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Gokul se gaye Girdhaari

Posted on: June 15, 2010

Here is a song from the very early days of playback singing in Bollywood days. This song is from “Vidyapati” (1937). It is sung by K C Dey and it is picturised on him as well, as was customary those days.

The voice is so soothing that one can listen to this song any number of times. This song is ideally suited to be used to calm one’s nerves and feel relaxed.

The song is written by Kidar Sharma and music is composed by R C Boral.

I am thankful to Sid for giving farmaish for this song from “Vidhyapati” (1937) which enabled me to discover this wonderful song. This song was created so far ago, but it has the quality to influence its listeners even today. It is truly a timeless classic.

Audio (complete)

Video (partial song)

Song-Gokul se gaye Girdhaari (Vidyapati) (1937) Singer-K C Dey, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma,MD- R C Boral


o Anuraadhaa
kyun ri pagli
ari is tarah rone se kyaa hogaa
tum aansoo ponchh rahi ho
magar mujhe hichkiyon ki awaaz to sunaayi de rahi hai
achchhaa suno
tumhen ek kahaani sunaaun
bahot din huye ek baar

Gokul se gaye Girdhaari
Gokul se gaye Girdhaari
huyi sooni nagri saari
Gokul se gaye Girdhaari

jit dekho ut chhaayi udaasi
rowat hai nar-naari
jit dekho ut chhaayi udaasi
rowat hai nar-naari
Gokul se gaye Girdhaari

Girdhaari to Gokul se chale gaye
jo Vrindaawan waale the
unkaa kyaa haal huaa

nainan neer na chain jiyaa mein
nainan neer na chain jiyaa mein
shok huaa ati bhaari
shok huaa ati bhaari

aur gopiyon ki haalat to aur bhi kharaab thi
bichaari kahti thi

kaise jaaun Jamunaa jal bharne
kaise jaaun Jamunaa
Jamunaa jal bharne
kaise jaaun Jamunaa jal bharne
tat pe na aaj Muraari
tat pe na aaj Muraari

magar sabse zyaadaa dukh
jaanti ho kise huaa thaa
Anuraadhaa jaisi ek Raadhaa thi
bichaari ro-ro kar kahti thi

Kaanh-Kaanh har aan ratat man
Kaanh-Kaanh har aan ratat man
bhoolat naahin bihaari
bhoolat naahin bihaari
kahe Bidyaapati Madhusoodan ne
Raadhe man se bisaari
Raadhe man se bisaari

4 Responses to "Gokul se gaye Girdhaari"

Laa jawaab , Anmol.


Thanks for posting this gem.


@ Atul ji – thanks for this gem. Yes truly a ‘timeless classic’ !!




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