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Tum ek baar muhabbat ka imtihaan to lo

Posted on: August 28, 2010

We know for sure that writing love letters is considered a strict no no in Indian culture and that was certainly even more so in the olden days. It is only literature and stories where one hears of love letters, not in real life.

Here is a movie called “Babar” (1960), where Babar, the founder of the Mughal empire in India writes a letter to his beloved. We know that Babar was supposed to be a good writer, going by his book “Babarnama” (as long as it was not ghost written), but we are not sure that he wrote love letters too. In real life, men and women was not allowed to mingle with each other and “might is right” was in force. So kings and other influential people did not bother with the niceties of wooing women, they mostly used the brute force method of grabbing women that they fancied and made them part of their “harem”. So I am not much impressed with the “historical” movies showing Kings and emperors as writing love letters and wooing their lady love. It seems far too contrived and unreal to me.

But I am at least happy that these powerful figures are shown to act in a dignified manner and they are not shown teasing the women like say Rajendra Kumar.

Here is a superb “love letter” song from “Babar” (1960). Rafi is the singer and Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics are just out of this world and fit for an emperor that Babar was.Roshan is the music director.

I am not aware who the actors are in the picturisation. I request my readers to help us identify them.

PS-The actors are Sulochana Chaudhary,Gajanan Jagirdar and Shubha Khote. I thank our regular visitor Jitendra for this information.



Song-Tum ek baar muhabbat ka imtihaan to lo (Baabar) (1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Roshan


tum ek baar muhabbat kaa imtehaan to lo
mere junoon meri wahshat kaa imtehaan to lo
tum ek baar muhabbat kaa imtehaan to lo

salaam-e-shauq pe ranjish bharaa payaam na do
salaam-e-shauq pe ranjish bharaa payaam na do
mere khuloos ko firaas-o-hawas kaa naam na do
meri wafaa ki haqeeqat kaa imtihaan to lo
tum ek baar muhabbat kaa imtihaan to lo

na takht-o-taaj na laal-o-gauhar ki hasrat hai
na takht-o-taaj na laal-o-gauhar ki hasrat hai
tumhaare pyaar tumhaari nazar ki hasrat hai
tum apne husn ki azmat kaa imtihaan to lo
tum ek baar muhabbat kaa imtihaan to lo

main apni jaan bhi de doon to aitbaar nahin
main apni jaan bhi de doon to aitbaar nahin
ke tum se badhke mujhe zindagi se pyaar nahin
yoon hi sahi meri chaahat kaa imtihaan to lo
tum ek baar muhabbat kaa imtihaan to lo

17 Responses to "Tum ek baar muhabbat ka imtihaan to lo"

Sulochana Choudhary, Gajanan Jahagirdar and Shubha Khote.


Thanks for this information.


it is not sulochana choudhary, name should be SULOCHANA CHATTERJEE, wrongly mentions her name as sulochana choudhary,
She is the same sulochana/salochana chatterjee who acted in Basu chatterjee`s Piya ka ghar as Agha`s wife


I remember having heard this song in the distant past, and it is truly beautiful and romantic and soothing. Thanks, Atul!


It can’t be Gajanan Jagirdar because he was born in 1907 and in this movie of 1960 he must have been 53.



As identified by ZOHER GHEEWALA, the male actor appearing in this song is SOHAN KAPILA and the female actresses are AZRAA and SHUBHA KHOTE(In this movie Gajaanan jagirdaar played the role of title BAABAR-a role of an aged man)and it is not Sulochana chaudhary, it is AZRAA.
There is another song in this movie :”Tum maa ho”, that song was picturised on SULOCHANA CHATTERJEE and not SULOCHANA CHAUDHARY. I am sure there is no actress called SULOCHANA CHAUDHARY

Like wrongly credit Sulochana Chatterjee as Sulochana Chaudhary, Atul ji Corrections needed in the post …………..


Sudhir Bhai ,
I request you to translate this rafi gem also, at your convenience.(Poora nahin tho atleast translate the line “Mere khuloos ko firaas-o-hawas ka naam na do”)



salaam-e-shauq pe ranjish bharaa payaam na do
mere khuloos ko ” hirs-o-hawas ” kaa naam na do

Khuloos – Pure and open emotions/intentions (without pretensions)

hirs-o-hawas – greed and lust.


Thank you, Nahm ji
Thank You again for the translation



Can some one please also translate the line

“salaam-e-shauq pe ranjish bharaa payaam na do”

Best Regards,


Salaam–e-shauq—sentiment of love/affection/feeling
payaam–(SIMPLE) message


Thank You Areeb Ji for the translation


this is one of the most sought after song, for which i was waitng for almost 40 tears; i am now 68, and this song used to be my most beloved song during my childhood days; i must have been in class 8 or 9 at that time; i loved the song for the beautiful lyrics, the tune the music and above all the way md rafi saheb has rendered it; it is a masterpiece of a song for those who really know how to evaluate a song; i tried to hear this song today on the net, but to my bad luck it could not be loaded; still i pay my tribute to rafi saheb, roshan saheb and sahir ludhianavi ji for the immortal composition GABRIEL RICHARD DAS


One of the masterpiece of Rafi Sahab




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