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Ye naina ye kaajal

Posted on: October 13, 2014

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Today (13 october 2014) is an important day for HFM as anniversaries of several artists fall on this day. After posting two “normal” posts in the morning, I posted an anniversary song dedicated to Ashok Kumar whose 103rd birth anniversary falls today.

After that I got busy and I became free only at about 8 PM at night. It was raining (as a result of Hudhud cyclone) when I reached home. My two pets were tied up right from the morning. I freed them up and let them go out. A few minutes later, light went out and it was dark.

I was immune from light going off till recently. I had an inverter which was giving great service and I had round the clock supply of electricity irrespective of the vagaries of electricity board. But not any longer. My invertor has gone out of order and the household plunges in darkness as soon as light goes off whereas earlier lights, fans, TV etc would continue to function during black outs as if nothing happened.

Being supplied with uninterrupted electricity was extremely useful for my blogging because it would allow me to stay permanently connected- electrically as well as from internet point of view. It is only now that I realise how much I had taken them for granted.

It is on situations like this that the difference between a small town and a big place becomes clear. In a big place like Nagpur, the inverter would get repaired in a day and I would continue to take uninterrupted power and internet for granted. But trained manpower as well as service centres of most companies are not available in a smaller place like my present place of residence.

So it was dark inside the house and the only source of light was the screen of the laptop that I had switched on. When I heard a knock at the door then I realised that Bhole had come back. I went to the front door in darkness and let him in. After some half an hour later, I heard a characteristic moan of Chhote which was his way of asking to be let in. So I again went to the front door in pitch darkness and let him in.

When light came back momentarily, I took advantage of this time to feed the two dogs. I have become a good chef of Dog food in the sense that my dogs finish off all the foodstuff that I serve them. I have learnt this skill from my wife and I believe that I have become a better dog chef than her. 🙂

The light went off again even before the dogs had finished their meals. The light kept playing hide and seek and even when there was light, the voltage kept fluctuating and there would be occasions when it would be almost dark but for a barely glowing CFL tube. The computer would also luckily continue to remain charged under such low voltage conditions though it would become a tall order to see the keys on the keyboard.

Blogging for the day (night) under such conditions was a tall order and I felt like a person who was badly falling short of one’s target for the day. I had posted three posts for the day including a post for Ashok Kumar, but where was the post for Kishore Kumar whose 27th death anniversary also falls today.

As I type these lines, only one CFL is glowing (that too only just) while all tubelights have gone off. Fortunately there is enough light for me to see the keyboard and also Bhhole who likes to sleep close to me at this time of the night at the floor, while not allowing Chhote to come nearby and who is forced to sleep in a sofa in another room. 🙂 Yes, sleeping on the ground close to the owner is considered to be a position of more privilege than sleeping in another room in a sofa among my dogs. 🙂

As a tribute to Kishore Kumar, here is a song from “Dil Se Mile Dil” (1978), a non descript movie which was directed by Bheeshm Kohli for Kailashpati Pictures, Bombay. The movie had Bheeshm Kohli, Shyamali, Om Shivpuri, Leela Mishra, Abhi Bhattacharya,Gautam Sarin, Jayshree T, Madhup Sharma, Bharat Kapoor, Julie, Shankar Bhake, Vimal Chopra, Shriram Shashtri etc in it.

The song is picturised on Bheeshm Kohli and Shyamali. Bheeshm Kohli (also known as Vishal Anand) looks like a poor man’s Dev Anand. He was Dev Anand’s nephew and that explains the resemblence.

The song is sung superbly by Kishore Kumar. Amit Khanna is the lyricist. Music is composed by Bappi Lahiri.

If Bheeshm Sahni was a nephew of Dev Anand then Bappi Lahiri too was a nephew of Kishore Kumar. 🙂

This song is better heard than seen. I am surprised though that I had never heard this song before. In fact, I do not remember even being aware of this movie, even though I was watching hindi movies with a vengeance in those days.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.



Song-Ye naina ye kaajal (Dil Se Mile Dil)(1978) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Bappi Lahiri

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Ye naina ye kaajal
Ye zulfen ye aanchal
Hmm mm
Ye naina ye kaajal
Ye zulfen ye aanchal
khoobsurat si ho tum ghazal
kabhi dil ho
kabhi dhadkan
kabhi sholaa
kabhi shabnam
tum hi ho tum meri
zindagi ee ee tum meri
meri tum zindagi ee

meri aankhon se dekho
meri nazron se jaano o o
meri aankhon se dekho
meri nazron se jaano
tum maala
ham moti
ham Deepak
tum jyoti
Ye naina ye kaajal
ye zulfen ye aanchal
khoobsurat si ho tum ghazal
kabhi dil ho
kabhi dhadkan
kabhi sholaa
kabhi shabnam
tum hi ho tum meri

