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Toot Gaye Sab Saath Sahaare

Posted on: June 24, 2016

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Mohammed Rafi – ‘अ’  से  ‘ह’ तक  (From ‘अ’ to ‘ह’) – 18
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“टूट गए सब साथ सहारे”

Aah, long gap, long wait. We come to the next episode in the alphabetic series of Rafi Sb songs. The word for today is ‘ट’ and the song is from a film from 1955 – ‘Raaj Darbaar’. As the name suggests, this is a costume drama that is directed by Balwant Bhatt for the banner of Deepak Pictures, Bombay. The star casting pairs Nirupa Roy opposite to Ranjan, as the lead pair. Others in the star cast include Ishwar Lal, Ranjeet Kumari, BM Vyas, Nagpal, Kesri, Shyam Sunder, Master Bachcha, Azeem, Neera, Henna, Asha Mathur etc.

The film has 6 songs, as per the listings available in the Geet Kosh. The song are written by Shyam Hindi and GS Nepali, and the music composition is by Chitragupt. This song is penned by Shyam Hindi.

A most interesting comment is there in the footnote to this film’s details. Two more songs, both written by Shyam Hindi, were composed and recorded. One song was in the voice of Geeta Dutt with the leading words “Haaye Re Zamaane. . .”. The second song was in the voice of Rafi Sb, its mukhda being “Ye Paapi Jiyara Doley. . .”. Unfortunately these two songs were removed from the film. Apparently, this would have happened quite early on in the scheme of things, because the publication of these songs was cancelled, before commercial 78 rpm discs could be manufactured. And herein lies an intriguing possibility. When a recording was completed, and a master was created, the normal process followed was that for each master recorded during the day, a sample, pre-production disc was manufactured in the night. This pre production disc was for purpose of quality checks etc., whether the recording done is good and acceptable for general publication. The set of six or eight or ten such records (all with single side recording; the ‘palat’ side would be blank), were placed on the desk of the General Manager before he arrived in the office next morning. As per the protocol, only he had access to these pre-production recordings. He would listen to them during the day, and if he identified any issues with the recording, he would instruct his subordinates for appropriate action, which could also mean a full re-recording from scratch.

So these records were created. It is possible that the more seasoned collectors may be aware of this phenomena, because it opens up the possibilities of finding some unmentioned or unlisted songs. Many to most of these recordings would progress into commercial releases. Some recordings that got cancelled, could progress further, and get released as discs of non-film songs. And some rare songs, possibly did not progress at all, and remained at the sample record stage. As I think of it now, I can connect this with the discussion we had with Khalid Mehmood Bhai, from Lahore. He had mentioned that the 78 rpm record which has the Lata song from the film ‘Gaja Bhaau’ is a single sided record. There is one more such instance that I am aware of – a record that I had seen with Suman Chaurasiya ji of Indore. These records were put out with no formal printed label, not even the assigned record no. They just had handwritten labels with some minimal information. This gives a thought, to try to track such records and see if any of the missing songs that are indicated e.g. in the Geet Kosh, could be available on these records. The search would have to start with the families of ex-GMs of HMV. Plus of course, the seasoned collectors who have huge collections of 78 rpm records. Just a thought.

In 1955, Rafi Sb was just over a decade of singing in Hindi films. This song is a song of broken heart, referred to as ‘फटे दिल गाने’ by some old time music lovers. Typically familiar rendition for the fans of Rafi Sb.


Song – Toot Gaye Sab Saath Sahaare (Raaj Darbaar) (1955) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Shyam Hindi, MD – Chitragupt


toot gaye sab saath sahaare
armaan ban kar ashq hamaare
behte behte beh jaayenge

chupke chupke ro ro kar hum
haule haule ulfat ke gham
sehte sehte seh jaayenge
toot gaye sab saath sahaare
armaan ban kar ashq hamaare
behte behte beh jaayenge

pyaar ko samjhe khel khilona
pyaar ko samjhe khel khilona
haaye hum ne ye na jaana
haaye hum ne ye na jaana..aa..aa
aa jaayegi jaan mushkil mein
dil ke armaan dil hi dil mein
rehte rehte reh jaayenge
toot gaye sab saath sahaare
armaan ban kar ashq hamaare
behte behte beh jaayenge

aahen bharte rotey rotey
aahen bharte rotey rotey
ashqon se munh dhote dhote
ashqon se munh dhote dhote..ay..ay
ab to dil mein ye hai thaani
jag ko apni raam kahaani
kehte kehte keh jaayenge
toot gaye sab saath sahaare
armaan ban kar ashq hamaare
behte behte beh jaayenge


Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

टूट गए सब साथ सहारे
अरमां बन कर अश्क हमारे
बहते बहते बह जाएँगे

चुपके चुपके रो रो कर हम
हौले हौले उलफत के ग़म
सहते सहते सह जाएँगे
टूट गए सब साथ सहारे
अरमां बन कर अश्क हमारे
बहते बहते बह जाएँगे

प्यार को समझे खेल खिलौना
प्यार को समझे खेल खिलौना
हाय हमने ये ना जाना
हाय हमने ये ना जाना॰॰आ॰॰आ
आ जाएगी जां मुश्किल में
दिल के अरमां दिल ही दिल में
रहते रहते रह जाएँगे
टूट गए सब साथ सहारे
अरमां बन कर अश्क हमारे
बहते बहते बह जाएँगे

आहें भरते रोते रोते
आहें भरते रोते रोते
अशकों से मुंह धोते धोते
अशकों से मुंह धोते धोते॰॰ए॰॰ए
अब तो दिल में ये है ठानी
जग को अपनी राम कहानी
कहते कहते कह जाएँगे
टूट गए सब साथ सहारे
अरमां बन कर अश्क हमारे
बहते बहते बह जाएँगे

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