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Tu hai nau do gyaarah main hoon ek do teen

Posted on: April 1, 2015

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People who have been watching Hindi movies for long know that these movies were not just about hero meeting heroine and singing songs addressed to each other. The movie used to have other characters as well, who would either be in support of the lead pair or against them.

Characters supporting the lead pair included sidekicks/ sahelis/ Ramu Kaka etc. Characters opposing the lead pair could be evil baap/ maa/ saas and other assorted relatives. They could also be evil munim and his son scheming to usurp the Zaaydaad.

In case the story was set in earlier times, the hero would tend to get arrested by security forces. He was required to be freed so that the lead pair could resume their duet singing. These days one needs to move the court to get people released, but such provision was non existent those days.

One needed to directly go to the hawaalaat where the hero was kept confined. The standard method was for the leading lady to go to the hawaalaat and try to woo the security men on duty. The security personnel would dutifully fall to the charms of the lady and our hero would manage to escape from custody.

Here is a song from “Daaku”(1955) and this song depicts the above mentioned procedure. Shashikala goes to the hawaalaat and sweet talks the incharge. The incharge is wise to such tricks and he warns her that such “maska paaalish” is futile in his case, apparently because ” ham Angrezon ke zamaane se bhi pehle ke thaanedaar hain“.

Shashikala assures him that hse is not interested in securing the release of the hero. She has come especially to meet him. Is that so ? In that case why are his sipaahis coming in the way. Go and do your job of keeping watch, the thaanedaar instructs his subordinates.

And then Shashikala begins to sing this song in Shamshad Begam’s voice.

Moviewatchers would also notice that these security people in Hindi movies were supposed to be quite stupid when dealing with singing and dancing ladies. They would readily drop their guard while witnessing this performance and allow the hero to escape unnoticed.

The lyrics of this song are written by Kaif Irfani. The lyrics consists of elementary maths (tu hai nau do gyaarah main hoon ek do teen), basic biology (kare jiya dhak dhak), some simple musical references (kare ghunghru jo chhun, kare paayal thhun, kahe roke mridang) etc. It is called appropriate lyrics, tailored to the requirements of the situation.

Snehal Bhatkar is the music director.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

HFGK erroneously mentions the singer as Asha Bhonsle. The song is actually sung by Shamshad Begam.

Though the lyricist did not intend to, but he has inadvertently ensured that this song serves the immediate purpose of this blog as well. 🙂

And what is that immediate purpose of the blog. Well, this blog has just completed Gyaarah hazaar gaane and we celebrated the occasion with a song containing reference to “Gyaarah hazaar ladkiyaan”. 🙂 This song, which is song number “gyaarah hazaar ek” contains “gyaarah” as well as “ek” in is lyrics. Is it not? 🙂

The post number 11,000 had several “gyaarah” to its credit. One of them was that it was posted at around raat ke “gyaarah baje”. and as a result only one regular seems to have noticed the fact that the blog now has eleven thousand songs in it. Hopefully, as regulars wake up today morning and visit the blog, they will know this fact and will join in celebrating this memorable occasion.

This century took very long (38 days). The reasons are simple. There were personal reasons, official reasons, as well as cricketing reason. The Cricket world cup was on and BCCI (that is how I describe “Indian” cricket team) was doing unexpectedly well and so, like millions of cricket followers I too was devoting time following cricket instead of blogging. The realisation that I should have devoted time to blogging instead dawned on me when BCCI lost its semifinal on 26 march. Since BCCI failed to defent its title, last won by them in 2011, it was a case of waste of time for me. I estimate that the song count in the blog suffered by some 225 songs as a result of the abovementioned reasons.

All that does not matter in the long run. The fact that I have come up with this long post means that I have taken a fresh guard and have decided to make a fresh beginning after reaching the landmark of 11,000. With so many songs already covered, we are now at a stage when many important milestones are within striking distance. Several artists are nearing their centuries (including maiden centuries). Though my new year resolution of posting one YIPPEE song every day is no longer being followed, YIPPEE songs continue to be posted regulary. As of now we have 647 movies (totalling to 4821 songs) that have all their songs covered in the blog.

There are many artists whose songs will get exhaused in due course. Suraiyya already has almost all her songs covered in the blog. It is a matter of time (a year or so) when major artists like Mukesh, Naushad, O P Nayyar, S D Burman, Roshan, to name a few, will join the list.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their continued support, co operation and encouragement. It is the love and blessing of all concerned that fuels this blog. Here is hoping that this musical bandwagon keeps chugging on and on for the forseeable future.

Song- Tu hai nau do gyaarah main hoon ek do teen(Daaku)(1955) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Kaif Irfani, MD-Snehal Bhatkar
Male voice

Lyrics (Provided by Nitin Shah)

hawaldaar ko mera salaam
he he he he
jamaadaar ko mera salaam
he he he he he
subedaar ko mera salaam

dekho ji
itna maska paalish yahaan nahin chalega

maska paalish
kyun kyun

wo banjaare ko chhudaane ke liye
aur kyun

aji chhodo banjaare ko
main to tumse milne aayi hoon

kya bolti hai

sach keh rahi hoon
ae tum munh kya dekh rahe ho
jaao kaam karo
jaao pehra karo

tu hai nau do gyaarah main hoon ek do teen

tu hai nau do gyaarah main hoon ek do teen

kare jiya dhak dhak
o dhak dhak dhak dhak dhhak
tumhe hampe hai shaque
o shaque shaque shaque shaque shaque
kare jiya dhak dhak
tumhe hampe hai shaque
karo shaque shaque
beshak karo shaque
karo shaque shaque
aeji hamko hai tumpe yaqeen
aeji hamko hai tumpe yaqeen
karen bibi mohabbat ki been
dekho ham ko ji kitne haseen
ho dekho ham ko ji kitne haseen

kare ghunghru jo chhun
kare paayal thhun
kahe roke mridang
ham to zindagi se tang
dha dha dhin ta tang
badi bhookh badi nang
tiddha dhinta nang
tiddha dhinta nang
tiddha dhinta nang
ab kaise kate mere din
ho ab kaise kate mere din
kare bibi mohabbat ki been
dekho ham ko ji kitne haseen
ho dekho ham ko ji kitne haseen

kahe table ka taal
o ji mera bura haal
karoon saara saara din
main to taak dhina dhin
main to taak dhina dhin
main to taak dhina dhin
kare dil ki lagi ghamgeen
o kare dil ki lagi ghamgeen
kare bibi mohabbat ki been
dekho ham ko ji kitne haseen
ho dekho ham ko ji kitne haseen

2 Responses to "Tu hai nau do gyaarah main hoon ek do teen"

Congrats on achieving the magic figure of thousand times of 11 albeit many dot days. We need to score more 4s and 6s to catch up with average rate.
Thanks for choosing the song for the coveted occasion


This song is song number 11001. “Gyaarah Hazaaar ladkiyaa”-the previous song is song number 11000.


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