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Taaron bhari raat sajan taaron bhari raat

Posted on: September 27, 2014

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In the discussion of the last two Suraiyya songs, I have discussed the statistics of Suraiyya songs- moviewise as well as music directorwise. In this writeup, I have given lyricists wise breakup of all Suraiyya songs in HFM.

This writeup was made possible because Mr Bharat Upadhyay, our youthful and energetic regular contributor searched into his music khazaana and dug out this Suraiyya gem which was so far not available on YT. He in fact has promised to search for the other Suraiyya songs as well if I give him the list of these missing songs.

Before discussing the song, here is the lyricistwise breakup of all Suraiyya songs. When I had the table ready and I looked at it, I was surprised (and I am sure our readers will be too) to realise that 50 % of all Suraiyya songs were penned by just four lyricists !

D N Madhok (51), Shakeel Badayuni (45), Rajinder Krishan (33) and Qamar Jalalabadi (31) have penned 160 songs out of the 320 odd songs that Suraiyya sang in her HFM career. In fact, there were just two more lyricists, viz Prem Dhawan (12) and Majrooh Sultanpuri(11) who are into the double figures as far as writing Suraiyya songs are concerned. All remaining lyricists (nearly 40 of them) wrote less than ten Suraiyya songs each.

There were 16 songs from four movies where the names of lyricists were not available. “Phool” (1945) and “Jagbeeti” (1946) are two movies whose lyricists are not known. “Kaajal” (1947) is known to have D N Madhok and Shakeel Badayuni as its two lyricists while the lyricist of only one Suraiyya song of “Duniya” (1949) is known. The other seven Suraiyya songs of this movie are not known though it is known that Aarzoo Lucknowi, S H Bihari, Asad Bhopali and S K Deepak were the other lyricists in this movie.

The detailed breakup of all the lyricists of Suraiyya songs is furnished below:

Name of lyricist Number of songs Number of movies Names of movies
D N Madhok 51 12 Sharda (3), Ishaara (4), Kaanoon (4)
Sanjog (5), Main Kya Karoon (5), Daak Bangla (6)
Do Dil (6), Parwaana (4), Singaar (2)
Khilaadi (1), Goonj (4), Bilwamangal (7)
Shakeel Badayuni 45 9 Dard (5), Naatak(2), Chaar Din (5)
Dillagi (8), Shair (5), Singaar (2)
Daastaan (9), Deewaana (5), Maalik (4)
Rajinder Krishan 33 8 Aaj Ki Raat(7), Pyaar Ki Jeet(3), Amar Kahaani (6)
Badi Bahan (1), Kamal Ke Phool (5), Khilaadi (1)
Shaan (6), Do Sitaare (4)
Qamar Jalalabadi 31 9 Pyaar Ki Jeet(2), Balam(7),Badi Bahan (3)
Lekh (3), Sanam (11), Maashooqa (2)
Waaris (2), Rustam Sohrab (1)
Prem Dhawan 12 3 Jeet(6), Moti Mahal(2),Resham (4)
Majrooh Sultanpuri 11 2 Shama Parwaana(8), Waaris(3)
Pt Narendra Sharma 9 2 Hamaari Baat(4), Afsar(5)
Kaif Irfani 7 2 Naach(3), Shaan (1), Rajput (2),
Miss 58(1)
Surjeet Sethi 7 1 Neeli(7)
Swami Ramanand 5 1 Tadbeer(5)
Mirza Ghalib 5 1 Mirza Ghalib(5)
Nakshab 5 2 Singaar (1), Khilaadi(4)
Safdar Aah Sitapuri 4 1 Omar Khayyam(4)
Shailendra 4 1 Maashooqa(4)
Tanvir Naqvi 4 2 Nayi Duniya (1), Anmol Ghadi(3)
Gopal Singh Nepali 4 1 Gajre(4)
Khumar Barabankwi 4 1 Naatak(4)
Verma Malik 4 3 Rajput (1), Goonj (1), Taqdeer(2)
Asad Jafri 4 1 Shakti (4)
Sarshar Sailaani 4 2 Naach (1),Trolley Driver(3)
Kidar Sharma 4 1 Shokhiyaan (4)
Shams Azimabadi 4 1 Khoobsoorat (4)
Sahir Ludhianvi 4 1 Laal Kunwar (4)
Raja Mehdi Ali Khan 4 1 Inaam(4)
Pt Madhur 3 1 Samrat Chandragupta (3)
Shiv Kumar 3 1 Rang Mahal (3)
Anjum Pilibhiti 3 2 1857 (1), Vidya (2)
Kaifi Azmi 3 1 Shama (3)
Harsh 2 1 Mr Lambu (2)
P L Santoshi 2 1 Station Master (2)
Shevan Rizvi 2 1 1857 (2)
Y N Joshi 2 1 Vidya (2)
Mulkraj Bhakri 2 1 Naach(2)
Asad Bhopali 2 1 Moti Mahal(2)
Amar A Khanna 1 1 Lekh(1)
Raghupat Rai 1 1 Lekh(1)
Mohan Singh 1 1 1857(1)
S P Kalla 1 1 Tamanna(1)
S S Madhukar

