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Aayegaa koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa

Posted on: July 19, 2010

When it comes to remembering important dates, I am quite forgetful and absent minded. The only important date in my family that I never forget is my daughter’s birthday, because she looks forward to it from many days in advance. Other than that, details like my wife’s birthday, our wedding anniversary etc are dates that I always forget, much to the chagrin of my wife.

It is the same for me with this blog too. I am so busy posting songs in this blog that I tend to be oblivious about the date on which this blog was begun. This blog was started on 19 july 2008. Yes, this blog turns TWO years old today. Last year, I had totally forgotten about this date and so there was no mention of this date here on this blog, even though I had posted as many as six songs on 19 july 2009.

When I began this blog, I would post one song a day, and I included lots and lots of details in the song, including English translation of the song as well. But posting only one song a day was not going to take me very far, since I realised that there were far too many of them to be covered, so after 40 days (i.e 40 songs), I started posting several songs daily. But this meant that I no longer had the time to provide for translations. So translations of songs were given up.

I posted the 100th song of the blog on 17 september 2008, nearly two months after the blog began. In the next 22 months, I have completed 25 more centuries. 26 centuries in 24 months ! The blog has been quite busy, as can be seen from sheer statistics.

During this two years, lots of very important things have happened in my personal and private life, but nothing would prevent me from posting songs regularly in this blog . When I began this blog, I was determined that my resolution of posting songs daily was not going to be like the new year resolutions of most people which are quickly given up after a couple of days. Personally I think I am a very determined and self motivated person, if I really apply myself to some task. And I am happy that I have been able to use my determination and patience and other such qualities to steer the blog to this stage.

Encouragement is the energy that keeps any venture going. and I am very thankful to the visitors of this blog who have encouraged me throughout the journey of this blog. Their comments, suggestions, farmaishes, helpful informations etc made me feel wanted and loved. Just imagine a person being showered with love and affection from people all over the world ! I have felt that way, thanks to the visitors of this blog. and for that I will always remain thankful to the visitors of this blog.

During this two years long journey, I have struck some good online acquaintances with a few regular readers and they feel like friends. In fact, I must say that I do not have such close friends in my real life who share this passion. Thanks to internet, I have been able to find so many people who share the same passion for old Hindi songs that I do.

There are so many great online acquaintances that I now have thanks to this blog. I would specially like to mention Raja and Greta. I know Raja for the last five years, even before this blog, and I count him as a person who I find the most likeminded person that I have even come across in my life (in real life or online). I cherish his company.

Greta (Memsaab) is one who never ceases to amaze me. If I am stuck for any information, it is she who comes up with the information. And her blog is a constant source of inspiration and information for me.

Among my regular readers,Lalitha is a walking encyclopedia on old and obscure songs. She has given stiff company to Raja, when it comes to farmaishes, and her farmaishes are for songs that are the absolute gems that Bollywood has produced all these years.

“Peevsie’s mom” keep pulling my leg for my inability to identify old actresses. Then there are many newer readers who are also becoming acquaintances. Then there are old regulars like Bawa, Suhan, Sid, Sophy, Dr Rashmikant Vyas, etc etc. In fact, the list of commentors of this blog has begun to resemble the list of farmaish senders from Jhumri Tilaiyya, the small place in Bihar/Jharkhand, that was the haven of farmaish senders during the heydays of Radio Ceylon.

I was also privileged to have comments by some people who were associated to the songs being posted here. For example, comments from daughter of Pt Narendra Sharma (lyricist of “yoti Kalash Chhalke”), comments from the actor who figured in a song of “Bhoot Banglaa” etc were also received in this blog.

Well, in all this talk about the blog turning two years old, I was forgetting about the song. This song is a very special song indeed. This is from a movie called “Phoolon Ki Sez” (1964). This is only the second Hindi movie in which P Adi Narayan Rao (renowned music director of the south) gave music, “Suwarna Sundari” (1957) being his first Hindi movie.

This song is a joyous joie de vivre song where Vyjyanti Mala and others sing and dance to their hearts’ content. The song is sung by Lata with gusto. Hasrat Jaipuri has come up with a superb song.

Listening to this song will cheer up the listeners for the day. Yes, here is this song to make your day.



