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Tujhe mili roshni mujhko andheraa

Posted on: May 14, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is a gem of a song from the movie Apna Haath Jaganaath. This is a 1960 film with Kishore Kumar and Saeeda Khan in lead roles. The movie was very topical for the time it was created. With a large number of educated youth coming into their own in the society, the issues of employment opportunities were as crucial at those times as they are now, only that such issues were just beginning to get the attention of the mainstream society. The movie is about the difficulties faced by educated young men to establish themselves in jobs or in vocational professions. The movie had a message about the dignity of labor, as well as an examination of the government policies (see the song ‘permit permit’ from this movie; already posted on this blog) that were beginning to breed corruption in the society.

This movie has some very wonderful songs, once again created by the team of Kaifi Azmi, the poet and SD Burman, the composer. This song has been beautifully sung by Asha Bhosle; her rendering of this song has a very emotional impact on the mind. This song is one of the selection presented as the ‘Asha Gold’ by HMV. On screen, this song is picturized on Saeeda Khan, as she is reminiscing earlier times spent with Kishore Kumar. They are separated for some time, as Kishore, the young educated enthusiast, is away trying to establish himself in a career. The words of loneliness and pining for one’s love are very touching. One of my favorites in the genre.

Enjoy this wonderful sweet sad song of missing a loved one, so beautifully expressed in words, in melody, and in voice – a masterpiece indeed.



Song-Tujhe mili roshni mujhko andheraa (Apna Haath Jagannaath) (1960) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-S D Burman


ho o o
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa
saara jahaan hai badgumaan
koi nahin mera yahaan
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa

chale thhe basaane do dil ek din
jawaan jawaan nayi nayi duniya
mujhe to mila na rasta koi
tumhin badhe chaley gaye tanha
ab tu kahaan aur main kahaan
main hoon zameen tu aasmaan
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa

ghadi ghadi tooney mujhe rokaa
aayeen teri yaaden aise chhup ke
kabhi kabhi huaa tera dhokhaa
dekha jahaan tera nishaan
gaane lagin tanhaayiyaan
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa
saara jahaan hai badgumaan
koi nahin mera yahaan
tujhe mili roshni
mujhko andheraa

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