sapnon ka panghat ho
aasha ka jhurmat ho o
sapnon ka panghat ho
aasha ka jhurmat ho
tum nadiya
ham dhaara
tum chanda
ham taara
ye naina
ye kaajal
ye zulfen
ye aanchal
khoobsurat si ho tum ghazal
kabhi dil ho
kabhi dhadkan
kabhi sholaa
kabhi shabnam
tum hi ho tum meri hamdam

meri saanson se poochho
meri aahon ko samjho
O o
meri saanson se poochho
meri aahon ko samjho
tum pooja
ham pujaari
tum kismat
ham juaari
ye naina ye kaajal
ye zulfen ye aanchal
khoobsoorat si ho tum ghazal
kabhi dil ho
kabhi dhadkan
kabhi sholaa
kabhi shabnam
yum hi ho tum meri hamdam
zindagi ee ee ee ee tum meri
meri tum zindagi

12 Responses to "Ye naina ye kaajal"

Atul ji,
You have had six millionth visit today.
Many CONGRATULATIONS and a million THANKS. !!!

We talk of inspirational songs. But, your perseverance,dedication and efforts in maintaining this blog in spite of all odds is THE biggest inspiration for most of us.



Congratulations, Atul Ji on the six millionth hit on the blog.


What a coincidence!! I am watching this same song on”Aawaaz de kahaan hai” right now. 🙂 🙂 🙂
This song should be in the group “How come this song was not posted yet”
Thanks Atulji and Avinashbhai for the perfect song on the perfect occasion. 🙂


Congratulations Atul Ji on Sixth million hit….:)

And thanks for this post !


Hullo atulji
I saw that this song was posted last night itself. Also read the post that accompanied it. I knew the exact status u were in. Specially after living in Mumbai all my life where these things don’t happen when I experienced it in Bangalore I appreciate the importance of having steady voltage, and electricity supply.
And congrats for our 6millionth visitor.
And thanks for a ding I love


We all appreciate the hardship of staying in a village-like conditions. The great thing is that you are overcoming the heavy odds and turning trumps every time>haalato pe maat. The only alternative I can suggest is to have a back-up(extra) Battery Charger-cum- Invertor


Bravo, Atul ji,
We are all aware that you have been burning mid-night oils for the sake of thosands of ASAD followers.
But this time you have literally done that.
By the way, candle lights are associated with romantic monents and this song, posted by you, in similar light conditions very well represents that spirit.
Warm regards and thanks to Avinash ji & you,
Avadh Lal


Its our pleasure Sir !!

And once again Thanks to Atul ji for posting this one.


This was a really well-written blog post. We normally have a battery operated emergency lamp at home that works well when there is no electricity.(Pigeon brand). It costs Rs.1000 and touch wood it has worked well since the last 6 years. You can try it out.
This movie – Dil Se Mile Dil was a super-duper hit only because of the music and songs by Kishore Kumar. There is nothing new in the story except that the hero falls for the heroine who is unable to walk.
There was another song by the Pandit sisters – but I am not sure if it is the same movie – Haathon Mere Bhi Mehandi Lagao, Jaldi Se Jao mera dulha leke aao” this song had two anglo-Indian girls along with Lalita Pawar.
Shyamlee was also seen in – Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye – 1977 – where she lipsynched to the beautiful number – Khushiyan Hi Khushiyan Ho, Daman Ke Jinke, Kyon Na, Khushi Se Woh Deewana Ho Jaye. Shyamli had a negative role in this movie along with Shashikala who played her mother and was pitted against the demure Rameshwari.

Shyamli’s last movie was in 1984 – Door Wadiyon Mein Kahin with Kishore Kumar and Bindu. This movie did not have any songs despite the fact that it was produced by Kishore Kumar. After this movie, Shyamli bid adieu to films and settled for matrimonial bliss with one of the sons of Mehmood.


Thanks for the comments. This post was written some nine months ago. I myself enjoyed reading my own writeup. 🙂 This also reminded me of those days when my inverter was giving trouble. After that, I managed to locate an inverter repairing shop and took my inverter there. THe repair man found that inverter was alright but battery was needed to be replaced. So battery was replaced and now the inverter is working alright. 🙂

Thanks for the details about Shyamalee. I vividly remember her role in “Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye”, a movie that I watched five times. 🙂


And Thanks for information about actress Shyamlee

Yes you are right about that song from Dil se miley dil(1978)(Amit Khanna/Bappi Lahiri/Sulakshana pandit and vijayeta Pandit song)
“Haathon mein meri bhi mehandi rachaa(also featuring Lalita Pawar,Leela Mishra,Julie,Twinkle)

I have seen her in a kannada movie(in the role of Nurse)namely Asha kirana(1984) with Shankar Nag,Geetha,

and also seen in

Parchhaeen/Parchhayeen (1980 or 89) (Ravindra Jain)starring Anil Dhawan,Bindu,Sujeet kumar
(not to be confused with Another
Vinod Khanna, Bindu,Reshma.Sujit Kumar starrer PARCHHAIYAN(1972)(Rahul dev Burman)


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