1 1 Vidya(1)
Talib Allahabadi 1 1 Duniya(1)
Anjum Jaipuri 1 1 Rajput(1)
Himmat Rai Sharma 1 1 Shokhiyaan(1)
Bakshi 1 1 Goonj(1)
Jaan Nisaar Akhtar 1 1 Mr Lambu(1)
Unknown 16 4 Phool(3), Jagbeeti (3), Kaajal (3)
Duniya (7)

With the above analysis of Suraiyya songs out of the way, here is this delightful song from “Naatak” (1947). This song is sung by Suraiyya and chorus. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

Another side effect of the discussion of this song is that “Naatak” (1947) now joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog. 🙂

Song-Taaron bhari raat sajan taaron bhari raat (Naatak)(1947) Singer-Suraiyya, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Naushad


ho taaron bhari raat sajan
ho taaron bhari raat sajan
taaron bhari raat
ho taaron bhari raat sajan
taaron bhari raat

ho o
ab aise mein aao o
ab aise mein aao to kahoon
tumse main ik baat sajan
o tumse main ik baat
taaron bhari raat sajan
taaron bhari raat

dil dil se miley
aur nigaahon se nigaahen
dil dil se miley
aur nigaahon se nigaahen

ye mast nazaare bhi ee ee
tumhen dekhna chaahen
tumhen dekhna chaahen aen
ye mast nazaare bhi ee ee ee
tumhen dekhna chaahen
tumhen dekhna chaahen aen

ho o
tum aise mein aa jaao
o o
tum aise mein aa jaao
to ho jaaye mulaaqaat sajan
ho jaaye mulaaqaat
taaron bhari raat sajan
taaron bhari raat

ghanghor ghataaon ko o o
mera des nikaala aa
ghanghor ghataaon ko o o
mera des nikaala aa

phir chaand ke jalwon ne ae ae ae
kiya dil mein ujaala
kiya dil mein ujaala aa
phir chaand ke jalwon ne ae ae ae
kiya dil mein ujaala
kiya dil mein ujaala aa

ho o
aa jaao ke ae ae
ae ae
aa jaao ke
ab khatm huyi nainon ki barsaat sajan
o nainon ki barsaat
taaron bhari raat sajan
taaron bhari raat
ho taaron bhari raat sajan
taaron bhari raat

6 Responses to "Taaron bhari raat sajan taaron bhari raat"

Great stuff. Greater effort. Thanks


Prakash Bakshi wrote 2 songs in Raag Rang-1952
Himmatrai Sharma wrote for Khamoshi-1942; Jogan-1950; Jaideep-1956; Chhora Chhori-1955
Talibo have Allahabadi wrote only one song in Duniya-1949;
In Vidya-1948 I did get any lyricists by name S S Madhukar. However one Yashodanandan Joshi(YN Joshi) wrote jhum rahi khushiyo ki naav by Suraiya. He also penned for Dil Ki Rani-1947; Shri Krishna Arjun Yuddh-1945; Khubsoorat Duniya-1947;
Mohan Singh wrote for 1857 only
Raghupat Rai wrote for Bawra-1950
I did not find any lyricist by name Amar A Khanna in Lekh
Mulraj Bhakri wrote for Shagun-1951; Chunaria-1948; Roomal-1949; Bansuria-1949; Sawan Bhadon-1949;
Harsh (Harsh Tandon?)wrote for Piya Milan-1958; Aankh Ka Nasha-1956; Thokar-1953;
Shiv Kumar wrote for Rang Mahal-1948 only
Madhur or Budhi Chandra Agrawal also wrote for Jawab-1942; Sanyasi-1945;
Asad Jafri wrote all the songs of Shakti-1948 and vanished thereafter.
Surjeet Sethi wrote for Bhikari-1949; Paapi-1953; Satyanarayan-1948; Shadi Ki Raat-1950; Bahadur-1953; Sehra-1948;
All of them are lucky their songs albeit precious few were sung by Sureeli Suraiyya, the dulcet and delectable voice.


Thanks to Bharatbhai for putting his finger up for ferreting out the hidden gems


Dear Atul-ji and Nitin-ji I salute you both for information given here


Avinashbhai, Pradeepji,
Kahaan ho aap dono? Time to say Yippeeeee and congratulations to Atulji and all. 🙂 Hope you are reading this message.


Thanks Atul for preparing a three-way list of Suraiya’s songs and making available at one place.


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