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Sau saal jiyo tum jaan meri

Posted on: June 9, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

May this day come again and again
May my heart sing this again and again
May you live a thousand years
This is indeed my wish
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to you

This is the translation of the birthday song Bar baar din ye aaye…happy birthday to you from “Farz”.

Then there is Ham bhi agar bachche hote from “Door Ki Awaaz”.
Next we have Aati rahengi bahaarein from (Kasme Vaade)(1978).

Now I am sure everyone will be wondering why I am listing all these classic birthday songs. That is because when I was looking for a song to wish a very special person (special to all of us in Atuldom). I thought of all these songs and found they have been long posted. Then I had to restart my hunt all over again and I have finally reached a song which I see is not yet posted.

It’s a song from the Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, Bindu, Ajit movie “Heera Moti” (1979). Singer was Dilraj Kaur. Song was written by Ahmed Wasi and music was by O P Nayyar.

Here is this song from “Heera Moti” (1974) and here is wishing our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.



Song-Saul saal jiyo tum jaan meri (Heera Moti)(1979) Singer-Dilraj Kaur, Lyrics-Ahmad Wasi, MD-O P Nayyar


saja hai aaj mera ghar
kisi dulhan ki tarah
nazar ke saamne tum
aa gaye chaman ki tarah
bahaar jaisi jawaani
tumhe mubaarak ho
tumhaara pyaar bhi mehke
mere badan ki tarah

sau saal jiyo tum jaan meri
tumhe meri umariya lag jaaye
sau saal Jiyo tum jaan Meri
tumhe meri umariya lag jaaye
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
o o
sau saal Jiyo Tum Jaan Meri
tumhe meri umariya lag jaaye
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
o o

ho hay
tum saath raho toh aankhon mein
armaanon ki baraat saje
ho o o o haay
phoolon ki tarah har din mehke
khwaabon ki tarah har raat saje
khwaabon ki tarah har raat saje o o o
meri maang suhaagan kehlaaye
jo rang tumhaara lag jaaye
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
hhushiyon se daaman bharjaaye
o o
sau saal jiyo tum jaan meri
tumhe meri umariya lag jaaye
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
tere man ki muraaden poori hon
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
o o

25 Responses to "Sau saal jiyo tum jaan meri"

Arun ji

Many many happy returns of the day.
Mithaayee taiyyar rakh lijiyegaa, hum zaroor aayenge khaane ko ..

God Bless you.
Regards and Lot`s of Love


Thanks,Prakash ji.
you are welcome any time.


Wish you a very happy birthday, Atulji! May the year bring you all the best and of course for us more blogs!!


dear all
it is Arunji birthday Atulji birthday is a away right now


Thank God birthdays do not come every month otherwise we did become older faster!!!! Happy Birthhay Atulji


missing 1st stanza exists only in the audio track
(stanza exists only in the audio track) (audio link for this stanza is not available,I tried my level best, but the full audio link is available on many other sites)
ho ho ho..o..o..o..ooooo.haayye
tum meri maang ki laali ho
mere nainon kaa kaajal ho
choodi ki khanak,bindiya ki chamak
tum meri laaj ka aanchal ho
tum meri laaj ka aanchal ho
meri jaan tumhaari baahon mein
meri saari umar guzar jaaye
tere man ki muraadein pooree ho
tere man ki muraadein pooree ho
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye
khushiyon se daaman bhar jaaye

Atul ji

I request you to(If you can)upload the full song of this beautiful song(having 2 stanzas)

Other details of the movie:
Starcast:Shatrughna sinh, Danny Denzongpa,Reena Roy, Bindu,Purnima,Ajit,Om Shiv Puri,
Anwar Hussain,Narendra nath, Dev Kumar, Shetty,Randheer,Omkar, Master Raju,Jairaj,
Rajan Haksar,Master Saleem,Radhey Shayam,Keshav Rana,Bhagwan Dada,Rajan Kapoor,

Production House:R.M.Art Productions Producer:Ratan Mohan


found full audio link with the missing stanza


It is Arun ji(I mean Arun Kumar Deshmukh ji`s birthday Am I right ???

full audio link for the song:


You are absolutely right,Prakash ji.


thanks for this post Peevesie’s mom ji !!! beautiful song too !
incidentally i had shared another a ‘birthday song’ to Atul ji today, in advance for coming birthday next month. though i had wished Arunji happy birthday on FB today, sharing a song on our blog does not strike me. But without a write-up it would have no meaning. So thanks for this post and once again wishing our beloved Shri.Arun Deshmukh sir a very happy birthday today !!!


Thanks,Avinash ji.


Peevesie’s Mom ji,

Thanks a lot.
I am overwhelmed that you remembered my Birthday and posted a special song on this day.
This clearly indicates the bond of friendship,we all have developed on this UNIQUE Blog. Thanks to Atul ji for this.
Many of our readers have already wished me on Facebook.
Thanks,once again.


you welcome Arunji. and you are right about the bond we share here. and like you said all thanks to Atulji



A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.


Thanks,Mahesh ji.


Happy B’day Arunji! Just in time! I think its still before midnight in india! 🙂

Ps- Heera Moti is 1979 movie.


Thanks,bluefire ji.


Arunji, please accept my belated birthday wishes. Aap jiye hazaaro saal!!


Thanks,Aparna ji.


I am a day late in wishing you, as I have been traveling. Many happy returns of the day. If we compile all that you have contributed here and on other blogs, you have become a legend. You must be feeling proud that you have achieved more in three years of post-retirement than you did in your 35 years of working life. I consider myself privileged to know you.



AK Ji,
I am overwhelmed with your praise,but I am doubtful if I really deserve so much of it !
It gives me pleasure to see that my knowledge and informations are useful to others.I believe,one increases knowledge by sharing it .
In this post retirement period of writing on Blogs, a new and lovely world opened up for me,where I came to know many people like Atul ji,Sudhir jee,yourself and a battery of friends from this and other Blogs and sites where I write.
I hope this dream sequence continues for atleast few more years.
Thanks for your good wishes once again.


Oh, I am two days late!



Dear sir,

I am very greatfull that you sent me movie explanations together with a song and the liric, but unfortunate I am not able to open the song.

The computer showes time and time again a “not valid adress”.

I regret it , because the Indian movies are speaking with more then only sensitivity.

The songs are brilliant to me, special when they are sung bij woman.

Also the Indian dance is brilliant nice.

They move in a thousend ways

to tell you that they love you

and still there is more to say

about the loving Lord above you…

On the internet I found the dansing and the singing sisters.

Sai Subbalakshmi and lata usha mangeshkar.

My heart opened after a long time of sleeping.

I can not get enough of their beautifull dancing and singing.

I am awake again and started even to practice.

Not in a million years I will achive the Indian dance sensibility

but it keeps me on the feet and I am dreaming of coming to India

just to look with my own eyes and sence the atmospheer of your beloved country.

Once again I thank you for the movie articles that you sent to me.

I wish you all the best and will remember your country

when I pray to the creator of all lifeform and material.

Goodbey sir,

maybey in this world

or else in “The World Of The Loving God”.

Greetings from me to you

Ton Louwe

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013 12:38:34 +0000 To:


Arun ji belated happy returns of the day! I am very sorry for being too late….due to work load not been able to listen to all songs posted every day & hence there is backlog…but engineers are supposed to be in backlog only 🙂 Wish your all the best in life & may all your wishes be fulfilled and may we get to know nuggets of your information in years & years ahead!
Warm Regards, Umesh


just found the above link was not working


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