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Gori phans nahin jaana kahin jaal mein

Posted on: June 26, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Comedians were given due importance in old time films in general and in the Golden Era in particular. This fact can be noticed in movies produced from late 40s to late 60s.

Good, quality comedians entered films and succeeded. Roles were created and written for them and songs were filmed on them. A variety of comedy was offered to the audience. Slapstick comedy, situational comedy, farce, physical comedy and comedy of events- all these were lapped up by the public. Comedians like Dikshit and Ghori, V.H.Desai, Gope, Yaqub, Noor Mohd. Charlie became indispensable parts of films being produced those days.

The comedians used to give comic relief to the viewers from the tragic troubles of Hero/Heroines. The comic side plot usually ran parallel to the main story ending with it in the final scenes. Situational comedies like mistaken identities, exchanged identities, double roles or situations created by telling lies were some of the common ways of creating comedy.

All said and done, comedy has always been considered secondary to the main story in the Hindi movies. Very few full length comedy films have been made in India. Real true comedies like Shree 420, Bhagambhag, Hum sab chor hain, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Professor, Padosan, Manchali, Angoor, Chupke chupke, Golmaal, Jaane bhi do yaaron or Hera pheri were some comedy films were few and far between and these movies formed a very small percentage of all the movies that were released.

Post independence and in the early 50s, almost all old comedians had disappeared- they were either dead or retired. There was a hugh gap waiting to be filled. The void that was created remained unfilled for 3-4 years and then a Star rose quietly, in the form of a lean, lanky, ordinary looking young man with the most unfilmy name of Badruddin Qazi ! Later he became Johnny Walker and ruled the Hindi films from 55 to 70.

Johnny entered films with a small role in the film “The last message”-49 (Aakhri Paigham). Apparently,he was not noticed till 1951. According to some sources he worked in small roles in about 20 odd films in this intervening period. He got a major break with Baazi-51 and then the industry eagerly lapped him up. By the time he did his first hit film Aar paar,he had done 6 films already. Taxi Driver was his 12th film, Mr. and Mrs.55 was his 24th film and C.I.D. was his 32nd movie.

His rise was so meteoric that the industry looked at him as a God sent Angel of Comedy. In 1955 alone 17 films featuring him were released.

From 1951 to 1959 he did 80 films

From 60 to 69 he did 62 films

From 70 to 79 he did 33 films

From 80 to 80 he did 10 films and

In the 90s he did just 4 films.

Various sources come up with different figures for the total number of films of Johny Walker. IMDB lists 177 films, Cineplot lists 189 films. However Johnny himself said ( and so wiki also said) that he had worked in 300 films. To my mind, his tally can not go beyond 200 films.

He became so popular that film makers began signing him up as a Hero. Johnny acted in 10 films as a Hero. Chhoomantar and Shrimati 420 in 56, Duniya Rang Rangili ( In this film Johnny was the Hero and Rajendra Kumar was side Hero)and Johnny Walker in 1957, Mr.Qartoon MA, Khota Paisa and Naya Paisa in 58, Mr.John and Zara Bach ke in 59 and Rikshawala in 1960 were the films where he acted as the Hero.

There is some confusion about Johnny Walker. Tony Walker and Vijay Kumar.- all brothers. Johnny had 10 siblings and 3 of them worked in films. Tony Walker or Nizam was the eldest among the three and he worked mostly as producer/Director and the youngest acted as Vijay Kumar in films like ‘Wanted”-61. All three were different.

The speciality of Johnny Walker was that his comedy was very clean. He was very particular in checking his dialogue before enacting them to ensure that any vulgar or double meaning words were removed first. He was very punctual. He ensured punctuality of his Lunch and Dinner. He detested Cine-parties and would eat at home first before going to any party. Despite his name Johnny Walker, he was a pucca Teetotaler. Initially he smoked heavily-about 50 cigarettes a day, he gave up smoking for the last 40 years of his life on his father’s advise. After retirement he regularly played Badminton to keep fit.

Johnny, like Mehboob Khan,D ilip Kumar and Nargis, was a die hard Congress worker and went canvassing party during every election.

All three of his sons went to USA for higher studies. His three daughters got settled abroad after their marriage.

Film Zara Bach ke was a stunt film, directed by N A Ansari. The music was by Nashaad. The film had 6 songs and 2 of these songs have already been discussed here. This is the third song from the movie to appear in the blog.

The cast of the film was Nanda, Suresh, Murad,Anwar Hussain, Shammi, Tony Walker etc etc. The story of the film was-

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess whose life was threatened by a big, bad prince because she refused to marry him.

Along came a daring man and risking his very life, went to her rescue.

This is the essence of the story, set on the back-ground of a modern princely Indian state. Princess Indra ( Nanda) has been removed from her home by Narendra(Anwar Hussain) an evil nobleman who is bent on making her marry him for the princess is a very rich heiress and once loved Narendra. Indra takes a dose of poison and is rushed to a hospital where Bhola ( Suresh)comes in search of a job.

In a fit of humour and while waiting to be called in for interview, Bhola puts on an operating surgeon’s uniform. Narendra walks in and thinking Bhola to be a doctor, removes him to the place where Indra is lying and orders him to save the princesss’ life of else..As the pair is shut up in the room and door closed on them, Indra tells Bhola that she has not really taken poison but only used soap lather to feign illness. She tells him that they have to escape from the place, as their life is in danger. Bhola, a big-hearted person always ready to do good turns to people, removes the princess to his little hutment where his mother and a sister live in perpetual hunger – and now they haveone more mouth to feed.

