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Tumhaari chaand si soorat pe

Posted on: November 19, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today (19th november) is the birth anniversary of Dara Singh, the famous wrestling champion of free style format, and a majorly successful hero of B/C grade action films of the 60s. He continues to be active in films and TV serials, clocking a career that spans more than 50 years now in the industry.

Presenting another duet song performed by Dara Singh on screen. The film is Apna Khoon Apna Dushman (1969). This is another social drama film from Rainbow Films, Bombay, directed by Kamraan. The lyricist is Farooque Qaiser and the music compositions are by the musician duo Lala-Sattar. The star cast includes Dara Singh, Sanjana, Kamraan, Tiwari, Maruti, Sham Kumar, Meenakshi, Tun Tun, Mumtaz Begum, Habib, Anjum etc. Again, requesting for readers to add more information about this film, and its music director duo, if possible.

The singing voices are of Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle. On screen, Dara Singh is accompanied by Sanjana in performing this song. This is another melodious creation from Lala-Sattar. And a treat to watch Dara Singh perform the romantic singing hero. Enjoy. 🙂

tumhaari chaand si surat pe, hum ko pyaar aayaa hai
utthaa kar dekh le nazren, tera dildaar aayaa hai

I am enamored by your beauty, that outdoes the shining moon
Raise your eyes and see, your heartthrob has come to you

chhupa loon apni aankhon mein, basaa loon apni dhadkan mein
ke mere ghar mein ye mehmaan, pehli baar aayaa hai

I will conceal you in my eyes
I will instill you in my heartbeats
For this dear visitor has come to my home for the first time

kahaan seekhaa ye tadpaanaa, zaraa hum ko bhi samjhaanaa

Tell me, from where did you learn to torment so

karo waadaa ke tum is kaa, chhedoge na afsaanaa

Promise me that you will not spread this as a tale, ever

hameen se hai mohabbat bhi, hameen se katraanaa

Hmmm, the expressions of love are for me
And also the avoidance (pray why)

tumhaare pyaar pe mushkil se, aitbaar aayaa hai

Well, it is with some difficulty
That my heart is learning to trust your love

tera raste mein mil jaanaa, mera sharmaa ke chal denaa

When I would meet you in the pathways,
I would bashfully move away

meri baaton se ghabraa ke, tera zulfon ko bal denaa

(Yes I noticed) you would start to twirl your hair with your fingers
When I tried to talk to you

tera ehsaan hai mujh pe, meri qismat badal denaa

But yes, I am indebted to you
For your lave has changed my desitny

zamaane bhar ko tthukraa ke, ye taab-e-daar aayaa hai

Well, this admirer of yours
Has rejected this world and come to you


Song-Tumhaari chaand si soorat pe (Apna Khoon Apna Dushman) (1969) Singer-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Farooque Kaiser, MD-Lala Sattar


tumhaari chaand si soorat pe
hum ko pyaar
hum ko pyaar aayaa hai
uthhaa kar dekh le nazren
tera dildaar
dildaar aayaa hai
chhupa loon apni aankhon mein
basaa loon apni dhadkan mein
ke mere ghar mein ye mehmaan
pehli baar
pehli baar aayaa hai

tumhaari chaand si soorat pe

kahaan seekhaa ye tadpaanaa
zaraa hum ko bhi samjhaanaa
karo waadaa ke tum is kaa
chhedoge na afsaanaa

hameen se hai mohabbat bhi
hameen se hai ye katraanaa
tumhaare pyaar pe mushkil se
aitbaar aayaa hai

tumhaari chaand si soorat pe
hum ko pyaar
hum ko pyaar aayaa hai
ke mere ghar mein ye mehmaan

tera raste mein mil jaanaa
mera sharmaa ke chal denaa

meri baaton se ghabraa ke
tera zulfon ko bal denaa
tera ehsaan hai mujh pe
meri qismat badal denaa

zamaane bhar ko thhukraa ke
ye taab-e-daar
taab-e-daar aayaa hai
ke mere ghar mein ye mehmaan
pehli baar
pehli baar aayaa hai

tumhaari chaand si soorat pe
hum ko pyaar
hum ko pyaar aayaa hai
tumhaari chaand si surat pe


3 Responses to "Tumhaari chaand si soorat pe"

Sudhir ji,
APNA KHOON APNA DUSHMAN-1969,was a revenge story with he background of dacoits.
Thakur pratap singh’s young son is kidnapped by Jaggu Daku.He raises the child as Shera Daku,as Jaggu wants to kill the Thakur in the hands of his own son.Shanker,his accomplice knows this story and plants Ajit as Thakur’s lost son,with artificial birth marks on his shoulders.Ajit is accepted with joy,but after some time Ajit feels guilty and decides to bring Thakur’s real son to him.He goes to Shera and tells evrything that he is the real son etc,but apparently,Shera does not believe him and he is captured.Thakur also reaches the place to search for Ajit.He too is captured.
Jaggu is happy and orders Shera to kill both.Shera hasitates and requests Jaggu to release them.They are released,but Jaggu wants them killed secretly.Shera goes against Jaggu,saves Thakur and finally Jaggu is killed in action.


Arun ji,

Thanks so much for the synopsis of this film.
Dependable as ever. 🙂



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