Song-Aayegaa koi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa (Phoolon Ki Sez) (1964) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-P Adi Narayan Rao


koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa
ye ghataa kehne lagi
ye hawaa kehne lagi
dil mein geet basaaye jaa
koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa
ye ghataa kehne lagi
ye hawaa kehne lagi
dil mein geet basaaye jaa

aaa aaaa aaa

main kahaan dil kahaan
behki hai chaal
hota hai jaise
sharaabi ka haal
ye samaan mad bharaa
bol uthaa
bol uthaa
kyaa ?
koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa
ye ghataa kehne lagi
ye hawaa kehne lagi
dil mein geet basaaye jaa

baj uthe rang bhare
jharnon ke taar
kah uthin nadiyaa ki meethi aawaaz
dil tera jaayegaa
achhaa ?
koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa
ye ghataa kehne lagi
ye hawaa kehne lagi
dil mein geet basaaye jaa

aaa aaa aaa

ho gayi lo mujhe milne ki aas
phir kyun sataaye ye janmon ki pyaas
zindagi ka chaman
khil gayaa
khil gayaa
sachh ?
koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa
ye ghataa kehne lagi
ye hawaa kehne lagi
dil mein geet basaaye jaa
aaa aaa aaaa

13 Responses to "Aayegaa koyi hamraaz mere pyaar kaa"

here’s wishing our favorite blog a very HAPPY BIRHTDAY. May god bless you for keeping us active. and enlightened.
and a small corretion i am not as knowledgeable as you make me out to be






I am reminded of a song from SUJATA
which I dedicate to the blog

tu jeeye hazaaron saal
saal ke din ho pachaas hazaar



A very happy birthday to your blog, Atul!

Lovely write-up today, reminiscing the early days of the blog and how it has travelled and evolved to become a 2600+ song-blog with more and more readers joining everyday. Proud moment for you.

Reminds me of that famous Hindi/Urdu line about starting out on a journey alone, but as others join in, it becomes a caravan? That is how your blog is.

Am totally with you on the like-minded thing. Like I said a few days earlier, though we have not met, I find we share a lot of common ground. And our interest in old, obscure Hindi songs/movies is certainly one of them. I fear that we are fast becoming an endangered species.

As for farmaishes, I have slowed down a bit because I see you are getting a deluge from others. 🙂 I have plenty of songs still that I would like to see here though. For the moment, in Lakhnavi style, I am going to tell Lalitha “pehle aap”. 🙂 (If I remember right, Lalitha is ex-Lucknow?).

I wish this blog many, many more birthdays – and many, many more readers. The more the merrier. All the best, Atul!

Hey, one question: Is your wife also a fan of the blog? 🙂


No, my wife thinks that I “waste” too much time on this blog doing “unproductive” work, but with time she has learnt to tolerate it. I work on this blog when she is not looking/ is not around, because a typical self respecting desi wife (or even a videshi wife, for that matter) will not like it if you are taking more interest in the computer with her around.


Congratulations on achieving this milestone. I am sure this is only one of those in a long journey ahead!
You are doing exceptional “service” to all lovers of Hindi film songs.
I too have befitted from your blog for the odd piece I have done based on songs. Thanks!
Keep going!


This blog is a wonderful endeavour, and I see that you are getting close to your one millionth page view in two years only! 🙂 I am happy to be responsible for hundreds if not thousands of those anyway. I always learn so much from you, have found such lovely songs (including this one—love it!) here and you always make me laugh.

Raja and I will show up at your door one of these days and convince your wife that your “hobby” is actually an act of selfless sacrifice and labor which benefits all Hindi-music-loving mankind 🙂


Congratulations, Atul, on your blog’s second birthday! My very best wishes for many, many happy returns of the day to this wonderful blog. Thanks for mentioning my name in connection with the obscure songs I manage to dig up from the recesses of my memory bank. Actually, this is the mental exercise I love to indulge in, just to make sure I never get Alzheimer’s!

Raja, I hope you also remember that “pehle aap, pehle aap kehte kehte gaadi chhoot gayi!” Yes, I am an ex-Lakhnavi, and you were right about that. I have also enjoyed meeting the various people out here through their posts and remarks, and getting to know their tastes and likes. Thanks for this meeting forum, Atul!

Do tell your wife that we owe her a big, big Thank You for allowing you to take the time to give us this pleasure of listening to old favorites.


Atul, I too love this little space on the internet. I love to connect with old India. And the reason I post all those silly comments is just to let you know that we are out here listening are reading your posts.

As raja said, I also appreciate that you get the lyrics right, this includes all those repetitions. And as memsaab has often said, I love those intros your write up for the songs.

So congratulations on keeping this going for two years. I’d say you have not only an understanding wife but also an understanding job.


Thank you, one and all. It is nice to see the comments of all the regular commenters in one place. Your kind words mean a lot to me, and I hope that together we will be able to see many more happy returns of this day.


Dear Atul ji

Bahut bahut badhaai .
It is a wonderful blog indeed.
God bless u.


tera aaj janam (doosara) din tujko mubaark ho …

keep up the good work.


veenaseth–that is a fantastic song. Just wish I could be part of the celebrations laughing with the jasmine adorned gals.


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