But where there’s á will, there’s a way, and so things take their own course and Bhola falls in love with the princess who also finds love and a new way of life in a home surrounded with so much love despite poverty and starvation. One silver lining in this bleak scenario is that Bhahola has an ardent admirer in Sukhia (Johnny Walker), a barber friend, who in addition to giving Bhola free shaves, also tries to further his friends fortunes- a rare gem of a pal indeed.

But things at the other end – the princesss’ home – are not going so well. The aged Rani is on death bed, feeling all the more the loss of her dear daughter. She is blind as a bat and hard of hearing.

To pacify her, the cunning but Kind Dewan, brings to Indra’s place, another breath-takingly beautiful girl Bimla whose voice closely resembles the princess’ voice. Bimla herself is a very sad and disappointed creature. Her handsome lover Suresh is lost to her because she learns from Suresh’s father that his son is already a married man- a lie to get rid of Bimla. This is Bimla’s state when she take on the job of impersonating the princess so that the Rani’s life could e saved.

But so bent is the villain Narendra to get back the princess he has lost and carry her to her native state, that he sets into motion all the forces and resources that money can buy, and included in this set-up is his friend, Mr. John'( N.A.Ansari) who is also the foreman of Narendra’s gang of hoodlums.

So in one terrific climax, Narendra sets a trap for getting rid of the one man who really stands in the way of his ambitions – that is the aged Dewan( Murad). Narendra is aided in this by his pretty girl friend, Nilofer.

However, Bhola,with the help of his friends like Sukhia, foils his plan and rescues not only the Princess, but also Dewan and Rani ma. In the fight, Narendra is killed and all is well with Indra and Bhola who then duly get married with Rani ma’s blessings.

This is a Rafi-Shamshad duet, with Rafi using his special voice for Johnny Walker. The song is lip synced by Johny Walker and Helen. Khumar Barabankwi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naashaad.


Song-Gori phans nahin jaana kahin jaal mein (Zara Bach Ke)(1959) Singers-Rafi, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Khumar Barabankwi, MD-Naashaad


Jaako raakhe saanyiaan
maar sake na koye
Baal na beeka ho sake
jo jag bairi hoye
mare tujh pe duniya saari
aur peechha karen shikaari
Gori phans nahin jaana kahin jaal mein
phans nahin jana gori jaal mein
ho o o o
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein

ho o
maren tujh pe duniya saari
aur peechha karen shikaari
Gori phans nahin jaana kahin jaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein

tan ke ujle hain
man ke kaale hain
paapi hain dekho ji duniya waale

inke dilon mein zahar bhara hai
dekhne mein hain bhole bhaale haan
aa nahin jaana inki chaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein ho
mare tujh pe duniya saari
aur peechha karen shikaari
Gori phans nahin jaana kahin jaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein
ho o o o
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm

Laakh ye duniya ji daalen ghere
oopar waala saath hai tere
baal na beeka hoga tera
chaahe zamaana aankhen phere
dhokha na khaana kisi haal mein

phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein
ho o o o
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein

kismat ke dekho daanv niraale hoy
baazi haaren hoy jeetne waale

phootega aisa paap ka bhaanda
zaalimon ke honge munh kaale
khud hi phansenge bairi jaal mein
phans nahin jaana gori jaal mein

ho o o o
o o o o

1 Response to "Gori phans nahin jaana kahin jaal mein"

Practically the full cast can be seen
Nanda, N.A. Ansari smoking pipe Shammi, Anwar Hussain, Nilofar, Helen,
Murad, Johnny Walker, Anybody else?

Other cast> Suresh, Jeevankala, Rajan Kapoor, Mumtaz Begum, Hameeda, S. Bannerjee, Amir Bano, Kathana, Jago, Rita, Amrit Rana, Tuntun, Sapru.
Tony Walker.

One of the son Nasir Khan worked for Channel V and has acted in Dam Dum Diga Diga and TV serials
Nasir signed Sohail Khan’s Ram but the film was canned. Then Bobby Khan offered him Dam Dam Diga Diga. This film too hit a roadblock and was dumped. Mehmood’s film, Dushman Duniya Ka but the film collapsed at the box office.
Played the youngest son of Amitabh Bachchan in Baghbaan.
As Siddharth, a successful businessman with a golden heart in Kabhi Aaye Na Judai on Star Plus.
He started being snapped up for ad films– Pepsi, Limca, Asian Paints, Nestle Milkmaid, Close Up, Newport Jeans, Bata to name a few. And there were music videos as well like Sonu Nigam’s Teri Haan Haan Teri Naa Naa, Raageshwari’s Is Haath De and more.
He was noticed on TV. Channel V signed for Videocon Flashback, Sony for Pehli Mulaquat and Zee for Eno Fun Filmi Style.
Serials like Mehndi Tere Naam Ki, Woh, Aashirwad and Kasam. Nasir who also did dubbing assignments for Hollywood blockbusters like Alladin, Independence Day and Braveheart.
He rued the fact that he should first become a professional in some other field.
But Nasir’s big regret is that Johnny Walker died sometime before the phenomenonal success of Baghbaan or for that matter his top-rated TV serial Kabhi Aaye Na Judai
” He may be no more, but I can hear my father say that television is the future for me. So I’ll pick up all good roles on TV. And there are plenty coming my way. The small screen is the big medium and I want to channelize my energies on serious roles.”
Serious roles? Being the son of one of India’s greatest comedians, he never thought of doing comedy ” My father was the king of comedy. No one could match him—least of all me. If I get a good comedy I’ll think ten times. Comedy is serious business. My father never took it lightly. And I’ll always be at a disadvantage of being compared to my dad.”


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