara” (1977) and “Kitaab” (1978), but otherwise he mostly directed movies.

Lots of water has flown unde the bride since and Gulzar has scaled new heights in the last three decades when I lost track of Hindi movies. When I look at his profile on internet, I find that he holds the record of winning Filmfare’s best lyricist award for a record 12 times, Filmfare’s best dialogue award three times, as well as Filmfare awards for best director etc etc. He also won Government awards, viz National awards in categories like best screenplay, best lyricist as well as for directing the Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment.

Gulzar is regarded highly in Academic cicles too. He won India’s highest literary award , viz Sahitya Academy award for his collection of Urdu stories called “Dhuaan”.

Gulzar had alo earned international recognition. He has won the covered Academy Award (popularly known as Oscar) for best original song for “Jai Ho” (Slumdog Millionaire) as well as Grammy Award for the same dog.

With such achievements behind him, it is not unexpected that he has been honoured with Fimfare’s lifetime achievement award. Government of India has honoured him with Padmabhushan.

Gulzar’s 100th song in the blog reveals yt another facet of his literary prowess, that of being an expert translator.

The song under discussion was originally an Assamese song “Moi eti jajabor”, which was sung and composed by Bhupendra Hazarika. Later, this song was translated in Bangla by Sibdas Bannerji and sung by Bhupen Hazarika as “Ami Ek jajabor”.

Gulzar had translated this iconic song into Hindi. It is a delight to listen to this song in Hindi. The song does not just sound like a translaltion, rather it sounds like an original. The song is once again sung and composed by Bhupen Hazarika. What a divine voice indeed.

Here is this fantastic NFS, which is from the album “Main Aur Mera Saaya”, which marks the 100th song of Gulzar as a lyricist in this blog.

Song-Haan aawaara hoon(Main Aur Mera Saaya)(NFS)(1978) Singer-Bhupen Hazarika, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Bhupen Hazarika


aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon
zameen pe chalte
chhalakte behte
dariyaa ki dhaara hoon
oon oon oon
haan aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon
yahaan ka wahaan ka
kahin ka nahin hoon
dishaaon ka maara hoon
oon oon oon
haan aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon

kabhi Lohit kinaare se
Mississippi hoke
Volga ki baat sunee
Ottawa hoke Austria hote
Paris ki raat chunee
maine Ellora ke saare rang
Chicago mein jaa udaaye
aur tareef ke sher
Bokhara ke meeraaon pe gungunaaye
Mark Twain ki samaadhi pe
Gorki ke haal kahe
raaston ke galiyon ke
logon ka pyaara hoon
oon oon oon
haan aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon
zameen pe chalte
chhalakte behte
oon oon oon
haan aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon

jahaan kahin dekhe zindagi ke rang
wahaan thahar gaya
aawaargi mein aawaargi ko
manzil bana liya
maine dekhi hai kahin
gagan choomti oonchhi ataari
aur khaaq chhaanti dekhi hai wahin
zindagi bechaari
kahin dekhi hai kabhi
chaukhaton par
jhoolti phulwaari
murjhaayi kahin
khil na saki
ik kali bechaareee
maine dekhn hain zameen pe kai
bujhte huye sooraj
jalta hai jo aakaash mein
wo raat ka taara hoon
oon oon oon
haan aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon
yahaan ka wahaan ka
kahin ka nahin hoon
dishaaon ka maara hoon
oon oon oon
haan aawaara hoon
haan aawaara hoon

4 Responses to "Haan aawaaraa hoon"

Yay, congrats on the 100th post of Gulzarji!!!
Presently, Gulzar is @ pinnacle peak. He is well deserve person to hit a century in this blog:) He is most dynamic and a charismatic man. Now is the time for Gulzarsaab to honour his achievement by showing that he is, in fact, he can still become a great philanthropist. Giving back to the community is the best way to say thank the people of India.
Bhupenji voice as always it’s so soft and serene, it’s called, melodic continuity. That’s the mark of a great singer.


We all agree that Gulzar is a great lyricist. But some the imageries used in some of the songs like; Hamne dekhi hain…mehakti khusbu leaves one befuddled. Why add superfluous adjective like mehakti to khusbu which itself indicate same meaning. And pray how does it emanates from the eyes and further how do we manage to touch this so called khusbu. Where is the question of rishton ka ilzam(too strong a word) by just touching(if it is possible to touch the khusboo)
Same thing with hawaon pe likh do hawaon ke naam. How anybody can manage do that.
If obfuscating the reader is his aim he has been quite successful; so it be.


Ami ek jajabor .. ami ek jajabor… , moi eti jajabor, i listened both these versions many times and i could not express what magic they create even if i do not understand the words ( i do understand some bengali words and their meanings). Bhupen da’s voice is a ‘divine and serene’ experience as rightly put by Atul ji and Derubala !!! @ Thanks Atul ji !!! Had seen this post earlier but not commented, also its very difficult to express in words the magic of Bhupenda !!! Sorry for the belated comments !!


audio link working:


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