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Chhed Diye Mere Dil Ke Taar Kyun

Posted on: January 16, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

Happy festival at the outset.

A festival that goes by various names :- Makara Sankranti (AP, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra), Pongal (TN & Pondicherry), Lohri (Punjab, Haryana, Delhi), Sakraat & Makraat (Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand), Uttarayan (Gujarat, Diu, Daman), Suggi (in parts of Karnataka), Magh Saaji (HP), Ghughuti – (Kumaon), Makara Chaula (Odhisha), Kicheri (Poorvanchal, East UP), Pousha Sankranti (Bengal and North East), Magh Bihu (Assam), Shishur Sankraat (Kashmir ), etc etc. Outside of the country, in some neighbouring Asian countries to be exact, it is celebrated as Maaghe Sankrast – Nepal, Tirmoori – Sindh Pakistan, Songkran -Thailand , Pi Ms. Lao – Laos, Thingyan – Myanmar, Mohan Songkran – Cambodia etc. Basically we are all celebrating the transition of the Sun across the Equator, on it’s journey from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere.

Each region of India have their own ways of celebrating the event but as I have come to understand there are a few things common to all –Jaggery, til (also called gingelly, or sesame seeds), sugarcane, and freshly harvested ears of corn, wheat or even turmeric (in South India). Then of course the children enjoy themselves with kite flying which takes on the form of competition at times. So let us say Happy Festival. Tamil Nadu has its festivities spread over 3-4 days culminating in what is called Mattu Pongal – celebrated the next day of Sankrant with races with cattle involved. (PETA has tried to bring some order to the extent to which the animals can be made use of, and the conditions in which the races take place).

Last weekend, I was lucky to be asked to join my Chacha and Chachi, to an evening full of OPN songs by a newly formed music group. The members of the group were out to entertain themselves and showcase their talent among their close friends and relatives. The closest anyone of the group had come to anything Bollywood was when the hostess’s father had his ardent fan moment when he came face to face with OP Nayyar sometime in the 70s or 80s. That man was a self taught Harmonica player and encouraged his children and wife to sing along. And the wife and daughter of the (now) deceased man were at the forefront of the group which had female and male singers who sang in their own voices without aping any of the originals and that was a welcome change. The group presented medleys of songs with similar beats- the trade mark tonga-beat songs, and songs dipped in Punjabi folk tunes. The evening began with the song from ‘Sambandh’ – “Chal Akela Chal Akela” and then one song followed the next. The evening climaxed with songs that fell in tune with “Sar Pe Topi Laal Haath Mein Resham Ka Roomal”. In between there was an instrumental rendition of songs from ‘Kashmir ki Kali’, ‘Ek Musafir Ek Haseena’, ‘Kismat’ and ‘Phir Wohi Dil Laaya Hoon’ using the saxophone by Shri Shyam Raj ji who (if I heard right) had been a saxophone player for many of OPN’s songs.

Let me add that we were invited to the evening because my cousin’s husband has taken up singing and joined this group post his retirement. It was a revelation that he sang so well. The first song he sang that evening was “Piya Piya Piya Mora Jiya Pukaare” and “Surma Mera Niraala” was his next. And I must say he “yodels” almost like the Kishore Kumar whose fan he is.

As is my habit (ever since I associated with this blog) the first thing I did on returning home was to look up the anniversary page of our blog and see what was the date of OPN’s anniversaries. Next I checked what songs of OPN are yet to make their appearance on the blog. I found many movies of the 50s & 60s with two or three songs left to attain yyiippeeeehood. Then I began looking up for associated videos on YouTube, these songs are not yet available on YouTube too. In fact only the audio of some songs are available and not the whole movie. So that makes reaching videos difficult. But we cannot let the occasion of remembering OPN go by without a song.

