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Jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai

Posted on: February 9, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Today I have found a long lost acquaintance with this qawwali. Actually I was looking at songs of this ‘Aarzoo’ posted in the blog, and thought it is not marked with red which means some songs are yet to be found. I have seen this movie too on T. V., the old black and white one. And thought i knew all the songs. I reached through google search. There I found this song listed as ‘jab ishq kahin ho jaata’ sung by Asha Bhosle and Mubarak Begum. No, those words did not ring a bell. Than searching for audio/video on youtube revealed the ‘jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai’ The final ‘hai’ was very effective and I recalled the song, mukhda and even the words in the antaras were eminently guessable. It has been a while since I heard this song, and definitely had no inkling who are the singers of this song.

Yes it is a qawwali, Shankar-Jaikishan style, with musical interludes a mix of Indian classical and western. If I recall the situation correctly, the song is happening in the girls college hostel where Sadhana and NazneenNaazima are staying and studying. NazneenNaazima is Rajendra Kumar’s sister. Sadhana and Rajendra Kumar fall in love while on holiday is Kashmir. Those were the times when rich people used to go to Kashmir, as soon as the school/college holidays began, in films. I remember all songs in this film except the one under discussion and indoor songs like ‘Aji rooth kar ab kahaan jaayiyegaa’ and ‘chhalke teri aankhon se gulab aur ziyaada’ are on locales in Kashmir. And climax of the film is in Shimla.

Coming back to story of the film, Rajendra Kumar and Feroz Khan are best friends. Rajendra Kumar is a doctor and for some reason he uses a pseudo name when he meets and romances sadhana in Kashmir. Promising to get in touch later, Rajendra Kumar leaves for Delhi ?. On the way he has an accident and his leg is amputated. He decides not to meet Sadhana again as he is crippled. Meanwhile Feroz Khan is in Kashmir to meet Sadhana and her father with a marriage proposal. In this situation Sadhana tells her father about Rajendra Kumar and that she wants to marry him. The father is Nazir Hussain. But due to the accident, Rajendra Kumar does not keep his promise to come with a marriage proposal. Sadhana is dejected, and comes back to college.

Nazneen has seen Sadhana’s photo in her brothers possession and puts two and two together. Hence this song in the college hostel.

But here Sadhana is in no mood to be teased, and is quite irritated with this song and dance display by her mates. After some time, as Feroz Khan is eager to marry Sadhana and tells Rajendra Kumar about it. NazneenNaazima comes to know that her brother has betrayed Sadhana and deserted her without any explanation, she confronts him about it. That is when Rajendra Kumar discloses his facts, his artificial foot to his sister and friend.

Eventually Sadhana find out that this is the reason for Rajendra Kumar’s desertion. She confronts him in Shimla where he has gone to see, if not participate in the annual skating championship. Here she tries to cut her own leg in order to become his equal. But somehow tragedy is prevented and all end well and happy.

There is Mehmood to provide comic relief, but his character has no impact on the film’s story, that I can recall.

The music is by Shankar-Jaikishan, and the lyrics are by Hasrat Jaipuri. The list of playback singer for this film includes Balbir. I dont the know the song in which Balbir is featuring. As the name is there , so at least one more song is remaining to be posted. I do not think that the ditty that Mehmood is singing through out the film which goes:

yaa ilaahi
mit na jaandi

should qualify as a song. And ‘Dadr-e-dil’ is not a spelling mistake, he sings it like that. I have seen the movie so long back , I hope this Mehmood ditty bit is from this film only.

So, here is a hit and well known qawwali, from ‘Aarzoo’ sung by Asha Bhosle and Mubarak Begum and saathhi. The audio version is longer with extra stanza, so the lyrics are as per audio version.

Video :

Audio :

Song-Jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai (Aarzoo)(1965) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Mubarak Begam, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan
Asha Bhosle-Mubarak Begum, Both, Chorus


ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha
adaab arz hai
adaab arz hai

jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai
tab aisi haalat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji gharaata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai

jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai
tab aisi haalat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji gharaata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai
jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai

aaa aaaa aaaa
aaaaa aaaa aaaa
yeh ishq chhupaaye chhup na sakaa
yeh ishq woh chaltaa jaadoo hai
kuchh hosh nahin rehte qaayam
is ishq pe kis ka qaaboo hai
aaaa aaaaa aaaa
hain ishq mein pench-o-kh’am itne
goyaa mehboob ka gesu hai
har jaanib phailti jaati hai
iss ishq ki aisi khushboo hai

chehre se a’yaan ho jaati hai
kya cheez mohabbat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji ghabraata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai

jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai
ho o
tab aisi haalat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji gharaata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai
jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai

awwal to kabhi neend aati nahin
aati hai to khwaab sataate hain
dansti hain judaayi ki ghadiyaan
tanhaayi ke din tadpaate hain

aaa aa aaa aaa aaa
ghutataa hai galaa
ruktaa hai yeh dam
aansoo ke diye thharraate hain
sapnon mein woh milne aate hain
gham de ke chale bhi jaate hain
har roz yeh mele hote hain
har roz qayaamat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji ghabraata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai

jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai
ho oo ooo
tab aisi haalat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji ghabraata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai
jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai

aaa aaaa aa
aaaaaa aaaaa
aankhon mein hain laakhon afsaane
khaamosh hain lab woh manzil hai
har saans mein laakhon toofan hain
toofan mein dil kaa saahil hai

aaa aaa aaaaa aaaa aaaa
armaan machalte rehte hain
yeh dard badaa hi
qaatil hai
rokey se qayaamat ruk jaaye
par roknaa dil ka mushkil hai

deedar ki pyaasi aankhon ko
deedar ki hasrat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji ghabraata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai

jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai
ho oo ooo
tab aisi haalat hoti hai
mehfil mein ji gharaata hai
tanhaayi ki a’adat hoti hai
jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai


9 Responses to "Jab ishq kahin ho jaata hai"

It’s nice to see young & slim Daisy Irani, with Nazneen, singing the song!!

Thanks for identifying Daisy Irani.

Nice Post Nahm ji ! i have watched this film many times and yet to read this review again was very interesting as the words came flowing down naturally. Mehmood’s dadr e dil is always discussed when ever me and my collegues (Mehmood’s fan) come together and we try to mimic the same and many of Mehmood’s specials … thanks for making it live again !

I watched part of the movie yesterday, just to make sure this ditty is from this film. Actually it is :

‘ yaa ilaahi
mat na jaandi
dadr-e-dil ‘


A typing mistake :
‘ yaa ilaahi
‘mit’ na jaandi
dadr-e-dil ‘

Who is Nazneen, Nazneen is the heroine of Chalte chalte and she is also in Kora Kagaz (in the role of Jaya Bhaduri`s sister)

It is not Nazneen , the actress lip syncing for the song is NAZIMA or NAAZIMA

Yes, she is Nazima. I had also made the mistake, due to oversight!

Hey Nahm,

This lovely qawwali was also a sort of a dance-off between Indian and Western styles. Our old friend Edwina dances in the ‘western’ section.

I just love this qawwali, and the film as well.

Thanks for writing it up.

Right. The film is turning out to be a lot better than I remembered. I did remember only the important scene’s to join the story, it seems.

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