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Saawanva Umda Aaye Ho

Posted on: March 13, 2021

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‘Baabu Ji’ (1950) was directed by Bhagwan for Uday Productions, Bombay.  It had Bhagwan, Leela Gupte, Baburao, Usha Shukla, Vasant Rao, Azeem, Jani, Mirajkar, Zafar, Vitthalrao, Dhondu, Anmanta, Swami and others.

This movie has nine songs, all written by Ehsaan Rizvi and composed by music director P Ramakant. Going by the style of composition, it has been commented that the music is composed by C Ramchandra himself, under the name of P Ramakant. I request our more knowledgeable readers to be please comment on this observation.

HFGK Vol-II (1941-1950) lists the songs of this movie as given below; (in order of their appearing on this movie (Babooji-1950) page in HFGK)

Sl No

Song Title Singer/s

Posted On


Saawanwa umdaa aaye ho Sulochana Kadam Being presented today


Baat meri maan lo ji, baat meri maan lo Sulochana Kadam,

Anna Saheb


Milne nahin paate hain naina lachaaye huye Sulochana Kadam


Zaraa sunte jaana ho do dilon ka afsaanaa Sulochana Kadam,

Anna Saheb



Nazar se nazar lad gayi Sulochana Kadam 12.09.2018


Rewdiyaan hain rewdiyaan Sulochana Kadam,

Anna Saheb


Kyun pareshaan huye, Sulochana Kadam


Jo bigad gayi wo qismat hoon Sulochana Kadam 22.11.2017


Gorey gorey mukh se jo ghoonghat hataawjo Anna Saheb

As we can see above this movie had made its debut on the blog in 2013 and since then only three songs from the movie have been posted so far. As I was noting the song-list I realized that the voice of Sulochana Kadam is appearing in all songs of this movie, but it is not the case as the last song is a solo in the voice of Anna Saheb. And this is the only male solo in this movie.

Today 13th March 2021 is the eighty-eighth birth anniversary of Sulochana Kadam (born 1933) who later became Sulochana Chavan.  Her singing of many famous and popular ‘lavanis’ in Marathi brought her the honour as ‘Laavni-samradhni’ in Marathi music.

On this occasion here is the song from ‘Baabu Ji’ which is lying with us since August’2013.

Actually, during 2013 – 2015 when I was staying in Kachchh, I had shared some of her songs on the blog. And I had enjoyed listening many of her songs from Hindi movies of that era. The today’s song is also a song which I like very much. One other song “Kyun Preshaan Huye” from this movie is also pending with the editors since then. Let us see when it appears 😊 on the blog.

Let us now listen to the today’s song and wish ‘a very happy birthday’ to Sulochana ji on her birth anniversary today and also wishing her a healthy and peaceful life ahead. . .

Saawanwa Umdaa Aaye Ho

Song – Saawanva Umda Aaye Ho (Baabu Ji) (1950) Singer – Sulochana Kadam, Lyrics – Ehsaan Rizvi, MD – P Ramakant


saawanwa umda aaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye
barkhaa rim jhim jal barsaaye
mann mein aag lagaaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye
saawanwa umdaa aaye ho
saawanwa umdaa aaye

geet ke ras mein mann dooba hai
pyaar ke ras mein naina aa
yaad ke ras mein din dooba hai
birha ke ras mein rainaa
dhyan tera aa jaaye jo
bijli ye jo lehraaye
saawanwa umda aaye
saawanwa umda aaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye

tere sundar roop se akhiyaan
hate nahin hataaye
tujhko sabse nazar bachakar
koi dekhe jaaye
chupke chupke mann veena bhi
pyaar ke geet sunaaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye
saawanwa umda aaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye

kali kali par bhanwaraa doley ae ae ae
koyal shor mahcaaye
pihu pihu kare papiha aa aa
piya ki yaad dilaaye
sab ke mann se taan nikalti
mere mann se haaye
saawanwa umda aaye

saawanwa umda aaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye
barkhaa rim jhim jal barsaaye
mann mein aag lagaaye ho
saawanwa umda aaye

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

सावनवा उमड़ा आए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए
बरखा रिमझिम जल बरसाए
मन में आग लगाए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए
सावनवा उमड़ा आए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए

गीत के रस में मन डूबा है
प्यार के रस में नैना॰ ॰ ॰
याद के रस में दिन डूबा है
बिरह के रस में रैना
ध्यान तेरा आ जाये जो
बिजली ये जो लहराए
सावनवा उमड़ा आए
सावनवा उमड़ा आए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए

तेरे सुंदर रूप से अखियाँ
हटे नहीं हटाये
तुझको सबसे नज़र बचाकर
कोई देखे जाये
चुपके चुपके मन वीणा भी
प्यार के गीत सुनाए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए
सावनवा उमड़ा आए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए

कली कली पर भँवरा डोले॰ ॰ ॰
कोयल शोर मचाये
पीहू पीहू करे पपीहा॰ ॰ ॰
पिया की याद दिलाये
सबके मन से तान निकलती
मेरे मन से हाए
सावनवा उमड़ा आए

सावनवा उमड़ा आए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए
बरखा रिमझिम जल बरसाए
मन में आग लगाए हो
सावनवा उमड़ा आए


5 Responses to "Saawanva Umda Aaye Ho"

Avinash ji,

As rightly guessed by you, P.Ramakant was a name used by C.Ramchandra, because he was under contract with Filmistan and could not give music in his own name.

It started with Raja Nene’s film Shadi se pehle in 1947, in which he first used his assistant’s name Paingankar ( the joint MD was Karnad). His name was Ramakant Paingankar and was assisting Chitalkar for a long time.

Later, for Master Bhagwan’s C grade stunt/action films like Bhedi Bangla-49, Bhole bhale-49, Babuji-50, and Bakshish-50 also, Chitalkar used the pseudo name P.Ramakant as MD. (information from Marathi Chitrapat Sangeetkar kosh by Madhu Potdar).



Yes, noted Sir.
Many thanks for sharing this valuable information with us.


Avinash ji,

Additionally, ” Anna Saheb” was also a name used by C.Ramchandra.


Yes, this I became aware from listening to the discussions between elders at home and later reading about articles on films.
Thanks a lot Sir,


Thanks for the post Sudhir Sir ji and also many thanks for the lyrics in Devnagri Script.


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