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Jali jo shamma zamaane ko ho gaya maaloom

Posted on: September 22, 2017

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“Daaera”(1953) was produced and directed by Kamal Amrohi for Kamal Pictures, Bombay. the movie had Meena Kumari, Nasir Khan, Kumar, Roopmala, Nana Palsikar, Protima Devi, Kammo, Jankidas, H Prakash, Romesh Kapoor, Zarina etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it. Seven songs from the movie have been covered in the blog. Here is the eighth and final song from “Daaera”(1953) to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Mubarak Begam. Majrooh sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Jamal Sen.

I have failed to get the lyrics right at quite a few places. I request our readers with keener eras to help fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections in the lyrics as applicable.

Only the audio of this rare song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this ghazal.

With this song, “Daaera”(1953) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Jali jo shama zamaane ko ho gaya maaloom(Daaera)(1953) Singer-Mubarak Begam, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Jamal Sen


jali jo shamma aa aa
jali jo shamma
zamaane ko ho gaya maaloom
jo ham pe beet rahi hai
kisi ko kya maloom

mili thhi ham ko jo
do din ki zindagi ae dil
mili thhi ham ko jo
do din ki zindagi ae dil
ajab tarah se kategi
hamen na thha maaloom

yahi jo hai gham e hasti
to kya ilaaj iska
yahi jo hai gham e hasti
to kya ilaaj iska
suna hai maut dawa hai
to wo bhi kya maaloom

koi bataaye ke hai
kis taraf safar apna
na manzilon ka pata hai
na raasta maloom
jali jo shamma

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

जली जो शम्मा॰॰आ॰॰आ
जली जो शम्मा
ज़माने को हो गया मालूम
जो हम पे बीत रही है
किसी को क्या मालूम

मिली थी हमको जो
दो दिन की ज़िंदगी ए दिल
मिली थी हमको जो
दो दिन की ज़िंदगी ए दिल
अजब तरह से कटेगी
हमें ना था मालूम

यही जो है ग़म ए हस्ती
तो क्या इलाज इसका
यही जो है ग़म ए हस्ती
तो क्या इलाज इसका
सुना है मौत दवा है
तो वो भी क्या मालूम

कोई बताए के है
किस तरफ सफर अपना
ना मंज़िलों का पता है
ना रास्ता मालूम
जली जो शम्मा॰॰॰


4 Responses to "Jali jo shamma zamaane ko ho gaya maaloom"

Atul ji,

What a superlative ghazal this one is. And the voice of Mubarak Begum, so full of loss and dejection, so well underplayed. And the words are so touching.


Yes, this song is repeatedly going on in loop in my mind throughout the day. 🙂

One of my favorites of heart-touching Mubarak Begum songs, and who can surpass her in that field?

It certainly appears to me that she should be remembered for this song, and not for “Kabhi tanhaaiyon mein yoon hamaari yaad aayegi”. Sadly, this “Daaera” song is a rare song, not known to majority of music lovers.

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