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Poochho na hamen ham unke liye

Posted on: October 30, 2010

I had vaguely heard about this movie called “Mitti Mein Sona” (1960) but I have no idea what this movie is all about.

Now, thanks to a farmaish for a song from this movie, I now know that this movie has one memorable song in it.

This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan is the lyricist and O P Nayyar composed the music.

Only the audio of this song is available.This could be either because no one has uploaded the video, or perhaps because the song itself may have been omitted from the movie.

Whatever may be the case, here is the audio of this song. What a superb sentimental song it is !

Song-Poochho na hamen ham unke liye (Mitti Mein Sona) (1960) Singer- Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan,MD-O P Nayyar


poochho na hamen ham unke liye
kyaa kyaa nazraane laaye hain
dene ko mubaarakbaad unhen
aankhon mein ye aansoo aaye hain
poochho na hamen ham unke liye
kyaa kyaa nazraane laaye hain
dene ko mubaarakbaad unhen
aankhon mein ye aansoo aaye hain
poochho na hamen ham unke liye

jeewan ki suhaani raahon mein
unko ek jeewan meet milaa
jeewan ki suhaani raahon mein
unko ek jeewan meet milaa
aur hansti huyi is mehfil se
hamko birhaa kaa geet milaa
kaliyon ki tarah
muskaaye thhey ham
kaliyon ki tarah muskaaye thhe ham
phoolon ki tarah murjhaaye hain
poochho na hamen ham unke liye
kyaa kyaa nazraane laaye hain
dene ko mubaarakbaad unhen
aankhon mein ye aansoo aaye hain
poochho na hamen ham unke liye

25 Responses to "Poochho na hamen ham unke liye"

oh god what a pity the speakers of my PC ve conked off and u ve posted a song which i simply love to hear and sing


This was a social movie produced by P.K.Films Bombay,directed by Chander Shegal.Stars were Pradeep Kumar,Mala Sinha ,Agha and Sabita Chaterjee.Music director was O.P.Nayyar and there were 7 songs in the movie. 2 including the one posted was written by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. 3 others were written by Kamar Jalalabadi.Writer of 2 other songs is not know.
This song posted was in the picture and was very popular in that era.
I have a video of this movie and would be converting to DVD soon.


Dear Dr.Vyasji,
I am a great fan of the rhythm king OPNayyar. I am looking for the
full version of Pucho Na Hamein Hum Unke Liye(Asha Bhonsle) which probably is available in the cherished DVD of Mitti Mein Sona
available with you. Could you please email to me audio extract of
full version of this song? Regards.


Dr Vyas Ji,
I am delighted to know that you have video of this lovely song. I was under the impression this song was deleted from movie like other OP’s popular songs. I will be grateful if you send this clip on my e-mail
Regards, Gandhi Vadlapatla


I love this song! It has a fast beat, lulling one into believing that it is a happy song, but the lyrics show the pain she is feeling. In spite of all that, she manages to make it sound like she is happy!
The music, of course, is a typical OPN beat.

Thanks, Atul!


It has 2 stanzas originally…


i have managed to get the second stanza of this beautiful song. somehow this seems to be omitted from all the versions. shall i post it?


Plzzzzz email me the song on


Hi Gowri, The lyrics of 2nd stanza should be toofan hazaron saath liye jeevan ki dhara beheti hain…Do ensure u have this 2nd stanza and send email me across asap the song in mp3 format..Will be highly obliged…There some other singer named Sudha Rao whose video is there on youtube and has sung the 2nd stanza…However, we fans are concerned with the original Asha jee’s version…


@ Dr.Rashmikant Vyas, If your having the video of this song or movie, do upload it…Any idea whether this particular song was picturized on whom?


Gowri….Plzz do send me as the well the FULL 2 STANZAS of this beautiful song in mp3 format at

Well, like many other Asha/ OP fans who are looking out for same, failed to get the FULL 2 STANZAS song, if ur having it as u mentioned, kindly send me too across this song…Will be highly gr8ful…



@Gowri, but from where have you got the 2nd stanza????? Plzz let us know asap…Yess, we all fans tried from all sources, but no avail, wasnt available anywhere, from where have you managed from????


Dear Gowri,

I am searching the 2nd stanza for years, I heard it only once. i will be highly greatfull if you could send this beautiful song full version

kind regards


Respected Gowriji,
Could you please email to me the full song. Hope it is not
a third grade rendition by some stage crazy singers flooding
YouTube etc.


Audio not working,
second stanza –
tuufaan hazaaro.n saath li_e jiivan kii dhaaraa bahatii hai,
aur dekhake usakii maujo.n ko, taqadiir yeh ha.nsakar kahatii hai
saahil ke li_e , jo …ta.dape the …
saahil ke li_e jo ta.dape the, voh aaj bhanvar mein aae hai.n
puuchho na hame.n ham unake liye …



Do u have the 2nd stanza of this song ??


Here is the second antara:

Toofan hazaaron saath liye
Jeevan ki dhaara behthi hai
Toofan hazaaron saath liye
Jeevan ki dhaara behthi hai
Aur dekh ke uski pahunchon (?) ko
Taqdeer yeh haskar kehthi hain
Saahil ke liye
Jo tadape the
Saahil ke liye jo tadape the
Woh aaj bhanwar ne aayi hai
Poochho na humein hum unke liye
kyaa kyaa nazraane laaye hain
dene ko mubaarak baad unhen
aankhon mein ye aansoo aaye hain
poochho na humein ham unke liye

I heard pahunchon, but I could be wrong — Hindi experts can correct me. And here is the full version beautifully sung by Sangeeta Melekar, who has a lovely voice If you have Audacity, you can record the song as it is being sung through your speakers.

Dr P Sudevan


I stand corrected! I checked the meaning of maujon — it means flow. That makes more sense in the context of jeevan ki dhaara and bhanwar (whirlpool). My apologies to all. My Hindi is decent, but I do slip up now and then!



Dr.Rashmikant Vyas
I am looking for the
full version of Pucho Na Hamein Hum Unke Liye(Asha Bhonsle
if you have email to me pl,


Eventually has anyone managed to get the 2nd para so far, Let me know in case anyone has on


Movie: मिट्टी में सोना (1960)
Music By: ओ.पी.नय्यर
Lyrics By: राजा मेहदी अली खान
Performed By: आशा भोंसले’
पूछो ना हमें हम उनके लिए
क्या-क्या नज़राने लाये हैं
देने को मुबारकबाद उन्हें
आँखों में ये आँसू आए हैं
जीवन की सुहानी राहों में
उनको एक जीवन मीत मिला
और हँसती हुई इस महफ़िल से
हमको बिरहा का गीत मिला
कलियों की तरह, मुस्काये थे हम
फूलों की तरह मुरझाये हैं
पूछो ना हमें हम…
तूफ़ान हज़ारों साथ लिए
जीवन की धारा बहती है
और देख के उसकी मौजों को
तकदीर ये हँसकर कहती है
साहिल के लिए जो तड़पे थे
वो आज भंवर में आये हैं
पूछो ना हमें हम…



toofan hazaaron saath liye jeevan ki dhara behti hai
aur dekh uski maujon ko kashti yeh kinare se kehti hai
sahil ke liye jo tadpe the woh aaj bhanwar mein aaye hain. .. poocho na hamein




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