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Ab charaagon ka koi kaam nahin

Posted on: January 17, 2023

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#the Decade of Eighties – 1981 – 1990 #
(Birth Anniversary – Maya Govind – A tribute)

Today 17th January’2023 is the eighty-third birth anniversary of poet lyricist Maya Govind.
She was born on 17th January’1940 and she passed away last year on 06th April’2022 at the age of eighty-two.

I had in my earlier post last year mentioned about her in detail. This post had come in the month of February’2022 last year. Two months later, we had the news of her sad demise.

Today as we pay our tributes to her. I am reproducing the same text here which is about her biographical details and journey into films.

Maya Govind is said to have challenged the male dominance in the lyrics writing in movies and had established a distinguished place for her in lyrics writing in Hindi movies.

Maya Govind was born on 17th January’1940 in Lucknow. Her father (Harnath Vahal) was a cloth merchant in Lucknow. Maya Govind and her two younger sisters were the three siblings When Maya Govind was still a child her father lost his eyesight. His wife – Maya Govind’s mother – was a housewife, and all his children were small kids. So, all his shops and slowly his house too was taken over by his relatives. That forced her mother to take shelter in a rented house.

When Maya Govind was only five years old, she lost her father which left the family in bad economic condition. In this situation her maternal uncle helped them to survive and to get education to the children. Maya Govind was the eldest among the three sisters. She completed her B.A. and B’ Ed.

Maya Govind got married while she was in her first year of B’ Ed. However, her marriage didn’t last long, and she returned to her mother within three months of her marriage. She continued doing B’ Ed and joined a four-year course in ‘Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyalaya’. She also learned ‘Kathhak’ from Shambhu Maharaj. She did plays for Radio in Lucknow. Later she started teaching at Bal Vidya Mandir Lucknow. During this she keep doing acting in plays and joined the famous stage artist Kunwar Kalyan Singh.

She had been writing poetry since she was eleven years old. Once when Bharat Bhushan and his brother producer Ramesh Chandra (better known as R. Chandra) spotted her during their visit to her school and impressed by her poetry R. Chandra asked her to visit Bombay. That was in 1966.
R. Chandra offered her three movies to write lyrics for (these were ‘Mushaira’, ‘Megh Malhar’, and ‘Baap Bete’). She wrote eleven songs for ‘Mushaira’ and returned to Lucknow. Suddenly R. Chandra died in between, and only two songs were recorded then under the baton of Music Director Khayyam. (Later R. Chandra’s son Rakesh Chandra included these two songs in the movie ‘Muthhi Bhar Chawal’ in ‘1975’.)

In 1965-66 Govind Arora (alias Ram Govind)- a famous writer and stage personality – came to Lucknow from Samastipur, Bihar to look artistes for his plays. Maya Govind was offered the lead role. During this association they become close friends and got married in 1967. Ram Govind too got settled in Lucknow. Both founded the ‘Darpan Naatya Sanstha’ in Lucknow.

In 1972 Maya Govind came to Bombay to participate in a ‘Kavi Sammelan’ where one among the audience was the famous producer director Ramanand Sagar. Impressed by her poetry he signed Maya Govind for lyrics writing for his movie ‘Jalte Badan’ which was released in 1973. In this movie she wrote all the lyrics for all the four songs in the movie. Around the same time, she came into contact with Guru Dutt’s brother Atmaram who was making the movie ‘Aarop-1974’ then. He offered her lyrics writing for this movie. Music for this movie was composed by the legendary Bhupen Hazarika. The song ‘nainon mein darpan hai’ got popular from this movie.

During this time famous producer Tarachand Badjatya recorded three poems of Maya Govind for a private album. Tarachand Badjatya also offered her to perform in his movie titled ‘Kavi Sammelan-1972’.
In 1988 Maya Govind set up her own production house- ‘Bahar Productions’ which produced ‘Tohfa Mohabbat ka’ which was not a commercial success and later she launched movie ‘Taandav’ which was shelved after shooting of 13 reels due to financial problems. Her recent movie as lyricist was ‘Baazar-E-Husn’ under Khayyam Saab.

