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Jaata kahaan hai deewaane sab kuchh yahaan hai sanam

Posted on: September 30, 2011

This is an iconic song, which everyone has definitely heard. And in fact this is a song that has been remixed too, accompanied by gaudy picturisation, I am sure.

When I was thinking of a song to discuss and looked at the lyrics of this song which was sent to me by Prakashchandra, I thought that this song was already discussed in the blog. But when I checked up, I found that the song is missing from the blog. It was then that I realised the fact that the video of this song is not at all available. apparently, this is a song which the censors ordered to be deleted from the movie. No one now has any idea why. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this matter. My own guess is that the censors must have deemed the picturisation of this song as objectionable. one theory, which I have read in a comment in YT is that the dancer, while lip syncing the line “Sab kuchh yahaan hai sanam” (every thing is to be found here), points at her breasts. This, or something similar could well be the reason whiy this hugely popular song got deleted from the movie.

Well, the audio of this song is very much available, and it is hugely popular, as I mentioned above.

This song is sung by Geeta Dutt with gusto. Jaan Nisaar Akhtar is the lyricist (or is it Majrooh Sultanpuri ? ). Music is composed by O P Nayyar.
PS-Majrooh Sultanpuri it is.

For one reason or the other, it is songs composed by O P Nayyar that tended to get deleted from movies more often, and this song became one of the first such O P Nayyar compositions.

Does not matter. The song is very much alive and kicking in public mind.
PS-The lyrics of the song has a word “Fifty”, which does not make sense. I have read somewhere (if I recall correctly), that this could well be a nonsensical word, viz “fiffy”, which was introduced in the lyrics because the lyricist could not think of any better altrnative there.

Song-Jaata kahaan hai deewaane sab kuchh yahaan hai sanam (CID)(1956) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-O P Nayyar

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Jaataa kahaan hai deewaane
sab kuch yahaan hai sanam
baaki ke saare fasaane
jhoote hain teri kasam
fiffy ,kuch tere dil mein fiffy
kuchh mere dil mein fiffy
zamaana hai buraa

pehloo badlne lage
ghabraake chalne lage
aankhein mili bhi nahin
yoon hi sambhlne lage
ajee suniye huzoor
jaana humse na door
ajee suniye huzoor
dekho dil hai kisika jalaana buraa
jaataa kahaan hai deewaane
sab kuch yahaan hai sanam
baaki ke saare fasaane
jhoote hain teri kasam
fiffy kuchh tere dil mein fiffy
kuchh mere dil mein fiffy
zamaana hai buraa

saiyyaad hai tu magar
mujhko na yoon tanke dekh
naadaan zara ek baar
qaidi mera banke dekh
maano maano meri baat
hai ye pehli mulaaqaat
maano maano meri baat
dekho pehloo se uthke hai jaana buraa
jaataa kahaan hai deewaane
sab kuchh yahaan hai sanam
baaki ke saare fasaane
jhoote hain teri kasam ahaaa
fiffy kuchh tere dil mein fiffy
kuchh mere dil mein fiffy
zamaana hai buraa

14 Responses to "Jaata kahaan hai deewaane sab kuchh yahaan hai sanam"

This song was written by Majrooh Sultanpuri.


Thanks for this information.

earthmusic mentions the lyricist as Jaan Nisaar Akhtar.


Atul ji,

Appears that the earthmusic entry is incorrect. It credits Jaan Nissar with writing 3 songs of this film, whereas as per the Geet Kosh, this film has only one song written by him, i.e. “Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein Ishaaraa Ho Gayaa”.


About the word ‘fifty’, I guess it is something to do with fifty-fifty sharing of good or bad 🙂


and i always thought that that word was “Phir Bhi”


Atul ji,
The word indeed is ‘FIFFY’,which probably was used to describe heart beats about each others.


Arun ji,

Welcome back.
We were missing your comments; there was even one or two enquiries 🙂



glad to have u back Arun sir. and thank you for the right word..


I always fight verbally with my 70 year old daddy, saying that the particular word is FIFTY,
and daddy says that it is FIFFY,
I always make fun of my father, that you have gone senile, word FIFFY doesn`t makes any sense.

But for unknown reasons , he always insist on the word FIFFY, He must have read in his younger days about the word(He is a compulsive book worm) May be didn`t know the meaning of that word,but doesn`t want to admit it. That`s why he always doesn`t answer my query about tha meaning of the word FIFFY and change the topic to someother.

Today I have to bow my head in front of him, He will have LAST LAUGH , as USUAL.

thanks for the posting and the nice post.
thanks for the meaning of word FIFFY

regards and I love you guys always


According to my information the correct word was FIFFY but the censor board members said it sounds FIFTY and they had hot arguments with O P Nayyar who tried to explain to them that it is FIFFY which is a meaningless word but they did not agree. Ultimately they deleted the song,from the film Also all the songs of o p Nayyar were banned on all vividhbharati stations of All India Radio for a year or so.


This song is a very popular one sung by Geeta Dutt .I have been hearing this song since very childhood . Would not it be better , had Majroohji replaced ‘ fity ‘ or ‘ fiffy ‘ by ‘ beeti ‘ . It would mean better , without disturbing rhythm of the song .




Recently, I read the interview of Shyam Kapoor, who was an assistant director to Guru Dutt . He said among other things that the song was deleted to make the film within the limit of 13000 feet of length. Those days, films exceeding 13000 feet in length would attract heavy taxes.

Shyam Kapoor’s interview was posted on on Shishir Sharma’s Blog, ‘Beete Hue Din.


Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy it.There are a few reasons floating on the internet for this song getting censored.. I am copy pasting it for perusal.

In 1963, a group called The Kingsmen covered a Richard Berry number called Louie Louie. Their recording was banned by the state of Indiana and investigated by the FBI—all because no one could make out what the singer was saying and, therefore, assumed it was something filthy.

India’s Louie Louie moment came in 1956, with the noir thriller C.I.D. One of the musical sequences involved Dev Anand’s police officer, a mysterious woman played by Waheeda Rehman, and the O.P. Nayyar composition Jaata Kahan Hai Deewane. The song is so well-known today that it’s a shock when you watch the film and find it isn’t there.

The problem was one of the lines sung by Geeta Dutt: “Fiffy, kuch tere dil mein, fiffy, kuch mere dil mein”. The censors jumped on the word “fiffy”: They had no idea what it meant, so they assumed the worst. The sequence was edited out of the film.

In an interview, Nayyar said that the offending word was meaningless and not, as many assumed, a muffled “fifty”. “Censors then had given us a lot of trouble by saying that ‘fiffy’ is an obscene word,” he said.

Rehman had a different recollection. In an NDTV interview, she said the censors had a problem not with “fiffy” but with the suggestiveness of “Jaata kahaan hai deewane, sab kuch yahan hai sanam”. “The censor board said, rewrite, re-record and reshoot this. They have got dirty minds—they only see dirty things.”

Another wrinkle is added by Nasreen Munni Kabir’s book Guru Dutt: A Life In Cinema, which suggests the song was edited out because it shows the officer “in a bad light”. In 2015, a commenter on Quora said “fifi” was a common word in colloquial Portuguese and meant “God will multiply” (how this applies to the film isn’t clear). Unless someone digs up a censor certificate, we may never know what was so objectionable about Jaata Kahan Hai Deewane.

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