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Chale aao dil mein bachaa ke nazar

Posted on: August 22, 2010

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of articles to this blog

I must admit that when I was a young boy, my appreciation of songs was very different from what it is today.

I don’t think the change is that much for songs by male singers. Even at a young age, I liked those slow, soulful songs of male singers as well as the fast, catchy ones. Maybe it was the voice that impressed me. The voices were fairly distinctive – at least it was always easy to make out Mukesh, Kishore, Rafi, Manna Dey (though occasionally a Mahendra Kapoor song would sound like Rafi).

With songs by female singers, it was different. First of all, I could never make out at that time whether it was Lata or Asha. I am not even going to mention other singers because these two were 95% of the total output, I think. I had hardly heard any Geeta Dutt then, anyway. (I remember hearing and liking “babuji dheere chalna” and hearing Geeta Dutt’s name for the first time only then).

Although now I have improved a bit and can make out to some extent the difference between Lata and Asha, I will not claim to get it right every time.

Anyway, in those days, regardless of who the female singer was, the songs that I really did not like were the sad songs picturised on heroines. I am talking mainly of movies of the 1950s/early 1960s. The movies were often black/white and they were usually pining songs. If Rafi/Mukesh sang a pining song, it sounded OK but when Lata sang it, my usual reaction was “oh no, not again! Rona-dhonaa shuru ho gaya”.:-)

I distinctly remember this feeling with “rasik balmaa” (Chori Chori), “tera jaanaa” (Anari), “chand phir niklaa (Paying Guest) and “tera mera pyar amar” (Asli Naqli). (Now of course I love these songs but, when I was 12-13, I was dead against such songs).

Among the Lata songs I did like in those days were songs like “rangeela re” (my oldest sister’s favourite song!) and “ye zindagi usi ki hai” (I just love this song).

One Lata song that I vaguely remembered till recently from my childhood was a song which has “aahistaa, aahistaa, aahistaa” a lot in it. It was quite a popular song at that time, if I remember right. I also remember seeing it on Chitrahaar.
This did not fall in the “avoid, yaar” category even in those days because it was not about heartbreak. 😉

I recently “caught up” with this song – and I find myself liking it even more now than I liked it then.

The song is from Balidaan and is picturised on Saira Banu and Manoj Kumar. The picturisation is nice, the lyrics are sweet and Lata’s voice is just amazing in this song.

I hope you like it as much as I do.



Song-Chale aao dil mein bachaake nazar (Balidaan) (1971) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


Chale aao dil mein bachaake nazar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa
Chale aao dil mein bachaake nazar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

Zamaane ko honey na paaye khabar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

Fizaa ko rahi hai hawa ruk gayi
Nazaron ki dekho nazar jhuk gayi
Fizaa ko rahi hai hawa ruk gayi
Nazaron ki dekho nazar jhuk gayi

Mohabbat ka honey lagaa hai asar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

Chale aao dil mein bachaake nazar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

Ye taqdeer meri kahaan mil gayi
Ki khamoshiyon ko zubaan mil gayi
Ye taqdeer meri kahan mil gayi
Ki khamoshiyon ko zubaan mil gayi

Khinchi ja rahi hoon main jaane kidhar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

Chale aao dil mein bachaake nazar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

Tere aasre ab mera caravan
Nahin jaanti iski manzil kahaan
Tere aasre ab mera caravan
Nahin jaanti iski manzil kahaan

Shuru ho raha hai ye pehlaa safar
Aahistaa aahistaa, aahistaa

6 Responses to "Chale aao dil mein bachaa ke nazar"

So how do you make out if the song is by Asha or Lata? I can’t tell the female singers apart just by listening unless it is someone quite different like Shamshad Begum.


The voices of Lata and Asha are quite distinctive with respect to each other. It is distinguishing Lata from Suman Kalyanpur that takes some getting used to.


I listened this song only once in 1977 . Its music and lyrics stuck to my mind. I Searched for it everywhere. And after 32 years I listened it here. It was in Lahore where Amritsar TV reception of DOORDARSHAN was possible. All the kitchen utensils hanged on the TV antenna s of Lahorites . Thanks For Sharing, I Love It.


There are songs like this that you hear once and you vaguely remember it, and the song keeps torturing you because you are unable to locate it. It is nice that your 32 year search finally ended today. We need to thank Raja for posting this song here.


The movie was the debut directorial vehicle of Ravi Tandon. Raveena’s father.


audio link:


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