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Aap aaye to ujaala sa huaa mehfil mein

Posted on: August 12, 2016

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It is with great pleasure and excitement that I present today’s song on this blog.

I’ve often said that one of the many joys for me, when I sit to listen to music, is to discover songs I’ve never heard before. This discovery might come from the radio, or from the internet. Or from another person.

Very often, I discover lovely songs on youtube and immediately check if they’ve been posted here. If not, I make a note for myself, that I should post the song sometime. But I get inhibited because I haven’t seen the film and don’t know enough about the song to write about it.

Of course, a huge source of discovery of music for me is this blog itself. I have come across so many absolutely wonderful songs on this blog which I had never heard before. I keep giving the example of the delightful “halla gulla” from Dholak (1951) (or “mausam aaya hai rangeen” from the same film) which I first came across only here on this blog. I’d never even heard of this film before then. But there have been so many more songs.

So today, when I get a chance to give back to this blog, I feel excited about it. Ok, I’m sure there are some who have heard this song before (there are many knowledgeable people here 🙂 ) but I’d like to think this is the first time for many. At least I had not heard this song till I saw the movie a few days ago. And I thought “Wow! What a song! How come I’ve never heard this before!”.

It is from “Ek Din Aadhi Raat” (1971) starring Sujit Kumar, Kumkum and Aruna Irani.

Yes, I saw this film a few days ago. Just for the heck of it. I like seeing less-known films, without big-name actors. Sometimes you get pleasantly surprised. There might be a decent storyline in there. Worst case, you will invariably come across a good song or two.

As I did, in this case.

To be fair to the film, it’s not too bad. If you had only 3 hours to live, I would not recommend spending them on this film, but, I have to admit, I’ve seen much worse. The story does hold together (well, sort of), and at the end of it, I wasn’t as disappointed as I’ve been with films of far greater repute and with bigger names. (Leader, Kaajal, Neel Kamal, I’m looking at you, you and you!).

My strategy with such films is simple. I start with no expectations at all. So the worst that can happen is that even if I don’t like the film, I don’t really feel let down. 🙂

I had never heard any of the songs of this film before. So every song was a discovery – and I liked all of them. There are 3 lyricists used in the film. Asad Bhopali, Faruq Kaiser and Noor Diwasi. Music is by Dattaram.

When I checked the blog, I discovered that this film has not made its entry here yet. So it seemed only appropriate to get it rolling here.

As its debut song here, I present a Rafisaab song. Lyrics are by Asad Bhopali.

When I heard it in the film, I fell totally in love with it. Ok, so it doesn’t take me much to fall in love with Rafisaab songs but this time I really felt “how come I had missed this till now!”. So I decided it had to be on the blog at the earliest.

This film was released in 1971 – by then, Kishore Kumar was ruling the scene. In that context, it is nice to hear a Rafisaab song from that period that still has some of his magic. I remember when I first heard “jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai” from Seema (1971), I fell totally in love with it. I get the same sort of feeling with this song, also from the same year.

I hope you like this song too. Let me know if you’ve heard this song before. I hadn’t.



Song-Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein (Ek Din Aadhi Raat)(1971) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Dattaram


Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein
Saamne baithhiye
tasveer bana loon dil mein
Saamne baithhiye
tasveer bana loon dil mein
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein

Shokh zulfon ko ghata dekh ke sharmaati hai
Phool khilte hain
hansi aapko jab aati hai
Nazren uthhti hain to ek bijli si lehraati hai
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein
Saamne baithiye
tasveer bana loon dil mein
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein

Ab kahaan hosh ke ik shola badan saamne hai ae
Husn aur noor ka rangeen chaman saamne hai
Jagmagaate huye sooraj ki kiran saamne hai
Jagmagaate huye sooraj ki kiran saamne hai
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein
Saamne baithhiye
tasveer bana loon dil mein
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein

Sabse pyaara mera qaatil hai khuda khair karey
Champayi gaal pe ek til hai khuda khair karey
Aur isi til pe mera dil hai khuda khair karey
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein
Saamne baithiye
tasveer bana loon dil mein
Saamne baithiye
tasveer bana loon dil mein
Aap aaye to ujaala sa hua mehfil mein

4 Responses to "Aap aaye to ujaala sa huaa mehfil mein"

I don’t remember to have heard it earlier. No … no. I think I am listening to it first time.
Lovely song and above all it’s Rafi Saab’s voice. Great !!
Thanks for bringing it here and thanks for this post Raja ji. And thanks for this addition to the 1971 movies. We need to bring all of 1971 movies here, so that we can ‘Yippeeee’ the year ‘1971’ of the decade 1971-1980 🙂
Thanks again for this treat !!


i think i have heard this song or probably some other song sounds like this. let me think… let me think



Ek din Aadhi Raat(2.7.1971)(15 reels)(A)
Presenter:Nirmal Anand
Producer:Smt.Swarnkanta Anand
Story,Screenplay & Director:Kamal Sharma
Playback singers:Mohammed Rafi,Suman Kalyanpur,Asha Bhosle
Lyricist:Asad Bhopali,Faruq Kaiser,Noor Diwasi aka Noor Dewasi

Starring Kumkum,Sujit Kumar,Aruna Irani,Mohan Choti,Asit Sen,
Meenakshi,Parveen Paul,Baldev Mehta,Kundan,Murad,Mulchand,
Ramesh Devanand(junior),Jullian,Madhumati,Nirmal Anand
Guest Artistes:Manmohan,Jagdev,Lata Sinha


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