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Badal rahi zameen badal rahaa hai aasmaan

Posted on: November 1, 2010

There is a movie called “Fashionable Wife” (1959) which was released half a century ago. From the name of the movie, one can guess that this movie is about a lady who indulges in “fashion”, much to the disapproval of others. I have not watched the movie, but I have watched this song, and this song seems to confirm my guess.

This song is a stage song, where Jaimala, the leading lady of this movie sings an “inspiring”, read “preachy” song. In this song she exhorts the ladies of India to guard against the winds of changes blowing in the country and the world. These developments include ladies wearing nylon saaris in a manner that reveal their bodies. These ladies are more interested in fashion parades that in taking care of their households. Such unhealthy trends threaten the very existence of human civilisation in India as we know it, she warns.

Going through the content of the song, which is quite over the top, makes for hilarious reading. Of course that is not how it was originally intended. And I am sure the listeners half a centuy ago had listened to the message of this song with total solemnity and acted on it. I recall that even in late 1960s and early 1970s, wearing Sari Mumtaz style was considered being fashionable and being fashionable was regarded as against the Indian culture. 😀

This song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Suresh Talwar.

Here is this song, which I find quite amusing. All this amusement is inadvertent , of course, as I have mentioned earlier.



Song-Badal rahi zameen badal rahaa hai aasmaan (Fashionable Wife) (1959) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Suresh Talwar


badal rahi zameen
badal raha hai aasmaan
badal rahi hawaayen
aur badal rahaa jahaan
badal rahi zameen
badal raha hai aasmaan
badal rahi hawaayen
aur badal rahaa jahaan
bahnon tumhaare saamne
seedhaa sawaal hai
manushya ke bhavishya ka tumhe khayaal hai
ghoonghat nikaal ke jo phool soonghti rahi
kajal nayan mein daal phool soonghti rahi
nylon ki saadiyon mein tan ubhaarti rahi
fashion parade mein umar guzaarti rahi
mit jaayenge
mit jaayenge mulk kaum ye jaatiyaan samaaz
jo tum na thaam logi aaj waqt ki lagaam
bahnon tumhaare kandhon pe ghazab ka bhaar hai
swadharm ki swadesh ki tumhe pukaar hai
jaago bhavishya ki mataaon
jaagon dharti ki Seetaaon
jaagon Kuraan aur Geetaaon

vigyaan ka inhen huaa badaa gumaan hain
maanaa ki chandralok mein gayaa vimaan hai
Atom banaane waalon ko na itna dhyaan hai
Atom hi par khadaa huaa inka makaan hai
rocket banaake samajhte tarakki ho gayi
insaaniyat ki neenv aaj pakki ho gayi
din raat jhoothhe khwaab mein hi bhoolte hain ye
ho na kyaa chaahiye wo baat bhoolte huye
apni grishasthi chhod jaane ghoomte kidhar
saare jahaan ka bas inhin ko hai laga ke kal
taaqat batorne ka hai inhen badaa nashaa
is kheen taan mein na ho sabhi ki durdashaa
jaago jaago shaanti ki avtaari
jaago shaashan ki adhikaari
jaago ghar khar ki sannaari

1 Response to "Badal rahi zameen badal rahaa hai aasmaan"

one stenza is missing.mardo ke faisalo ka wohi purana dhang ,dasi banake rakhana chahte hai sang ,aadat purani mardo ki kabhi na jayegi ,tahzib inki inhe yahi sikhayegi,,,,,,,,,,,,plz add this in the song


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