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Suhaani raat dhal chuki naa jaane tum kab aaoge

Posted on: September 16, 2008

This song is one of the earliest hits of Rafi. It came about in 1949 in a movie called Dulari and it went a long way in establishing Rafi as the most sought after male playback singer for the next two decades. This song was such a refreshing change from the usual songs of that era which used to be songs influenced by K L Sahgal’s singing style. Rafi’s singing in this song set the tone for the modern way of singing playback songs in Bollywood which continues to be followed to this date.

The new fresh voice of Rafi was literally music to the ears of the listeners. I am sure it must have been a sensation in 1949 when people first listened to this song. This song heralded the arrival of a playback singer of outstanding calibre.

The song is about waiting and waiting forever about one’s beloved. “suhaani raat”, “nazaare”, “sitaare”, everyone of them came and went, but the beloved one is nowhere is sight.It is a brilliant penmanship by Shakeel Badayuni , and the lyrics captures the feeling of the waiting man so wonderfully well.

Song- Suhaani raat dhal chuki ( Dulaari) ( 1949) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics- Shakeel Badayuni, MD- Naushad


suhaani raat dhal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge
suhaani raat dhal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge
jahan ki rut badal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge

nazaare apni mastiya
dikha dikha ke so gaye
sitaare apni roshni
luta luta ke so gaye
har ek shama jal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge
suhaani raat dhal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge

tadap rahen hain hum yahan
tadap rahen hain hum yahan
tumhaare intezaar me
tumhaare intezaar me
khizaan ka rang aa chala hai
mausame bahaar me
khizaan ka rang aa chala hai
mausame bahaar me
mausame bahaar me

hawa bhi rukh badal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge
suhaani raat dhal chuki
na jaane tum kab aaoge

24 Responses to "Suhaani raat dhal chuki naa jaane tum kab aaoge"

Atul your presentations are taking me back to a time long long ago – my childhood. I have not heard some of these songs for a while but seeing them here is bringing back that image of the huge radiogram that was always on and the massive record collection my parents had. When I was little I was not allowed to play it myself and had to ask ma or papa to put a record on. I was too young to read and some of the covers had no pictures on them so I didn’t know what songs were in it. As a result I probably went through the entire collection again and again just picking up the records at random and asking it to be played.

A lot of the songs you are playing here were part of this record collection and it’s difficult to explain but its bringing back things I had completely forgotten!


Indeed, those were the days.


Thanks, Atul.
The first time I heard this song (sometime in the 1970s), I fell in love with it. It is so “pure”. It is one of my favourite Rafi songs. Actually in my top 5, I think.

When he says
“fiza ka rang aa chala hai
mausame bahaar me”
I get goosepimples…what quality !

Btw, in an interview with Rafi in the UK during his visit there in 1978 or so, he was asked what his favourite song was. Of course he was a bit hesitant but then picked this one as the song that he felt a huge sense of satisfaction singing.


Indeed, his fresh as a dew voice stands out in this song.


Early days of Naushad’s music composition, but just arranging on solo spanish guitar is exceptional


a great song-give us more of the same!!


great song.
one mistake in ur lyrics(LAST STANZA )
its KHIZAAN ka rang aa chala hai (not FIZA )

khizaan means in hindi ” patjhad ka mausam”(autumn in english)

thus meaning of this line (“khizaan ka rang aa chala hai mausam e bahar mein ” in simple hindi) : basant ritu mein bhi patjhad ka rang aa gaya hai.




FEBRUARY 05,2012 at 06.00 am

Ever remembering song,giving 1st number of song sung by Rafi Saheb.In J TV channel in VADODARA,myself my spouse Mrs.Ranjan Vaidya,my friend Er.RS Shah(keeping Large framed
photo of Rafi saab in drawing room)


have been able to pay homage to Rafisaab by audio/viedeo systemIt is added that Mrs RS Shah had also a vial role.ow videos and songs will be very useful to US for coming date/month in this year and so on.HERTY CONGRATS TO THE PERSON WHO HAS PREPARED THE HISTORY/SRIPT.ATUL’s songs are incredible
Bharat Vaidya




Indeed It is true for Rafi saab.


But who is that actor in Dulaari ? I cant recall..but the song is there on our new CDs. I hear it often.


The name of the Actor on whom thw song is picturised is Suresh.


Its a fantastic site. As a lover of Music, particularly of the yesteryears, I love this song and the many songs that You have uploaded from the 50s to the 90s. Great hearing and singing along tooo!!!


Thanks for your appreciation.




Atul ji,
Here is the song sung live by Mohd.Rafi….


Thank you very much for this ATUL ( non-comparable) gift. I think thousands will be of my opinion.



This clip is part of a programme recorded in late 70 by Bombay Doordarshan. I remember seeing it on T.V. Similar clips of others songs of ‘Baiju Bawra’ and even ‘ Madhuban mein radh
ika naache re ” etc. are avialabel on youtube.

Thanks a lot for reminding me to look for those songs. Old songs in new voice.


Rafiji’s golden voice,the lyrics & music transports one to the realm of the heart and mind which is purely magical.
Music with melody,rhythm,lyrics is an expression of the soul !
Hope we continue to keep this alive –
Hema Gandhi


A 67 year old song , still so refreshing and heart warming . This song vindicates the genious of Rafi Saheb . In those days , when great genious like KL Saigal , KC Dey , CH Atma , Pankaj Mullick adopted the nasal type . Even Mukeshji used to sing in this style’ Dil Malta Hai ‘ under Anil Biswas and ‘ Zinda Hun Is Terah ‘ under Ram Ganguly are the illustrations . Kishoreda also lent nasal voice in Ziddi . But I don’t think Rafi Sahib ever sang in nasal voice . Hats off to this all time great singer !


Live singing of this song ,


Interestingly though Suresh the male lead is shown strumming a mandolin in this song but I cannot hear the use of Mandolin in the song


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