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Meri bagiya mein kooke koyaliya

Posted on: November 7, 2014

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“Kashinath”(1943) was directed by Nitin Bose for New Theatres, Calcutta. The movie had Asit Baran Mukherji, Sunanda Devi, Bharati Devi, Nawab, Nemo, Puttan, Dilip Bose, Manorama, Buddhadev, Latika Mullick, Bijoli, Jawed Hussain, Radharani, Biren Das etc in it.

Seven songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the eighth song from the movie.

This song is sung by sung by Asit Baran and a female voice that is described as “anya swar” in HFGK. I tried to match this voice with the female voices in the other songs of this movie that have been discussed in the past, but I failed to arrive at any definite conclusion. So the female voice remains unidentified as of now.

How nice it would be if one can have voice identification software installed in the computer. Play the song and the software would instantly tell us the name of the singer by comparing the voice with the voice samples available in its database. I in fact searched for such softwares online and found that they are available, but are too expensive to buy as of now.

The actors who figure in the picturisation are quite identifiable though. They are Asit Baran (playing Kashinath) and Sunanda Devi (playing Kamala).

The song is penned by Pt Bhushan. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.


Song-Meri bagiya mein kooke koyaliya (Kashinath)(1943) Singers-Asit Baran,Unknown female voice, Lyrics-Pt Bhushan, MD-Pankaj Mullick


aayi re
aayi re
aayi re ae
meri bagiya mein kooke koyaliya
meri bagiya mein kooke koyaliya aa
baawri basant aayi re
saji phoolon se jeewan ki galiyaan
haan baawri basant aayi re ae
aayi re
aayi re
aayi re ae
meri bagiya mein kooke koyaliya aa
baawri basant aayi re

sookhe pedon pe aayi hariyaali
phali phooli meri ee daali daali
sookhe pedon pe aayi hariyaali
phali phooli meri ee daali daali
aaya ghar bhar mein chain
hanse ?? ke nain
aaya ghar bhar mein chain
hanse ?? ke nain
baajee nas nas mein
baajee nas nas mein meethhi muraliya
baawri basant aayi re
piya aaye hain dwaar

liye ?? mein pyaar
piya aaye hain dwaar
dhare kaandhe pe kaali kamaliya
dhare kaandhe pe kaali kamaliya
baawri basant aayi re
aayi re
aayi re

5 Responses to "Meri bagiya mein kooke koyaliya"

Hello Atulji, Happy Newyear. This song’s female voice is Sunanda Banerji. Dadu Chicago Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2014 02:11:26 +0000 To:

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The video link provided by me is the same as provided by you, so I have already gone through the details mentioned there. According to this Youtube link uploader, every song of this movie is sung by Asit Baran and Sunanda Bannerji, which is not correct. Sunanda Bannerji was not a singer. I have watched the movie now and so I know that the details provided by the uploader with the songs are mostly incorrect. He has not bothered to go through the credits of the movie which can easily tell the real facts about who is who in the movie.

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@ Atul ji – thanks a lot for this post and the details. Yes, the software to identify voices would have been a helpful lot, or we need ‘music lovers’ of that era who have watched this movies and also taken interest in the music of those films.
Thanks !!


Atul-ji: I have a feeling this could have been the great Kanan Devi. Of course, I am not sure because that was the voice most female singers unconsciously emulated in lilt, even in that great age of originality. I would love to know who this singer anyway is because I was just listening to this song one more time when I came upon this ‘thread’. Great duet with Asit Baran, anyway.
Best regards,
Kersi N. Mistry

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The actress on whom the unidentified female voice is lip syncing appears to be Bharati Devi. I have checked the face with that of Bharati Devi in a Lux advertisement in ‘Filmindia’ magazine.

According to a RMIM discussions, Bharati Devi was a good singer. However, she was never given opportunities to sing her own song in any of her HIndi films except one song in ‘Saugandh’ (1942).

I have checked the female voice in the song from “Saugandh’ (1942), which has been accredited to Shanti. There is some similarity in voice of Shanti with the female voice of the song under reference.

In the RMIM discussions, it was mentioned that the Bharati Devi’s name in the film ‘Saugandh’ was Shanti.

With these permutations and combinations, I feel that the unidentified female voice in the song could be that of Bharati Devi. Since the song is very short, Pankaj Mullick could have used her voice for the song.

Incidentally, according to Dr Jyoti Prakash Guha, Pankaj Mullick originally rehearsed the songs for Doctor (1941) with Bharati Devi, But later he recorded the songs with Ila Ghosh.

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