Today as a tribute to Maya Govind we are going to listen to a beautiful song written by her from the movie ‘Baawri-1982’.

“Baawri-1982” was directed by A.C. Trilokchander for ‘G.G.K. Enterprises’. It was produced by G. Gopalkrishnan.

‘Baawri’ had the star cast of Raeksh Roshan, Jayaprada (in title role), Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Nirupa Roy, Asrani, Seema Deo, Kamal Deep, Sunil Dhawan, P. Joshi, A. Shakuntala, Yogeeta Bali and others.

This movie introduced Vikrant Dutt.

‘Baawri’ has six songs written by Maya Govind and they were composed by Khayyam Saab.

Maya Govind and Khayyam had collaborated in the following films.

1. Mutthi Bhar Chawal(1975) 02 songs
2. Baawri(1982 ) 06 songs
3. Razia Sultan(1983 ) 01 song
4. Banaras-1918 A Love Story(2006) 01 song
5. Yaatra-The Journey(2006) 01 song

Not many songs. I wish they could have collaborated more so that we would have got many memorable songs to cherish.

Today’s song from ‘Baawri-1982’ is sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Yesudas. It is a very nice song with equally beautiful poetry, singing and composition. I like this song very much.

Lyrics for this song were sent by Prakashchandra.

Earlier one song from this movie has been posted on the blog long back in 2012. This song also is another wonderful divine composition by Khayyam Saab with pure verses by Maya Govind.

Let us listen to today’s song and pay our tributes to Maya Govind. This song is performed on screen by Rakesh Roshan and Jayaprada having some illuminating locations and illuminating performance (?) 🙂



Song-Ab charaagon ka koi kaam nahin (Baawri)(1982)Singers-Lata, Yesudas, Lyrics-Maya Govind, MD-Khayyam

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

ab charaagon ka
koyi kaam nahin ee
ab charaagon ka
koyi kaam nahin ee
tere nainon se raushni si hai
tere nainon se raushni si hai

chandramaa nikley
ab yaa naa nikley ae
chandramaa nikley
ab yaa naa aa nikley ae
tere chehre se chaandni si hai
tere chehre se chaandni si hai

tu saraapaa kisi shaayar ka khayaal

toone zarre ko sitaaraa samjhaa
toone zarre ko sitaaraa samjhaa
ye hai saajan teri nazron ka kamaal
teri soorat mein jalwaa-gar lailaa aa
teri soorat mein jalwaa-gar lailaa aa
jaan-e-mann tu hi sohini si hai

tere nainon se raushni si hai

ek khwaahish ek hi ee armaan
ek khwaahish ek hi ee armaan
raat din bas teri poojaa aa karnaa

tere charnon ki ban rahoon daasi
tere charnon ki ban rahoon daasi
tere charnon mein hi jeenaa marnaa
mere sapnon ki tu mahaaraani ee
mere sapnon ki tu mahaaraani ee
teri soorat mein mohini si hai

tere nainon se raushni si hai

raat sapney mein kuchh ajab dekhaa
sharm aati hai ye bataate huye ae ae
ruk kyon gayin
kaho naa

ek seepi mein chhup gayaa aa moti
jaane kab os mein nahaate huye ae ae
toone khushiyon se bhar diya aangan
toone khushiyon se bhar diya aangan
teri ye baat raagini si hai

tere nainon se raushni si hai

har janam mein rahegaa saath teraa
ae meri Sitaa meri Saavitri ee
naam teraa main mantra kar loongaa
Gaayatri Gaayatri hi Gaayatri ee ee

teri baahon mein jo ye dam nikley ae
teri baahon mein jo ye dam nikley ae
maut bhi meri zindagi si hai
maut bhi meri zindagi si hai
chandramaa nikley ab yaa naa aa nikley ae
ab charaagon ka koyi kaam nahin ee
tere chehre se chaandni si hai
tere nainon se raushni si hai

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