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Jai Raghunandan Jai Siyaram

Posted on: November 25, 2010

There are some songs in Hindi movies that become so popular that they become part of day to day lives of people. Based on their topic, some of them become school prayers and some become standard bhajans for religious occasions.I call such songs as iconic songs.

Here is one such iconic song. All these days I thought that it was a standard non filmy bhajan. It is thanks to a farmaish that I have come to know that this bhajan is actually a song from “Gharana” (1961). This song is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle.Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist and the music is composed by Ravi, whom I have always regarded as a creator of iconic songs.

The song is picturised as a bhajan in the movie. Two elders and two kids are shown singing this bhajan. One of the kids is Daisy Irani (or is it Honey Irani) and she greedily eyes the laddoo that are kept near the idols of the gods as prasad. A very cute and natural picturisation this !

Any idea who are the actors on whom this song is picturised ?
PS-Bipin Gupta is the gentleman and the lady in Devika. The kids are apparently Moppet Raja and master Sandeep. I thank Prakash Chandra for this information.

Here is this wonderful iconic bhajan from “Gharana” (1961) that has gone on to become a regular bhajan in India.

Song-Jai Raghunandan Jai Siyaram (Gharana) (1961) Singer-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ravi


Shree Ramchandra aashrit paarijaatah
samast kalyaan gunah viraamh
Seeta mukhaambruh chanchari kahah
nirantaram mangalah maat nut

aaaa aaaa aaaa aa

jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam
he dukhbhanjan tumhen pranaam
he dukhbhanjan tumhen pranaam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam

bhraat-bhraat ko he parmeshvar
sneh tumhin sikhlaate
aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa
bhraat-bhraat ko he parmeshvar
sneh tumhin sikhlaate
nar-naari ko he parameshvar sneh tumhin jalaate
o naiyaa ke khewvanhaare
japoon main tumharo naam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam

tum hi dayaa ke saagar prabhu jee
tum hi paalanhaare
chain tumhin se paaye bekal manwaa saanjh-sakaare
jo bhi tumhari aas lagaaye
jo bhi tumhari aas lagaaye
bane usii ke kaam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam
jai Raghunandan jai Siyaaraam

saubhagyawati bhavah

9 Responses to "Jai Raghunandan Jai Siyaram"


The elderly man singing the song is “Bipin gupta”(the famous character artiste and the lady`s name is “Devika”, who is a famous actress down south(mainly acted in Telugu and Tamil Films)(and also appeared in 1968 hindi film Izzat alongwith Dharmendra and jayalalita).

Further the name of child artistes are Moppet raja and master sandeep. I always get confused regarding the name Moppet raja,like you I always think it is Baby daisy irani or honey irani, but the credit of the film shows as Moppet raja. This time also I am confused. May be baby daisy irani got another name as “Moppet raja”?



Thanks for this information.


this was fast work. i think Prakash Chandra asked for this only yesterday. gr8 job!! keep it up


ok i correct myself. lalitha had asked for it yesterday. keep it up!!


Thanks for posting this song, Atul! You see, I was fortunate enough (??) to have heard this song when it was broadcast as a filmi song, so I was actually surprised to find it being sung as a regular bhajan in our local temple when we moved here. I had not been attending temple bhajans during the intervening years, either because I was too busy having fun, or we lived in places where there were only South Indian bhajans.


Nice to know that this song has become a regular bhajan abroad too. Jai Ravi ! Jai Shakeel Badayuni !


Ravi got his first ‘ Best Music Director Award ‘ in Filmfare Award Function in 1961 for this movie ‘Gharana’.His second was in 1965 for ‘Khandan’.
Hats off to Shakeel Badayuni for his pure Hindi wordings.His other great work in this field of Bhajan/Hindi is from Baiju Bawara(1952)
“Man tadpat hari darshan ko aaj”.


I like to second the appreciation for Shakeel Badayuni expressed by sethveena. He mostly worked with naushad, and used quite a bit of Urdu shayaree (sp?) in his songs. Here, he stayed with regular and normal hindi.

I am thinking this movie ‘Gharana’ is from some South Indian production house (as Chori-Chori is from AVM). I came across the name Moppet Raja in quite a few Telugu films. I think the appearance of Devika also adds to this notion.


Since 61 when this film was released and I watched it, I am a devoted fan of this filmi bhajan and a regular listner.
Rafi Sb is superb and so is Ashaji.


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