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Main piya teri tu maane ya na maane

Posted on: December 7, 2008

Here is yet another popular song out of seemingly endless number of such songs from the movie “Basant Bahaar”.

This is a song sung by Lata and technically it is a solo song and picturised on Nimmi. But I think that it is a special kind of song that should be regarded as a duet between Nimmi and Bharat Bhooshan. If Nimmi sings in Lata’s voice, then Bharat Bhooshan responds with flute. This flute was played by Pannalal Ghosh, the renowned legendary flute player. So this song could be unofficially treated as a jugalbandi between Lata’s voice and Pannalal Ghosh’s flute.

The lyrics are so simple and easy to understand, and that in fact may have helped this song to become popular with the masses.

The picturisation shows Nimmi singing and dancing, wheras Bharat Bhooshan is seated under a tree and plays the flute like Lord Krishna.This is one song that can be enjoyed even without watching the video. It is the audio that is the star of this song. Lata and Pannalal Ghosh are just wonderful in this song.

Song- Main piya teri tu maane ya na maane (Basant Bahaar) (1956) Singer- Lata, Lyrics- Hasrat Jaipuri, MD- Shankar Jaikishan


main piyaa teri tu maane yaa na maane
duniyaa jaane tu jaane yaa na jaane

kaaheko bajaaye tu meethi meethi taanen
main piyaa teri tu maane yaa na maane

murli ki lay ne dil meraa chheenaa
taar jagaaye dilke taar jagaaye
raah bikhere jab tere dil ne
raag uthaayi maine raag uthaayi
mitne na doongi, pyaar ke sagaane
main piyaa teri tu maane yaa na maane
duniyaa jaane tu jaane yaa na jaane
kaaheko bajaaye tu meethi meethi taanen
main piyaa teri tu maane yaa na maane

preet ki dori tum sang baandhi
tum sang baandhi sainyaa tum sang baandhi
bujhne na doongi preet kaa deepak
kitni bhi aaye sainyaa duniyaa ki aandhi
main nahin badli, badle zamaanaa
main piyaa teri tu maane yaa na maane
duniyaa jaane tu jaane yaa na jaane
kaaheko bajaaye tu meethi meethi taanen
main piyaa teri tu maane yaa na maane

5 Responses to "Main piya teri tu maane ya na maane"

Lovely song. I like it very much.
This song would also qualify for the “chhayageet” category.


To me, it appears like a song in “Sangeet Sarita” category, which was an early morning programme on classical music on Vividh Bhartti.


Could you pls post the song “nain mile chain kahan” from this movie ? Very meodious song.


One of the best from Lataji …. I remember Lataji singing this one live on stage, and in the background they were showing movie clip.

&, looks like raja already requested “nain mile chain kahan” (which I requested today) 🙂


The Flute played by Pannalal Ghosh in this song is out of this world.
I have attempted to play the Flute pieces many times but without any success.
Pannalal Ghosh was a legend in itself.
No present day Flute player can match him.


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