So here it is. A song from the film ‘Raagini’ of 1958. The film is produced by Ashok Kumar, jointly with TS Ganesh, and is directed by Rakhan. This movie had a song which was enacted on screen by Kishore Kumar and playback was by Mohd Rafi. Now I discovered another song, as I was hunting songs for this post, which is again classical raaga based and Ustaad Amaanat Ali Khan and Fateh Ali Khan are the playback singers. On screen we have Padmini performing a classical dance and Kishore Kumar sitting on stage in a classical gaayaki mode and lip-syncing. A very uncharacteristic Kishore and a very uncharacteristic Omkar Prasad Nayyar who was popular as OP Nayyar. The song ends with Padmini matching steps to the brilliant tabla accompaniment.

As I was writing this post I recollected a post by Atul ji where he has mentioned about movies with names of popular actresses of the time but the actresses were not part of the cast of that particular movie, e.g. ‘Kalpana’ (1960) didn’t have Kalpana as heroine. An this film, ‘Raagini’ has Padmini as the heroine; Raagini the actress was her sister.

Let us enjoy this rare presentation, Kishore Kumar lip syncing a classical song in the voice of Bade Fateh Ali Khan.



Song – Chhed Diye Mere Dil Ke Taar Kyun (Raagini) (1958) Singers – Ustaad Amaanat Ali Khan, Bade Fateh Ali Khan, Lyricist – Jaanisar Akhtar, MD – O P Nayyar
Ustaad Amaanat Ali Khan + Fateh Ali Khan

aaaaaaa aaaaaaa
aaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa

chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun
chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun
baaj rahi paayal madmaati
baaj rahi paayal madmaati
chaal chale pag pag lehraati
chaal chale pag pag lehraati
jhoom raha jiya baar baar yoon
jhoom raha jiya baar baar yoon
chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun
chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun

chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun
chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun
aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa
chhed diye mere dil ke taar kyun
aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa
chhed diye mere dil ke tar kyun
aaaaaaa aaaaaa
aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaa
chhed diye mere dil ke tar kyun
chhed diye mere dil ke tar kyun


7 Responses to "Chhed Diye Mere Dil Ke Taar Kyun"



vinyl record image of the movie shows singer`s name as AMIR KHAN

Liked by 1 person

Prakash ji,
This may be a typographical error. Ustad Amir Khan ji also has a song in this film, albeit a different one – “Jogiya Mere Ghar Aaye. . .”, which is played along with the titles as they are rolling in the beginning of the film. That song is not listed on this vinyl record.

This song definitely is a jugalbandi, and two voices can easily be heard separately. The names Ustaad Amaanat Ali Khan and Bade Fateh Ali Khan are as per the Geet Kosh listings. These two singers are brothers, and they belong to the Patiala gharana.



Thanks Sudhir ji for pointing out the singers`s names correctly,

but the “Jogiya mere ghar aaye: song line was listed in the above vinyl image(6th song of side one) opposite Amir Khan`s name,
again one mistake was done by record company provided audio link(which I have posted above my comments)shows Ustad Amir Khan`s name as singer of this song(just play the above provided video of audio link, you will get to know that……..must be recording company`s printing mistake carry forwarded to the above provided Your tube audio link of the song
Anyways Thanks a lot


Dear all,

Request is to please help identify the second lead singer sitting on stage wearing white dhoti and kurta.

The person with spectacles who comes and stands next to Ashok Kumar, as Padmini is starting to feel unwell on the stage, is Narbada Shankar.



My 2 cents of identifying the second actor singing the song in jugalbandi with Kishore Kumar. He could be Anand Pal. Eventhoughm he is not accredited in the film, my guess work is based on his role as Chacha in ‘Hum Bhi Insaan Hain’ (1948) and also as one of the gangaster in K N Singh’s group in ‘House No.44’ (1955) who is also seen along with the dancer in the picturisation of the song ‘dekh idhar o jadoogar’. He can also be seen in

My identification is based on the actor’s typical receding forehead, his eyes and nose.


You could be correct in your identification based on the receding forehead. So shall we safely conclude that the actor with Kishore Kumar is Anand Pal.


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